You donʻt see it (even though itʻs in your face)

The Mana'o Blog


We believe what we are told, rather than who we are for real.

“In your face” means lots of things, not always something or someone is “in your face” the way we have been taught it means.

Sometimes, what is the truth, what is New is literally IN YOUR FACE…in your expressions and the way that you grimace or smile or talk without saying  word. Iʻm wordy, but, I Am one who talks elegantly without muttering a sound…itʻs called Hula…

You might have thought I was talking about American Sign Language or maybe some other way …but…nope – Hula. 

I speak Dance fluently.

And I do so without saying one damned word.

Lots of people do. Itʻs a thing with us Maolis….


As a species, the human race has chosen, for as long as we all have been taught and told to, that there is always someone better than…

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