The I Ching Weekly for September 25, 2017

There are extraordinary energies being delivered into many aspects of life on earth   now. Be still and bring your attention to this burgeoning cycle of growth, rejuvenation, increase, development, and gain. The fuel to deliver the increase to you and your tribe of fellows is acceptance. And in your personal acceptance know that you deserve this time of augmentation.  […]

Source: The I Ching Weekly for September 25, 2017

I Ching ~ Week of November 3, 2014

#49 ~ Ge ~ Skinning/Revolution

Above: Dui Open, responsive, free
Below: Li Radiant, articulate

The Wisdom:

Stripping away the old skin.
Making way for

One thing is a constant in our universe, that is change, and now as there is a great shifting of energies on planet earth, so it will reflect for sure in your personal life.

Necessity and opportunity are now combined, making this a rarified time where your power to make positive change is at its most dynamic. It is a time that can carry you to heights you have not before imagined. Don’t rush or panic, there will be time to do what must be done. And have no doubts the changes you have thought and dreamed are active as never before.

When you read or hear this message from the ancient oracle avoid the temptation to make changes purely for the sake of change. Be present. Seek wise council when necessary. Don’t let your ego keep you from asking for assistance from a wise person in your tribe when you feel you are missing something in the process. This will be of benefit to family, tribe and relationships as all moves toward the benefit of the greater good.

Carefully consider each move you deem necessary, consider all aspects and ramifications of your action; then make that move the focal point of your meditation. In stillness you will be shown the proper time to take action or to discard a particular action. Moving in this way, you can build a solid foundation from which to launch your revolution, your re-evolution, and the change that will allow you to achieve supreme success.

Prepare yourself for change. To be ready and confident that you will receive the bounty of change that is coming, you must be steady, healthy, and have a calm and quiet mind. To be a successful revolutionary you must be strategic and have a definite plan.

This time in your cycle is a time of abundance, but abundance without a strong vessel to contain it can slip away quickly and send you into a descent that could take many cycles from which to recover. Don’t risk it. Know that what has taken you to this point, no matter how beautiful and loving, or disappointing and frustrating, it has given you the ability to have a very clear vision of what needs to be done and how to behave. Trust this vision now and act accordingly.

Be fully in your body when you feel the pain of internal revolution, this is suffering, and suffering paves the way for you to live in freedom with dignity and compassion. As this destined change, this revolution, is happening, be and speak your truth.

Remember, you cannot hurt anyone with words or actions that are of truth; it is the choice of the other to take truth and attempt to subvert it by calling it hurt, hoping to be relieved of taking responsibility for their own contribution to the situation and their selfish efforts to be in control.

The world you once knew is no longer. The image of this hexagram is that of metal over fire. The metal is molten and represents the cycle that is in transformation, waiting to take a new form, to become a new, creative, beneficial force.

The symbolism of this hexagram, Ge, tells us in no uncertain terms that we have entered a new era—not by choice, but as a result of our destiny.

If your timing is off and you jump too soon or miss the time of action, you will not go gently into that good night—you will be metaphorically skinned. And that will be unpleasant, dramatic, time-consuming, and surely emotionally and psychologically painful. Now you are being given a choice: you can kick your addiction to pain, suffering, and drama with the understanding that you have set it up this way, in order to feed the bottomless pit of frozen needs of old patterns and knee-jerk responses. The choice you are given is one we don’t get very often. Either be conscious and attentive to details and with this awareness use your intuition and/or the advice of a sage, the wise person in your tribe of fellows, as to when you will take this action or jump in carelessly feigning bravery and sink back to old ways, behaviors and beliefs.

Timing is of the essence. You will know the right time to creatively make the necessary changes by trusting your inner voice of wisdom and awareness that arises in stillness. Trust that you will be guided well by intuition, which will illuminate the right time and place to shed your skin.

Place becomes as important as time in this case. Choose a sacred space for this dance of transformation. It may be an actual place where you can feel the trust to go into your depths. Invite the one, or ones, who are sacred to you to be present, as you do not have to do this alone, not anymore, because what you are going through is happening all around you. Speak up, speak your truth, speak of where you are in the inner dance, and take partners. You will be surprised at how many in your milieu are in the same dance, so join together and do the dance. It will be a new seriousness, and it will be joyful.

