La’au Lapa’au | Ancient Pipes Reveal What Natives Americans Were Smoking

American researchers have used ground-breaking technologies to make discoveries about Native American smoking habits. They have, for the first time, found traces of a non-tobacco plant in a pipe.  […]

Source: Ancient Pipes Reveal What Natives Americans Were Smoking

Matt Kahn | Releasing Fear

In the beginning, a spiritual journey is a transition from living in various states of denial to discovering an insatiable love for truth. When living in denial, your focus is more concerned with anticipating fearful possibilities, while making choices to avert the very fearful things that only you may be imagining. Most of the time, even if something you fear becomes a reality – the experience itself is never as scary, daunting, or hopeless as it was imagined to be.

When run by fear, your self-worth lives and dies by the outcomes you face or how others view you, while responding to life in a distrusting or defensive manner. In denial, you are unaware that each moment was created to assist you in opening up and evolving to your absolute potential. When this truth is denied or overlooked, happiness and fulfillment is imagined as fleeting moments in time when life goes your way.

In essence, denial means that you are choosing to see life in a way that denies you the right to consider a greater divine source within you that ensures the perfection and completion of your journey, no matter how different it seems from the way you want it to be. As a love of truth opens up within you, you begin to question, “Is my view of life the way it actually is or just my personal version of it?” Once everything can be seen as a subjective version of absolute potential, there is an inner sense of permission to consider other viewpoints with the courage to select a point of view that is less fearful and more supportive to the evolution of the whole.

While a love for truth creates an initial spark of inner spiritual exploration, it is certainly not the end-all-be-all of your adventure. It is actually just the beginning. When confusing the beginning of your journey with any imagined end point, you tend to rely on knowledge instead of love throughout your encounters. When this occurs, spiritual concepts become extensions of ego to defend against those who oppose your view or seem uninformed. This can even lead to the impulse of needing to constantly correct those, who in your perception of experience, are clearly out of touch with reality.

They may be as asleep as you sense them to be, but when relying on knowledge, you tend to be life’s exhausting rescuer that unknowingly attempts to rob them of their journey. You may even wonder, “How do I know the difference between being a rescuer and serving the evolution of someone’s journey?” The answer is astoundingly simple: when you are meant to pass along your knowledge to another, they will ask you a direct question.

If you are offering your knowledge before someone has personally asked you to be their bearer of higher wisdom, some form of projection or rescuing is occurring. If you see someone who can benefit from your knowledge, but hasn’t asked for it, maybe it can become a moment where you ask yourself: what are they here to teach me? What if I became the one who acted upon the very advice I’m waiting to dispense, instead of assuming my role in someone else’s journey?

When not relying so heavily on your library of knowledge, you become a living blessing of love. From this space, you are free to honor how each character in your play provides you opportunities to act upon your best advice as a way of making your love even more unconditional and potent in power.

When being rooted in love guides you beyond the love for truth, each fight against injustice, or judgment towards those who aren’t as knowledgeable as you, becomes a living prayer for the salvation of every heart. As this occurs, the unsavory actions of others can inspire a more powerful response of blessings and conscious action for the well-being of all.

Those who rely on their knowledge often imagine hypothetical circumstances to justify why loving what arises seems too passive in response. They are the ones who insist the people of this planet come together in greater conscious action, while being too consumed in righteousness to act upon the very suggestions they project. One who is rooted in love, feeds a hungry person in sight. One who relies on knowledge believes they are helping by trying to rally others into the very actions they have yet to choose.

This is why for some, loving what arises is the ultimate leap of faith one must take in order for attachments to knowledge to be living transmissions of heart-centered wisdom in action. In heart-centered consciousness, we don’t love instead of help. Instead, we help from a space of love by allowing love’s infinite wisdom to determine how our help is offered.

Relying on your knowledge also acts as a double-edged sword: when good things seem to happen, you may think you are being rewarded for what you know. Equally so, when you interpret your life circumstances as “bad”, “adverse”, or “wrong”, you may believe that if only you knew more than you do things would’ve been different.

At certain stages of your spiritual journey, you can be so knowledgeable, while still living in subtle realms of denial. When this occurs, there are reasons why your life happens that are superstitious, creative, and intriguing, while unrelated to the greater good of life’s eternal truth that only brings forth experiences to assist you in making more room for love to emerge.

