Energy Update | June 18, 2019

You might be experiencing the most changes on a mental, physical, and spiritual level now more than ever. This is all new energy but truly it is all familiar energy. Something you already are is revealing itself to you so you can step in your purpose and reclaim your divine power. All that seems like a chaos and uncertainty is a reshuffle for you to loosen the grips on controlling everything to remain the same. This is a time to start trusting more instead of trying to hold everything together so you can be in a familiar place. It almost feels like a rebirth. In all ways. In all parts of your life. This is completely normal. You are okay. Even if you feel symptoms you can’t explain. There’s so much happening on a cellular atomic level that sometimes we might not have all the words to explain it. This is a reminder to welcome new energy. Welcome change. Welcome what doesn’t make sense. Don’t fantasize about “that one time when everything felt so good” it is all good right now and it is all going to be greater but it’s a space of authentic reflection, acceptance, and evolution of your own self. You are always okay. In changes we always try to find what can hold us together but you are held together right now by the greatest source of power. You can breathe as you flow. You can continue on as you discover. There isn’t this and that. It all just is and the more you trust yourself and trust that it’s okay the more you’ll accept your peace. Accept your new blessings. There’s so much being reveled to you. You are are so powerful and so precious. You are safe and okay. You are loved. This is what you must constantly remember. In the darkest hour or the most trying time; it’s all just new energy entering. A greater clarity is emerging. A new beginning. Be very patient right now and trust more of what you can’t explain.

Energy Update | June 13, 2018

Archangel Gabriel is the Messenger of God and is all about our communication, messages, children and embodies both the sacred feminine and masculine. This means that Archangel Gabriel can feel both masculine and feminine. This angel is also connected to the Moon, intuition and creativity. Gabriel means “God is my strength”.

Archangels help and guide us on our path and we always have free will to receive or not to receive guidance and energy. Archangels are vibrations in the Universe that assist us when needed. These are not the same as our guardian angels, but we can easily call upon Archangels when we need support in any area of life. Archangels have no Ego, no judgement and work beyond time and space. So they are not tied to a place or a person, but can work multi-dimensionally. When you visualize Archangel Gabriel you can imagine a copper or white light that surrounds you. We can work with Archangel Raphael not matter where we are and the angels are just frequencies and energies that are not tied to any religion or beliefs. We can connect to the angels no matter what faith we have. As we have free will, Archangels don’t interfere with our lives unless we really call upon them and ask for help.

Archangels should not be confused with guardian angels which are unique to ourselves. There are different levels and frequencies of angels and Archangels have high frequencies that can help us heal and move forward on our paths. Parents can call upon Archangel Gabriel to get support with parenting and with children. If you are trying to conceive, you can call upon Archangel Gabriel to get help and support on your journey. Have you worked with and experiences the energy of Archangel Gabriel?

Daily Words of the Buddha For June 11, 2019

Pāli Word of the Day For June 11, 2019 — nāyaka — a leader, guide, lord, mostly as epithet of buddha (lokanāyaka “lord of the world”)

Dhammena saṃharitvāna,
uṭṭhānādhigataṃ dhanaṃ,
tappeti annapānena
sammā satte vanibbake.

With one’s wealth collected justly,
won through one’s own efforts,
one shares both food and drink
with beings who are in need.

Itivuttaka 3.75
Gemstones of the Good Dhamma, compiled and translated by Ven. S. Dhammika

Nā Manāʻo | The Adorable Story of “Telling The Bees”

“The Bee Friend”, a painting by Hans Thoma (1839–1924)

There was a time when almost every rural British family who kept bees followed a strange tradition. Whenever there was a death in the family, someone had to go out to the hives and tell the bees of the terrible loss that had befallen the family. Failing to do so often resulted in further loss such as the bees leaving the hive, or not producing enough honey or even dying. Traditionally, the bees were kept abreast of not only deaths but all important family matters including births, marriages, and long absence due to journeys. If the bees were not told, all sorts of calamities were thought to happen. This peculiar custom is known as “telling the bees”.  […]


285 Hz 》Big Tibetan Singing Bowls 》Body Damage Care 》heal damaged organs 》Deep Meditation.

This sound is the Singing Bowls meditation music tuned to 285 Hz. Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.


◈ Benefits of Tibetan Singing Bowls.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety significantly.
  • Improve circulation and increases blood flow.
  • Deep relaxation and pain relief.
  • Promote stillness, happiness and well being.

◈ Benefits of 285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency.

  • 285 Hz is known to help repair damaged organs.
  • 285 Hz works on energy fields that are responsible for the perfection of human organs. This frequency influences mentioned fields by sending them a message to heal damaged organs.