When a skin is shed or cut away, what is revealed are new ways of being. You are left raw, delicate, and vulnerable. You will enter one of the most vulnerable times in this personal cycle and of Earth herself. It is of great benefit to be the fierce warrior goddess or hero as you use truth to complete and support your process. As you are shedding, you will clearly see what has been disharmonious or dysfunctional in your life. As previously ignored or denied issues and attitudes reveal themselves—and they assuredly will—shed them along with the metaphorical skin that is being cast aside.

Be strategic now. Look to your old habits. See the ones generated by , shame, fear and doubt, and with intent do process to let them go. Literally change your thought process. Words and language are codes that reach the sanctum sanctorum of your heart and soul and manifest as realities.
Hear the inner words that are negative or are of no use, and literally correct your self-talk.

Prepare yourself for change. To be ready and confident that you will receive the bounty of change that is coming. You must be steady, healthy, and have a calm and quiet mind.

Just knowing that the time of radical revolution is here is not enough. For a revolution to be successful, it must start within. To be believed you must first believe in yourself. The human condition is a mystery. It often brings us to ask the unanswerable question: Why me? So the first action is to get that weak plea out of the way; then the road to revolution, radical change, will become clear—you will manifest it. In fact, you have already manifested it, but as you walk through this gauntlet of fear, shame and doubt you will find you have been wearing blinders, seeing only the old ways. You will not make it through if you are worried about what others in your tribe, family, company, or relationship think. It doesn’t matter. This journey is yours, not theirs.

Abundance referred to in this text has many parts. It may be money, love, place, happiness, recognition, health, or any combination of these things. Prepare yourself to receive by making the conscious decision to be conscious of change and to ignite revolution. In this way you make ready the vessel to receive. This is, in part, the alchemical formula that begets revolution—learning to receive, with humility and dignity. The other components are trust and confidence in your inner knowing; clear your mind and trust the messages from within.

There is a grand opportunity now to change your old ways of thinking and being. By doing so, you can and will change your world and our world. This is our responsibility as we awaken as aware and conscious beings.

Don’t give up your ideals and don’t compromise. Be firm, compassionate, and kind as you grow a new and beautiful, luminescent skin to take the place of that which you shed on your journey.

As you are losing that old skin of stale and useless modes of thinking and behavior, it will benefit you to move with the rhythm of the earth…, sing and be joyous. This is the signal to spirit that you are present and willing to receive what you have worked so hard to achieve and acquire.

With feet planted firmly on the ground say again, and again, and loudly…I AM HERE…

In lak’ech


I Ching ~ Week of October 13, 2014

Wei Ji ~ "Not Yet Crossing"
#64 ~ Wei Ji ~ “Not Yet Crossing”

Above:    Li      ~     Radiance, fire; brightness that brings clarity and passion

Below:    Kan   ~   Gorge, precipice, snare; taking risks; the danger of swift-flowing waters

The Wisdom:

As an old pattern is ending;
Grieve for what is lost and move forward,
No Pause; the next cycle has begun.

You are, after much work and toil, becoming realized. In a time such as this it may be confusing, feeling that everything is ending or falling apart. You have identified a major pattern that has been obstructing your path to happiness and satisfaction. It is an old pattern that you’ve often repeated, and now it must be left behind. It is showing itself and is in your face, like Cerberus, the three-headed monster guarding the gates of the Underworld to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping.

You now stand on the shore of the river, where love, abundance, and satisfaction await you on the other side. And it is here that this monster, your monster, is confronting you. It is here and now on this shore that you are to gather your strength and choose the appropriate time to make your crossing.

There is a warning in the original text that says not to proceed without careful consideration and a cohesive plan. By examining the Chinese pictograms for this hexagram we are reminded of the young fox that desperately want to cross the river, where her dreams of love and abundant hunting grounds await her on the other side. She sees there is ice on the river that can facilitate the crossing. But our young fox does not consider that the ice is not yet fully formed, and, throwing caution to the wind, she goes for it. Her exhilaration is momentary—the ice cracks, plunging her into the frozen water, and her crossing is thwarted. Now there is no way to recover, and she cannot try the crossing again.

The lesson is applicable here: pay close attention in order to recognize the proper timing, and make sure your plan is fully formed; then make your move.

After recently experiencing some beneficial advances. The temptation now, fostered by the ego’s impatience, is to embrace all your actions and continue to forge ahead. But this is not yet the correct time. Reflect and examine where you have been and what you have gone through to get to this point in your process; you will be sobered by this and will, as a result, want to proceed carefully.

