Daily Words of the Buddha for January 16, 2020

Yo sahassaṃ sahassena
saṅgāme mānuse jine,
ekañca jeyyamattānaṃ
sa ve saṅgāmajuttamo.

Though one may conquer
a thousand times a thousand people in battle,
yet one indeed is the noblest victor
who conquers oneself.

Dhammapada 10.103
The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from Pāli by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Extremely Powerful Morning Mantra to Start the Day | 432Hz | Om Shri Anantaha (1 hr.)

Om Shri Anantaha | Narayana | Is very powerful mantra to Start your mornings with. Make it a habit to Chant this every morning, Add this small thing in your routine. To start with You can play this track and over the time you can memorize the mantra and chant on your own. And you will feel the difference in your energy levels and attitude.

Another great way is to Chant this Mantra 3 times when starting the meditation. It invokes all 7 energy centers in our body.

The Mantra:






It’s the Bhagwan Vishnu Mantra, with this Mantra We call upon the peaceful, powerful, positive energies of the Supreme creator.

OM is the Primordial Sound of the Universe

Narayanaha is the Vedic Supreme God according to Vedas, and is also known as Vishnu and Hari.

May auspiciousness be unto Lord Vishnu,

May all auspiciousness be unto the one who has the Garuda as his flag

May all auspiciousness be unto the Lord with lotus-like eyes,

And auspiciousness to Hari.


Daily Meditation

It’s already meant for you. You have to start accepting this as your truth. Things are getting very clear for you. You are starting to really see that you’re meant for greatness. You might have been getting so many signs and seeing how everything is all connected. Each moment you’re being reminded of who you truly are and what vast potential you already have. It starts off by wanting better for yourself. Then you make the inner changes by setting your intentions. Even doing that is you already knowing what you have access to. This is your true power you were already born with. You’re experiencing so many synchronicities, alignments, and signs that truly show you how powerful your thoughts are. This initially comes off as out of this world or just a feeling of joy that fills your heart and body.

You can’t really explain it all to anyone because you’re the one fully experiencing it in real time all the time. Sometimes it makes you speechless and puts you in a state of deep gratitude for how precious and miraculous life truly is. Day by day as you start to evolve, invest in yourself, and be present enough to recognize yourself, you will open your heart and mind further to allow blessings and many possibilities to happen for you. A new you will emerge. New being a state of awareness which you always had but recognized. It’s all a reminder of what you already know. Start feeling good right now about this. Start smiling and thinking of the possibilities. Even a single thought starts changing everything for you. Don’t doubt anything right now. Just feel, allow, and welcome your blessings. Trust yourself. Feel everything out. Your feelings will guide you. Trust your intuition and be ready for your wildest dreams to manifest.

Daily Meditation

Keep giving energy to your dreams! Take care of yourself! You’re building up great momentum! Results are coming in at a high speed! You have so many great things coming your way! You are so blessed! Don’t give up that thought of things working out for you. They actually are. Doubt and fear is not allowed in your space. You are only going upwards! One day you’ll look back and be THANKFUL that you kept pushing forward. You’ll be thankful that you kept growing. Reaching that place is making the choice today to keep going no matter what kind of adversities or challenges you face. Don’t let your current situation make you feel hopeless. Remember that one time you were at a low point, and you made it through? Well, you can do it again! Don’t get caught up in this moment and forget your strength. The reason why we have all these experiences, is not only to get the lessons, but to become stronger. We’re made to survive, adapt, change, and transform ourselves. Don’t hold on to things longer than their stay. Be open to newness, even if it doesn’t make sense at the moment.

Most of our pain comes from fear of change, because we want what’s familiar. We have difficulties in letting go, because we want to force everything to be the same. The beautiful thing about life is that the moment we let go of what weighs heavy on us, we find new inspiration to continue on. We get a second chance. The best way to get out of a negative cycle is to start working on your thoughts, before you work on the outside. Listen the predominate thoughts you have; that will give you insight to what you’ve been attracting. Shift your thoughts to the outcome you want. Be more patient with yourself. Always know and believe that you will be okay. That everything is just fine. You’ve survived before, you’ll survive again.

Daily Meditation

You are not a solid. You are a vibration. You are an energy field that has connections to absolutely all other energy fields in the universe. You are connected to them through a series of orders of magnitude and, shall we say, reality, that are understandable only from the larger viewpoint.

Many times within the life experience you will not be able to see how a certain situation could possibly be one in which love abides. But this is always the question to turn to, that one offered by the ones of Ra:

“Where is the love in this moment?”