This tone is useful when healing wounds, burn, cuts, or other form of damages. It also heals your energy and leaves your body energized. 285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency is directly connected to the inner blueprint for the perfect health and physical well being, because it has an ability to remember the original form of the cell.

Be Present and Aware | Let The Past Remain In Your Past

“In motion be like water, in stillness like a mirror, in responding like an echo. Vague and ambiguous, as if not really there! Still and quiet, like something transparent and clear! To merge with it is to form a harmony, but to try to gain something from it is to lose it.” . — #Zhuangzi

It’s time to STOP using the past to justify faulty behaviors and to instead START using the lessons to be a better version of you for yourself and for the collective.

We get so caught up in holding on to resentment from past experiences that we don’t think enough about the chain of negativity we are promoting by doing so.

When we are allowing something from our past to inspire a present negative mindset, that negative mindset influences how we respond to our surroundings which includes how we respond to other people.

By choosing to have a negative perception in the present moment, we make ourselves more susceptible to experience situations that would affect us negatively. How? Because we are transmitting a frequency from that negative perception that attracts more of those similar situations and experiences that we were already resenting from the past.

This is a basis of the Law of Attraction.

By focusing the feelings of the past into our present state of consciousness, we manifest situations that will validate those feelings to us for the present moment.

This becomes what I call a frequency loop. In other words, it becomes a cycle. This is why some people feel they can “never get a break”. They are (more than likely) unconsciously attracting what they don’t want by simply keeping their attention on what they previously didn’t like. It’s even worse when this is done consciously, because consciously we are 100% responsible for everything that “happens” to us from how we respond to life.

If you are reading this and you feel you are stuck in this frequency loop, there is good news – YOU have a CHOICE.

No, the whole world doesn’t have to know anything, so there’s no need to feel shame from admitting if you’re stuck in this loop. Only you know deep down where you are in your level of awareness and what your options are based on the available choices in each moment, it is all just a matter of self-honesty.

If you know that you are consciously projecting out faulty behaviors to innocent people, you have every available moment of Now to choose otherwise.

Yes, many of us have horribly traumatic experiences. Yes, we might feel undeserving of many situations. But you must remember that it is not life’s fault. You must remember that there are thousands and millions of people around you that also have had horrible experiences, many that you will have no idea about, they are innocent and undeserving of your faulty behavior even if you feel it is justified from previous experiences with others. Deep down, you know this.

It’s time to STOP using the past to justify faulty behaviors and to instead START using the lessons to be a better version of you for yourself and for the collective.

What serves you serves the collective, and what serves the collective serves you even more.

What I try to do at the beginning of each day is ask myself some questions.

The questions I ask myself are usually as follows:

Am I holding on to anything right now?

If so, how can I use the lesson to serve my higher purpose today?

How am I going to be of service for the collective today?

You don’t have to ask yourself the exact same questions, but it may help to have some sort of internal dialogue planning out what type of mindset you are choosing and what you hope to attract for that day.

Something I like to do in the evenings is to take a few moments and evaluate my day.

A question and statement I usually say to myself before going to sleep are as follows:

Am I holding on to anything from the day?

If so, what is the lesson to learn so that I can have a restful night?

No matter the conclusion, there is absolutely nothing else that can be done on that day, so it is imperative that you release the attachment to any situation from that day so that you can have a restful night to inspire a better tomorrow.

It’s time to STOP using the past to justify faulty behaviors and to instead START using the lessons to be a better version of you for yourself and for the collective.

What serves you serves the collective, and what serves the collective serves you even more.

What do you CHOOSE today?

This piece is an original written by me, inspired by my experiences and my Higher Self. Thank you so much for taking your time out to read this. As always, any objections, additions, criticisms or opinions are welcome to be expressed and I look forward to any commentary that you may have.

I wish you all much love and peace on your life journeys. 🙏❤️🙏

— Sean M. Cruz

Affirmations …

The Self is always available, is always here.

There never was a time when the Self was not.

Do not make it complicated for yourself.

Simply return to what you were

by letting go of everything else.

By not reacting to the world.

By diving deep within, into the heart center

where the true reality awaits you.

You are a divine being, a spiritual being.

You are not the body or the mind.

Know yourself, be yourself!

Awaken to the Self!

Forget about reincarnation.

Reincarnation is not for you.

It is for the deluded ones.

You are free of all karma,

free of all samskaras,

free of playing games.

Feel your freedom.

All is Well.

– Robert Adams

Energy Update | May 25, 2019

“Every interaction you have is governed by the orchestration of what’s called a soul contract. Which means you don’t meet anything or anyone by chance. A contract is created so that as two beings, two aspects of Divinity interact with one another, they are passing to each other energetically the files that they both need for their journey ahead and working out whatever needs to be worked out to bring about your highest potential in the shortest amount of time.”

– Matt Kahn