Your passion to advance, which is a good thing, is triggering a kind of hormonal rush whereby all seems possible, and it is, but you are not quite fully prepared. Cool your jets. This is the time to embrace the changes that have occurred in your mind and in your heart. Allow what you have been processing to really be acknowledged on the emotional, feeling level as you move toward your destiny.

You are being given notice as you stand on the shore to take stock of your situation. You are at the gateway of great understanding. Be sure that what you have done in preparation for this change is in proper order. Look closely; you have tamed the inner chaos, and you have gathered the emotional, spiritual, and psychological food you need for the journey ahead. Well done! Now you must pay close attention to your timing, so that you will recognize the proper time to make your move. Look around you now. You may find a person, process, or situation of substance to appoint as your guardian at the gate while you make this transition and safely cross the river.

It is most important that you release the situations and people that have held you—and that you have held—in the bondage of old programs and patterns. This will leave you feeling free, light of spirit; you will have released the weight that has kept you from what your heart desires and what you are here in this life, at this time, to complete. This will allow you to be loved without bonds or conditions; this is free love.

In this moment in time you are the microcosm of the macro-changes that society and Gaia are experiencing, and you are given a powerful energetic wave to ride. It is this wave that fuels your intuition, that powerful mechanism that taps into the universal source of wisdom. Didn’t you notice how the universe sent you in the right direction, to the right place at the right time, almost as if you had no choice? Trust that this was your intuition operating at its finest vibration and highest frequency. This is an important part of the equation—trusting your intuition, which allows you to love without condition, and let yourself be loved in that same light, with no confusion, angst, or pain. Believe this: love without pain is possible!

Walk your path with dignity, compassion, kindness, and integrity. In this way you are greasing the wheels of the inner vehicle that will take you smoothly toward a new birth, a new and creative beginning.

At this time you will need no translator, shrink, shaman, or priest to tell you what is being said; rather, you will know it from your intuitive voice of inner wisdom, the voice that got you here, to stand at this place at this time, fully exposed and with no fear.

This is a rebirth and a new beginning. Close the old chapters and cut off the dead weight with a sharp, swift sword. Your releasing of the old will free yourself from the bondage of control of that person or pattern.

There will be great rewards as you make the commitment to leaving these old, worn patterns behind. You will find new people, new endeavors, and will birth new ideas that have been in formation all the time you were in bondage.

Laugh, sing, and be joyous, and let yourself be found. Love is the answer.

In Lak’ech



I CHING ~ The Week of October 6, 2014

Guai (Deciding/Parting)

Above:    Dui             Responsive, free, penetration
Below:    Qian/Gan    Enduring Spirit power

The Wisdom:

No compromise.
As you part from the past
You are in a time of creative transformation.


Your struggle against negativity is ending, and you and your projects are now favored. Resist the temptation to take the path of retribution to what or who has been getting in the way of completion or joy, all the while remembering that teachers come in strange disguises, shapes, and forms. Though it may feel satisfying in the short term to strike out with words or actions against who or what has been holding back your progress, know that what you do now and how you behave is setting the pattern for your personal and our collective future. If you were to respond with spite or negativity, this would reinforce an energetic pattern that would once again make you vulnerable to the very same kind of darkness you are defeating.The decision to part from the past must be resolute, with no doubts and no compromise. If there are a few bad cells left behind after a cancer has been excised, the cancer will come back and grow with the vengeance of a defeated enemy that has found strength in retreat.This is the time to speak from your heart to your tribe and loved ones, letting them know in no uncertain terms that you have decided that you will no longer allow any obstacles to block the way toward the greater good—for you, for the ones you care for and love, and for all of us. It is truly a don’t f— with me time. Take the role of service to this ideal as a Samurai warrior defending his or her enlightened master; in this case the master is you, your beloveds, and your tribe. State your intention and then calmly and dispassionately act on it. By speaking out, you will be garnering strength from the universe and from Spirit. By speaking your truth, the laws of attraction say you will become the attractor. Spirit will be pleased at your resoluteness in this situation, and this signaling will bring immense, clarifying energy to you.


