“Any Bodhisattva who undertakes the practice of meditation should cherish one thought only: ‘When I attain perfect wisdom, I will liberate all sentient beings in every realm of the universe, and allow them to pass into the eternal peace of Nirvana.’ And yet, when vast, uncountable, unthinkable myriads of beings have been liberated, truly no being has been liberated. Why? Because no Bodhisattva who is a true Bodhisattva entertains such concepts as ‘self’ and ‘other’. Thus there are no sentient beings to be liberated and no self to attain perfect wisdom…The Buddha has no doctrine to convey. The truth is ungraspable and inexpressible. It neither is nor is not … All Bodhisattvas should develop a pure, lucid mind that doesn’t depend on sight, sound, touch, flavor, smell or any thought that arises in it. A Bodhisattva should develop a mind that alights nowhere. The mind should be kept independent of any thoughts that arise within it. If the mind depends upon anything, it has no sure haven…When I attained Absolute, Perfect Enlightenment, I attained absolutely nothing. That is why it is called Absolute, Perfect Enlightenment.”

~ Diamond Sutra

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