This is a question that is always productive, that one may ask the self in a crux in the present. And by finding where the love lies for you in this moment and placing yourself there, there is how you affect the future. You are choosing what you desire because you desire it. That is understood, but in terms of responding to that which is given you have the skill and you have the chance at each offering to ask the self, “Where is the metaphysical structure of this moment? What speaks to me from a larger point of view that really informs the situation for me?”

– Q’uo, The Law Of One

Meditation | Meditate on the Violet Flame

Mighty I AM Presence, Beloved God, My Heavenly Source, Please make manifest in me now the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation. Bring the Violet Flame into every cell, molecule and atom of my body filling me totally and completely.

Blessed Violet Flame blaze into my Heart and expand out and around all of my bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, surrounding my entire Being with your Divine Grace, Love, Mercy and Forgiveness.

Transmute all karma, negative thoughts, actions, deeds and energy that I have ever created at any time, in all dimensions, on all levels, in all bodies, through all time and space, past, present and future, for all Eternity. Transmute anything and everything that stands in my way of embodying the Ascended Christ Being That I AM.

Beloved Violet Flame turn all that has been transmuted Into the Golden Platinum Light of God, the Christ Consciousness, The Light of God that never fails.

Send this Golden Platinum Light to me now, filling and surrounding my entire body with its Divine Radiance. Raise my vibration and frequency to the highest level possible for me at this time.

So Be It and So It Is. Amen.

Treat Everything As A Gift | Matt Khan

“When everything is a gift, it is a means of opening our perspective to the insights that confirm our most remarkable moments of expansion. Since it is common for the ego to use such an insight as a subtle form of manipulation, hoping to “learn its lessons” as quickly as possible, so it can move beyond the pain, torment, frustration, and confusion of discomfort, it’s easy to discount the usefulness of such a statement.

When everything is a gift, it doesn’t become the mantra you suggest to someone in pain. Instead, you allow the presence of their despair, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel to deepen your capacity to love for as long as your heart can withstand it. In the new spiritual paradigm, we are not attempting to give anyone a better way of seeing anything. Instead, we remain grateful for the opportunities to meet in ourselves the feelings others instigate and embrace in others the struggles that carve out our highest rebirth along life’s eternal road of redemption.

When everything is a gift, we are not trying to be anything other than fully available to however life seems to be. We remain open to the fact that everything exists to inspire the gifts of evolutionary benefit, whether noticed immediately or revealed on its own time frame. We accept the fact that moving beyond our feelings is as much of a necessary ingredient in healing, as it is to turn toward and face each sensation, without trying to control how little or how much time we spend engaging with our emotions.

When everything is a gift, we are so open to the journey of evolution, we are willing to face any amount of adversity, and spend as much time feeling shut down, just to cultivate the strength, courage, tenacity, and compassion to open back up more radiant, renewed, purified, and powerful than ever before. We acknowledge life’s bigger cosmic picture without denying the grit and gravity of our feelings that signify how deep of a reconstruction occurs in our energy fields.

Equally so, we are open to facing any amount of fear, guilt, anger, shame, doubt, loneliness, victimhood, or judgment without it becoming a badge of honor used to decorate the righteousness of a martyr.

When everything is a gift, we are not telling people how to experience their reality, in any type of spiritually-dogmatic way. Instead, we are honoring the relationship of opposites that flow throughout the oneness of Truth. If one seems steeped in denial, it could only build up momentum to inspire an ability to face reality with greater authenticity, once such a shift is meant to occur. While sadness foreshadows the arrival of joy, and fear reflects a journey only guiding you into greater courage, it is not a transition that you can assert with the insistence of personal will. Since personal will cannot make pain become more pleasurable, it equally cannot get in the way of the perfection of your expansion.

To ask yourself, “how am I in my own way” is to deny the way you’ve come to be, which will unearth a multitude of gifts at exactly the moment it is meant to occur.

Even if you cannot fathom certain experiences as gifts, it merely confirms crucial stages of healing, where we must burn in the authenticity of our direct experience, simply to make more room for greater perspective to dawn. Nothing occurs because we lack perspective. Each experience offers the gift of transformation to usher you into a depth of awareness that could not help you cultivate the brightness of light without time spent wandering in darkness.

When everything is a gift, we are not using light to diminish darkness, but recognizing light as the capacity through which darkness is able to be recognized. Since darkness can be seen as consciousness unaware of its true illuminated nature, we allow the light of unconditional love to support, honor, and cherish darkness throughout its journey, without needing to rush the process. To alter someone’s experience is much like continually moving the seeds you’ve planted, hoping to find a more ideal spot for growth. Each time a seed is moved, it interrupts the growing process and disturbs the roots that are meant to sprout along their own rhythm of time.

