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Learning The Hawaiian Ways of Aloha

Aloha e komo mai ‘oukou … Greetings and Welcome, Everyone!  Join us on FaceBook and learn all kinds of helpful and healthful tips daily to bless your life with Aloha with a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit.

Course: Hawaiian Spirituality

Learn the ways of Living Pono with The Halau! We'll take you through the culture, values and language that make up the heart and soul that is Aloha Spirit.


Click here and join us on FaceBook!
Click here to join us on FaceBook!

We teach different ways to heal in our school … through knowing herbalogy, energywork, healthy nutrition and plant-based diet, and navigating through the Waters of Life … He Wai O’ Ke ‘Ola … guided by Nature and the ideas of living with Aloha Spirit.

Our mentoring program provides a great foundation to begin your journey at The Halau.  Begin by learning the basic shamanic concepts of Living Aloha today!


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Bio:  Lana and David

Aloha e komo mai oukou … Greetings and Welcome, everyone!  David and Victoria greet you from The Evergreen State of Washington, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of North America.  Living here in the “Emerald Forest”, they are surrounded by really tall cedars, madrona, douglas fir and pine trees that keep the air clean.  They are also fortunate to enjoy natural spring water from the aquafirs below ground … how fortunate they are that Nature and Wellness go hand-in-hand here in this Land of Oz.

“All Knowledge is not contained in only one school. True devotion to knowledge and self-responsibility are the keys to self-mastery, happiness and manifesting abundance in your life … this is quintessentially Living Aloha!”

— Rev. Dr. Victoria Lanakila Generao, JD, DD, Ph.D

Victoria (better known as “Lana” by her colleagues, students and friends) was born in America as a hereditary Philippine Baybalin Shaman, the only one on both sides of her family in her generation, and was initiated and ordained in 1980 in Hawai’i.  Since 1999, Lana has been teaching the above maxim formally through her school called Halau ‘Aha Hui Lanakila.  David (who never used his first name, John, thanks to his parents) is a native-born Scotsman from Ayrshire, Scotland.  After a career with the British-Scottish Railway, he traveled all over Europe and lived lifetimes in the UK, France and Greece before emigrating to America in 2000.  Since 2009, David and Lana have been propagating Veganism and the Aloha philosophy together.  They teach traditional Japanese Reiki (Usui Teate Reiki), herbalogy, aromatherapy and energywork with crystals, as well as esoteric areas of theosophical study, and have hundreds of students from all walks of life around the world.

It is a joyful daily experience working this beautiful synergy of Wellness in lifestyle and philosophy for Lana and David.  It is this Rainbow vision they call Aloha Wellness that they wish to share with you.  Welcome to their magical world!

Help Us Spread The Aloha!

If you wish to donate to our efforts of teaching about Living Pono with Aloha, we welcome your financial support! Every little bit helps our operating costs so we can continue to spread the message of Aloha around our world!


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