This is why, further along the spiritual journey, a love for truth must transition into the truth of love, in order for the spiritually-hungry mind to merge into emotional oneness with the actions and integrity of an open loving heart. Once this merging occurs, truth is no longer something to know, keep straight, argue with others, attempt to defend, or in need of being remembered, but a fully-embodied expression of your highest self in form.

Inevitably, truth is not what you know, but how often you love. This is today’s moment of insight.
– Matt Kahn

Meditation Moments

”Every day you look into a mirror to observe your face and body, because you want to look your best before others. Is it not even more important to look daily into the inner mirror of introspection, self-analysis, to insure the proper visage of that which is behind the superficial appearance?

All outer attractiveness derives from the divinity of the indwelling soul. And as even a little scar on the face spoils its beauty, so are there psychological disfigurements of anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, worry from the uncertainties of mortal existence, which mar the reflection of the soul. If every day you strive to free yourself from these defacements, the beauty of your inner being will shine forth.

Human troubles are threefold: those that afflict the physical body, those that attack the mind, and those that occlude the soul. Disease, old age, and death are the difficulties of the body.

Psychological maladies invade through sorrow, fear, anger, unfulfilled desires, discontentment, hate, any fever of nervous excitation or mental cancer of emotional obsession.
And the soul sickness of ignorance, which is the most injurious of all, is the underlying condition that makes possible all other troubles.

Try constantly to improve yourself. Seek out good company, company that reminds you of God and of the noble things in life. Be conscious every day of how you are going to change your bad habits; how you are going to schedule your day; how you are going to hold your calmness.

Start the morning in meditation and praying deeply to God; and after you have meditated, ask God to guide your life and all your noble efforts.

Determine to be better in every way that day. If you start in the morning and keep on working at trying to hold on to your calmness, or trying to put into effect some good habit that you want to acquire, thinking of God all the time, then when night comes you can go to sleep knowing that you have put the day to good use. You will know you are making progress.”

– Paramahansa Yogananda

Spiritual Radio | Coming up 2020/06/15 Sticky Attitudes, Practical Magic – Lanakila on Tarot Joy 

Float away in Calm – 2 Meditations from Sultry Voiced Lanakila. Sticky Attitude?  You NEED Practical Magic. Join Us.

Ann Marie’s Velvet voiced guest, Rev. Dr. Victoria Lanakila is going to blow you away with 2 sultry Meditations on Sticky Attitudes, Practical Magic. Fetch your dancing shawl, belly dancing bells as the music is hot!

Connect to the program here:

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Paradigm Shift | How Love Heals, with Matt Kahn

During this most critical time in history, it is essential to define the true meaning of love and its role in helping humanity heal. While society has maintained an unconscious ebb and flow of behavior, seemingly built upon layers of denial and repressed pain, the time has come for each and every skeleton to be cleared out of the collective closet to remove the blinders of our collective awareness, so to manifest the most optimal environment for all beings to thrive. In order to know how love heals, it is imperative to understand what love is and isn’t in its most useful and practical context.

Love is the respecter of experience—allowing each and every memory that time and space requires to tell its tale, inform communities, and inspire collective change in honor of all it endured and had the power to survive. Love is the glory of oneness, so settled in its transcendent purity with nowhere else to be but wherever and however diversity is expressed. Love is the parent of mind, holding sacred space for each theory, conclusion, and rationalization, as the conceptual aspects of the human being sets each idea aside to find safety wherever threat may lurk. Love is the freedom of will, allowing all to be as they are and do as they wish, knowing only the magnificence of progress can be born when allowing each truth to be shared. Love is the redeemer of dignity, giving back power to every person who has been stripped of self-respect, imprisoned in labels, and judged for the role they never agreed to play in other people’s perceptions. Love is the unraveling of indoctrination and the undoing of justification, providing no further space for a tradition of cruelty to establish a culture of hurt. Love is the Angelic choir, signaling the arrival of Heaven’s eternal presence that can be heard through the melody of liberated pain. Love is the depth of character cultivated in the aftermath of struggle, daring to dedicate time and space for the benefit of others, so no one else has to endure the story each breath came to tell.