While we don’t wish to interrupt the energetic transformations occurring throughout each moment of emotional healing, it doesn’t mean we don’t have valuable gifts to contribute.

Those who hurt are engaging in a healing process that will allow them to be the love, strength, courage, and compassion for others who heal. Those who have been healed have survived the perfect mixture of change, realization, and discovery to come out the other side more aligned in their highest potential for the benefit of those still finding their way.

When everything is a gift, we are thankful for the sincerity of every person’s living testimony, and grateful for the chance to meet aspects of our own eternal being by daring to embrace the heart of another. If unable to meet others in such a naturally open way, it could only remind us of the necessity of our own emotional needs. When this occurs, our hearts remain first in line to receive the infinite depth of unwavering attention that nourishes our innocence as it dares to transform.

When everything is a gift, there are highs, lows, and everything in between, merely giving us the chance to respond to life with more faith, respect, humility, kindness, and care under the threat of any circumstance. That is, if we are able to face the inevitabilities of our journey without steeping in jadedness as a false shield of protection.

When everything is a gift, we don’t need to turn away from the hardships of reality, in order to know the joy of Truth. Equally so, there is no need to look for despair and pain to ensure you aren’t missing or avoiding. There is a middle ground and its as natural as whatever experience you are already having that merely clears enough space in your reality to notice it. Such a middle ground welcomes each experience openly, even if it means being open to feeling shut down for any amount of time.

We are open to everything being a gift of evolution, whether we agree with the conduct of others, agree with the situations in view, or wish such growth could occur under more favorable conditions. We love what arises in ourselves if we have developed such a capacity. If not, the love within your heart shall manifest as the compassion of others, the light emanating from nature, or the silence of Source energy flowing in and out as each and every breath. We know that everything is inherently designed to make us better than we have ever been before, which requires us to be true to our journey, no matter how deeply we desire speeding things up.

In the new spiritual paradigm, we value the gift of our most loving responses to life, despite how reactive we are to anything in view. If unable to respond from our hearts, more rest and renewal is required to offer ourselves the nurturing attention seemingly absent in the behavior of others.

No one deserves to suffer for any reason and we are not to blame for the experiences at hand. We have been given an opportunity to evolve if we stay the course, which reveals an ability to expand without requiring adversity to inspire it. How do we get to such a destination – By being true to our feelings without projecting onto the experiences of others and embracing our own innocence, even when we are the only ones who seem to notice it.

When the response of our highest conduct outweighs the justification of any conclusion, a surrendered heart is revealed. As our hearts surrender, an abiding alignment with Source energy reveals the beauty of heart-centered consciousness, no matter the amount of hurt that was seemingly required to reveal the glory of your perfection.

It’s not a gift until it’s a gift. Once each gift is revealed, the benefits of its offering are awe-inspiring and infinitely magnificent.”

  • Matt Kahn

Meditation | St. Germain’s Violet Flame


Mighty I AM Presence, Beloved God, My Heavenly Source, Please make manifest in me now the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation. Bring the Violet Flame into every cell, molecule and atom of my body filling me totally and completely.

Blessed Violet Flame blaze into my Heart and expand out and around all of my bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, surrounding my entire Being with your Divine Grace, Love, Mercy and Forgiveness.

Transmute all karma, negative thoughts, actions, deeds and energy that I have ever created at any time, in all dimensions, on all levels, in all bodies, through all time and space, past, present and future, for all Eternity.

Transmute everything that no longer serves me in body, mind and spirit; including false beliefs, lower emotions, and physical challenges.

Transmute anything and everything that stands in my way of embodying the Ascended Christ Being That I AM.

Beloved Violet Flame turn all that has been transmuted Into the Gold and Platinum Light of God, the Christ Consciousness, The Light of God that never fails.

Send this Gold and Platinum Light to me now, filling and surrounding my entire body with its Divine Radiance. Raise my vibration and frequency to the highest level possible for me at this time.

ʻĀmāmā ʻūa nōa … Māhālo Ke ʻĀkua!

Meditation Moments …

I gather up my courage and step boldly into the unknown. I embrace any fear with love, knowing on the other side of it my dreams are waiting. I move forward in faith, putting one foot in front of the other, hand to my heart, trusting myself and the universe to support me. I Am Free to Be. I Am ready to allow the world I have visualized to come into manifestation. I proceed with purpose, passion and faith. I Am ready for this ever-renewing adventure that is my life!!

I am that I am.