Speak and demonstrate in your relationships that you have decided to overcome all obstacles that do not allow love and harmony to flourish. With the intention to love with an open heart, you will find great strength; this will allow you to, at last, love and be loved without the restrictions of ego, judgment or jealousy. This will also eviscerate any notions that you are not good enough or deserving of the love you envision and deserve. With calmness and clear direction, make your plans and execute them. That is what is called for now by the arrival of this hexagram.

These surely are powerful times. Within the present galactic shift to higher frequencies that we are collectively experiencing, all ideas, movements, and philosophies are intensified. With these highly tuned frequencies of the planetary alignment that are accessible to all, you can accomplish incredibly powerful and beautiful things by moving without fear or doubt toward positivity. We have been waiting for this moment and it has arrived, just in the nick of time, to be used by us to achieve momentous goals as we join with one another in community for the greater planetary good.

If, in this time shift, if you were to act from ego and attempt to use this energy blast to assume control or to change or bring injustice to another, you would do great harm—harm to yourself for sure, but you would also do harm to the delicate flowering of a new age that is opening before us. We are moving toward a golden age of the highest and brightest potential humans have ever known. Our individual thoughts and actions are now magnified and reverberate throughout the global cosmic matrix* that has been activated by the recent galactic shift.

You can dance in the dark no longer, nor can you form secret pacts with yourself or others to promote or be of service to greed or personal gain. If you do make a decision or choice in this direction, it will backfire on you, and all that you have manifested thus far will be tainted and toxic; you will be made powerless and go into a deep, dark depression. At this time, negative actions will reverberate through a lifetime—this lifetime and future ones; that is how powerful these times and these energies are. So be cautious and stay awake!

With this breakthrough, you now have renewed strength and a window of opportunity to set things straight, whether in business, love, or on your personal path of spiritual evolution. The way you handle this arriving success and the abundance it brings will set the tone for the future. This is a time to express your resolve and manifest your greatest strength, which is your compassion, kindness, and generosity.

Stand firm now and act decisively; you have the strength to make battles short and focused. Keep your emotions out of it. Know that any retribution will weaken you and rob you of your ability to enjoy and sustain your success. Stay out of others’ business and don’t fall to the level of gossip or disrespect in your triumphs. Do not disparage your opponents in their defeat. Forgive them; they know not what they do. And fully and most importantly, forgive yourself for any part you may have played in the negative actions of the past. In this way you truly leave the past behind.

Be dignified and compassionate as you do the work to leave old, negative habits and patterns behind. It is with these actions that you will rise to new heights of self-love and self-respect. From that pinnacle you will find and attract love and abundance in ways you have desired and have previously held only in your imagination. This is a time of creative transformation, and with intention from your loving heart you will manifest in calmness and with grace. In this way your transformation will, in itself, be without effort. Cool, eh?

Regarding your business and personal relationships, in this coming golden age there are wondrous opportunities that will be coming your way. In your inner journey, what has been holding you back emotionally has been weakened through your diligent work, as, through some fear and trepidation, you have brought your own shadow self into the light. These openings, this breakthrough, is bringing with it great strength to defeat the inner monsters of self-judgment and loathing that have previously held you back.

Take note that Guai comes with a caveat: even in times of enlightenment, darkness, in the form of the ego’s desires, hides just around the corner to tempt you; don’t go for it! As you move forward, do not compromise your beliefs. This would disempower you on your journey toward the resurrection and building of your dreams and plans that previously may have hit a wall of obstruction.

Your intuitive forces are now in their most available light and can be accessed and trusted, as it is you and only you that can bring about the global change we are all envisioning. Speak openly of a new paradigm. Take these coming days to celebrate life and the shift of the ages that is happening now. See it as your personal magic carpet, which will take you to the heights of love, accomplishment, service to others, and shared abundance. Do consider service now—find joy in serving others with whatever you have at hand. In this way you can lift your tribe up into the light you are seeing and feeling now. By empowering others, you are, with pure intention, empowering yourself.

Be of love these days. Smile to others at work, in your community, in class, on the street, as you drive past them on life’s highway. Corny as it may sound, it is the highway of love, this life. We just need to check our ego at the door, clear the way for others, and let it be.