Love is not the corrector of conduct. It does not tell anyone a better way to be when it is the very force holding each feeling, impulse, and reaction, making it safe for all to be felt and heard exactly as experiences wish to be conveyed. Love is not a fast-track to more preferable circumstances, since the nature of enlightenment is a soothing stream of heart-centered empathy no matter how muddy the water ever becomes. Love is not an opposite to sadness, fear, anger, guilt, or shame, but the Source of these sensations that creates each visceral expression for the potent transformation it offers, once surrendered into its benefit by respecting each expression. Love is not the condemnation of volatility, but the clean-up crew that always births greater realities in support of all from within the ashes of that which no longer serves the sum of the whole. Love is not the impatience of preference. It does not demand anyone ‘get over’ anything, so to allow pain to be heard, processed, felt and integrated in its unique timeframe — no matter how much anyone wishes it were different or healed at a faster rate.

It is not love versus assembly. It is love while we assemble and assembling as acts of love for the voiceless we are ready to free, welcome, hear, acknowledge, and honor. It is not love instead of fear, but loving the anticipation of pain and the despair of hopelessness, as a chance to welcome innocence in its most exposed, vulnerable, shameful, guilty, abused, neglected and unprotected form. It is not love as a higher vibrational escape route from things labeled “lower” or “less than”, but the clarity that allows all aspects of experience to be honored as light, no matter the conduct any part chooses to express. It is not love as anything other than the breath of unity consciousness — bringing together a vast array of similarities and differences as golden threads woven together as a tapestry only truth knows how to make. It’s a tapestry to warm the hearts of those left out in the cold, cast aside in ridicule, and abandoned by an unconsciousness that is too greedy to be decent and far too afraid to share.

Love is not spiritual choreography anyone can perform incorrectly. It is the expansion of global virtue through a dance of change inviting everyone into the grace of sacred movement as we receive the recognition and support that brings us out of hiding. Love is the acceptance of truth dwelling in every heart, allowing all to be however the beauty of creation envisions itself. Love is the lamppost of eternal clarity guiding us along as we remain authentic to the healing at hand, with nowhere else to be, but exactly as we are, wherever we may stand.

I stand for love. I stand with you.

Please enjoy this newsletter as we embrace the glorious exploration and cultivation of how “Love Heals All“.

All for life. All for light.

— Matt Kahn

SOUND HEALING | DETOX The PINEAL GLAND⎪VIBRATION of The Fifth Dimension – 936 Hz Miracle Meditation Music

This Music has been tuned to A#5 = 936 Hz and 60 Bpm 936 Hz

Solfeggio Mirror Frequency Resonates with the 7th Chakra Pineal Gland. In this track, You Will Feel:

Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats and Isochronic Tones at once.  No headphones required, however, if you do use headphones, you will experience deeper healing.

☯ 10’000 Hz Detox Pineal Gland ► Rife Frequency

☯ 2675 Hz Pineal Gland Resonator – The Crystal Resonator. A subharmonic of the frequency of quartz crystal. Extremely effective for charging and clear Quartz crystals. Useful for clearing and balancing of their own energies. Some claim it energises crystals in the brain. Others say that it activates aspects of the auric field.

☯ 936 Hz – Awaken the Perfect State, Returning to Oneness – SOLFEGGIO MIRROR FREQUENCY. This tone awakens any system to its original, perfect state. It is connected with the Light and all-embracing Spirit, and enables direct experience, the return to Oneness. This frequency re-connects you with the Spirit, or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. It will enable you to experience Oneness – our true nature.

☯ 60 Hz Conscious ► Ultra Gamma Frequency

☯ 20 Hz Pineal Gland Stimulation ► Pineal Frequency

☯ 936 Hz Miracle Meditation Music ► Tuning



Spirituality | Meditating Made Simple: How I Explained It to a 10-Year-Old

As a mom of three trying to build a writing career and finish a novel, I consider turning to all kinds of de-stressors… vodka, kick-boxing, running away… instead, I have found that meditation is the cheapest and easiest (yes, easy) solution to quiet the chaos.  […]


Meditation Moments …

May you receive an answer, a sign, a message, good news, or some kind of a blessing. You no longer have to overthink about it. Let it go. You did your part. You prayed about it. You visualized. You took action. You did everything on your end. Now relax.