Spirituality | In Observance of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 8 | Paying tribute to Ascended Master Mary on her Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception …
Ave Maria, gratia plena,
Dominus tecum.
Benedicta tu in mulieribus,
et benedictus fructus ventris tui, Yeheshua.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatoribus,
nunc, et in hora
mortis nostrae.

Affirmations …


Right now, stop yourself. Stop and think about how you’re using your mental and emotional energy. Where is your precious life force going? The past is gone. There future hasn’t arrived. What is there to be scared of? You can reimagine and recreate yourself. You can let go and forgive yourself. Do it right now.

See the best case scenario in your situation. What does that feel like? What if it does all work out? Think about that. Imagine that. Entertain that. Start using your mental force to see something different. Be optimistic about it.

I know it’s easy to entertain habitual thoughts. Some negative habitual thoughts seem real because you have entertained it way too long. When you start to think positive you might find yourself not being certain if it’s real or if it is even working. One thing you need to understand is that repetitive thoughts always become strong, and you even beginning to feel like a new person. This is what you can do. Think new thoughts. Feel new emotions. Being yourself out of the negative pessimistic attitude and own your inner power to change your mindset. It all starts with switching what you think to the opposite more powerful thought. Doing this more often you will notice a strong momentum towards being optimistic, hopeful, and strong at being positive. Be patient always. Start now. The best will begin to happen for you because you expect it and you believe it. You deeply will begin to know that all is possible for you! Focus on the best case scenario and the what if it does work out.

Meditation Moments …

You are doing your best. You came so far and sometimes you just need to pause for a moment and acknowledge yourself. Look at what you overcame. Look at how strong you are. Look at how better you’re doing. The end of anything is the beginning of something greater. If you spend more time acknowledging how magnificent and magical you are, you’ll get out of the fears and overthinking of what’s next. Next is greater. In every moment you’re evolving. Sometimes you might experience challenges that feel like a part of you is coming to an end but it’s needed. You’re evolving spiritually. You’re awakening. You’re realizing so much about yourself, who you really are, and what you deserve. In that transformation phase it can feel heavy or even uncomfortable. It’s not avoiding everything, but rather not being defined by anything. It is happening, what now? Smile about that. Release the need to control everything. That’s a safety mechanism to keep yourself the same when in a blink of an eye you can be living, feeling, and experiencing all that you have dreamed of. Familiarity creates repetition and that can feel comfortable. However, change doesn’t mean an end. It means a new experience. New feelings. New adventures. New things to learn. For once feel a moment of letting go of all control. Breathe. You don’t have to fully understand why and when. How and timing. You just need to allow and believe. Dream and imagine. Trust and pray. Be grateful for who you are. You are magnificent. Magical. Powerful. Gifted. Special. You are loved! You are whole! You are complete as you are. Nothing can be added or taken away. You just realize this throughout life and things get more joyful. You learn to accept, love, and appreciate yourself which expands your heart. It starts with you. I’m just here to remind you that you are okay and that it is okay. Be patient and loving to yourself. Give yourself credit because you are truly strong. Your past shows that. Nothing can break you. Gather yourself up and claim your divine truth right now.

  • Idil Ahmed

Reflections on Loneliness, with Matt Khan

“Loneliness is a bridge between feeling left out in the world and being one with all that is. When loneliness arises, it invites you to slow down and deeply experience exactly how it feels, without an interest in imagining what is missing from your life. While it may first seem like the heartbreak of personal despair, such feelings equally have the power to reveal an unsuspecting communion with your true eternal nature. It is here where nothing is actually needed for you to be happy, peaceful, and free. This is by far the most threatening realization any personal boundary may encounter, but the most liberating insight you were born to explore.”

“Loneliness isn’t a matter of feeling ignored or unsupported by others. It is noticing how infrequently you love yourself along the way. When loving yourself becomes a primary response to whatever transpires, the pain, despair and isolation of feeling alone blossoms into the grace and solitude of heartfelt relief.”

  • Matt Kahn

Affirmations …

May every breath I breathe,
help relieve the suffering of the many.

May every step I take,
be on the path of truth.

May my eyes see myself
in all living beings.

May my heart do the work
that compassion demands.

May I feel every tear,
every hurt, every need.

May I touch with sacred hands.

May my body be a bridge,
and my spirit healing ointment.

May my words fall like rain
on the desert of need.

May I give without hesitation,
and without expectation.

May I grasp the hand that needs help,
and let go of all else.

May my life be both prayer,
and the much needed answer.

May my identity be both lost
and found in all living beings!

~ a Buddhist Prayer