Hau’oli aloha Lā’pule e Hauʻoli lā Makuahine!

Welina mai e Hauʻoli lā Makuahine ōukōu.   Kā mea nāna ī hana.  Ō ka maluhia no me ʻoe.

Greetings and Happy Mothers Day, everyone!  You create all that your heart looks-to.  Peace be with you.

My Mom was feeling very sentimental and wanted to share some of her loving memories of family and friends … she’s getting used to FB and being able to keep in touch without traveling … and at her age, if she feels it, then all of May belongs to her, no matter the day   Seeing all of your responses made her so happy to know she wasn’t so old, out-of-sight and forgotten. Thank you for loving her and making her feel your Aloha. 😘

I suppose this was a test and I chose Mom, so I’m going with her Timeline. So, to those folks insisting it’s not her day yet, I ask you: why not? Why take this away from her … Because Hallmark or the government proclaims “not yet”? Does that even sound right? Love ought not be a scheduled response, regulated, rather than heart-felt … break free, People … this is about who matters in your Life, not when They tell you when you’re allowed to acknowledge it.

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