Things are moving towards you. It has already happed for you. The minute you thought it, it already has been aligned to manifest into your reality. Now is the best time for patience and celebration. See it as a complete vision. How would you feel if you received that good news?

Put yourself in that expecting state. There’s no separation between your intentions and the manifestations of it. Right now, it is already done. It’s happening.  This is a message to bring you ease and comfort so you can have that reassurance that you got this.

On a spiritual level your creation is complete. The thought realm is our space for creation. What we think; we see, hear, and experience on the outside. You have already created what you’re about to receive.

Now, enjoy yourself. Have a great time with yourself or your loved ones and friends. Do what makes you happy instead of sitting around overthinking or worrying about how and when. Miracles happen when we are just living and expected blessings come suddenly when we are celebrating.

Lift your mood and believe you living and experiencing the best of what you want.

Breathe for a moment and lift your mind higher. Good news and sudden breakthroughs are happening for you before this week is over.

Be ready for it.

Current Events | Fall of the Deep State – Elizabeth dethroned, New King of England, Staged RIOTS, George Floyd

We, my friends, are witnessing the unfolding of the Greatest Awakening that humanity has ever seen. With the DISMANTLING of the dark and dirty web of the CABAL, the Swamp is being drained from the inside out. It’s happening.

Here are the links I promised:

1. Footage of Cops putting on this man’s death as a display for everyone to video-graph (were they pushing for a RIOT, were they again trying to start a fight between BLACK and WHITE? Who is sick enough to do this?? Why are the COPS behaving this weird? What part of this was staged? Is George really dead (if so, may his soul RIP). Asking the right questions will find you the answers.…

2. Fall Cabal Episodes 1-10:…

3. New King of England:…

Musings …

To touch someone with kindness is to change someone forever. Heavy, huh? That’s nothing …

Because for everyone you touch, you also reach everyone they will ever know. And everyone they will ever know. And everyone they will ever know. And so, for the rest of all time, your kindness will be felt, in waves that will spread, long after you move on.

Runeology | Daily Draw: Wanjo

Wanjo (Joy)
Kinship; Heritage; Hope

Phonetic value: V, W

Esoteric interpretation of name: relationship of beings descended from same source.

Ideographic interpretation: the clanic or tribal banner, or weather vane.

Today’s Message: Create fellowship and harmony and banish alienation by realizing the interconnectivity of all relationships to gain happiness and well-being.

Runeology | Daily Draw: Jera

Jera (earth)
Cycles; Right Action; Harvest

Phonetic values: J (pronounced “y” as in “yard”). In the later ON period, after about 600 C.E., the initial “j” was lost in the West Norse dialects and thereafter the rune stood for “a”.

Esoteric interpretation of name: life cycle, cycle of the sun.

Ideographic interpretation: the holy marriage of heaven A and earth V, or the dynamic rotation of the summer-winter cycle.

Today’s message: Realize the cyclical nature of the multiverse to create and manifest the peace, harmony and enlightenment you seek now.

Runeology | Daily Draw: Laguz

Laguz (ocean water)
Fertility; Living Renewal; Leek (masculine symbology)

Phonetic value: L

Esoteric interpretation of names: life energy and organic growth.

Ideographic interpretation: a wave, or the quick growing green portion of the leek.

Today’s message: The guidance through this difficult initiatory test is to increase your vitality and life force. Fortify your magical will by increasing your magnetism through deeper development of your “second sight” intuition.

Meditation Moment …

Every Warrior of the Light has felt afraid of going into battle.

Every Warrior of the Light has, at some time in the past, lied or betrayed someone.

Every Warrior of the Light has trodden a path that was not his.

Every Warrior of the Light has suffered for the most trivial of reasons.

Every Warrior of the Light has, at least once, believed he was not a Warrior of the Light.

Every Warrior of the Light has failed in his spiritual duties.

Every Warrior of the Light has said ‘yes’ when he wanted to say ‘no.’

Every Warrior of the Light has hurt someone he loved.

That is why he is a Warrior of the Light, because he has been through all this and yet has never lost hope of being better than he is.

– Paulo Coelho

Warrior of the Light