Peace and blessings,



I Ching ~ The Week of September 29, 2014

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  #25         Wu Wang   Disentangling


Above:    Ch’ien       Heaven
Below:    Chen         Thunder
The Wisdom:

Disturbance coming from outside your influence
Be diligent and disentangle yourself and actions
Demonic forces feed on ignorance
Become informed and act swiftly

Look into all your associations and see where you have given up your power to others or have compromised when the benefit would have been to stand firm. This is a partial cause of the disturbance in focus, form and intention. Metaphorically and, in some cases, in reality, you have had difficulty finding a comfortable place or way to sit, stand or sleep. Fidgeting in place for so long has become tiresome and shameful. Your thought processes and actions have been clouded by your desire for a successful outcome. This is futurizing which has led to over-thinking your situation and not living in the present.

By focusing solely on correctness, fame, position, recognition—outcomes of any sort—you are missing the point. It is not that you cannot have all these things—you can, and with attention to movement with and for the greater good, you will. What is problematic is your ego’s projection into the future that will prevent you from tapping into your intuitive clarity and your well-deserved success.

Your call now is to be spontaneous and move with absolute confidence in who you are and what you desire. The beneficial action now is disentangling, releasing, any ties that have bound you to your past influences and to outmoded ways of action and thinking.

The trickster aspect of the ego, would have you look into the future and see the titillating grand and shiny things that represent success. When you think you have figured out the smartest, the most clever and cool ways to move toward your goal this arrogance will lead to a disastrous out come, guaranteed.    The ego will tempt you to move swiftly toward your desires, come hell or high water. It doesn’t work that way.

If you were to continue to move in this manner, you would be disregarding the influence of your spirit helpers who are the bringers of the strength of innocence, and your creative source of the your destined  and created journey. Be cautious not to lose the part of you that is the child of innocence. At this time it will be your saving grace.

Consider the ignored part of your being,
Your inner and sweet child of innocence.
Slow down;
Do not act out of fear
You will scare yourself
Fear will have you looking to the future and trying to plan for every contingency. This would only sap your energy and ultimately prevent you from receiving the love, abundance, and happiness that awaits you.

It is wise to plan and to be thoughtful, but limit your thoughts and plans to the present and in doing so you are making the journey truthful, peaceful, efficient, and more joyful. Your balance along the path is to include being of service to others and to Gaia, our Mother Earth of oceans, deserts, mountains, plains and all her sentient beings. This will allow you to handle whatever surprising events may come your way with a focused clarity that will enable you to act spontaneously and creatively so you will be able to embrace the moment; the magic is in the moment.

In literal translations of the I Ching, this hexagram is defined as “being free of forethought and reflection.” This is good to remember, as it will keep you in the present. Look neither to the past, nor to the future: Be Here Now.

When you are moving toward a goal that will serve the greater good, whether in business, family, community, tribe, relationships, your health,  your journey toward enlightenment, it is important to be clear, dignified and simple while being fully present and in the moment. Live in the moment, this is the only way to become unbound. Walk with like-minded people, fellow pilgrims. Move away from those who suck your energy by raising doubts, fears, or envy.

The ego, the critic, the inner judge, will try to sneak in while you are traveling on your path and tell you that you need to be reasonable, clever, suspicious, and, above all, to look good in others’ eyes. It would have you create imaginary problems that would cause you to incorrectly evaluate the situation before you. The crux of the idea behind this hexagram is to remain aware and fully present.

Consciously let go of trying to get approval from others. This is only the ego trying to interfere and keep you from fully appreciating the beauty and the myriad gifts of life. As you slow down, and allow the inner innocent child to appreciate the beauty all around you, there will emerge a strength that you have not known before. It will be a strength wrought not from pain or angst, but from peace, laughter, and joy.

Take note, by combining your journey with rest and fun in proper measure, you will keep a clear mind that will be ready to handle the good, the bad, and the ugly with equanimity and poise.

The journey is not as treacherous as it might sometimes seem. Listen to your intuition, which will be revealed magically when you respect the importance of rest, meditation and play, in this way you show the ultimate respect and honor to yourself. Be love….be your authentic self.



I Ching ~ Week of September 7, 2014

MENG#4 Meng ~ Without Experience

Above: Ken Mountain Firm rooted, nothing to lose
Below: K’an Water Flowing fast, possible danger
The Wisdom:

The tree is bearing fruit
What has been nurtured has taken root
The fruit is not yet ripe
Take of the fruit now, you will fall ill

In stillness you will hear the voice of spirit calling you to greatness. By listening with trust you can be led to a grand situation that will need time to mellow and mature. You will feel the power in your veins. The ego will likely say: Take it; go for it before it fades. If you move too quickly into the core of the situation, you will find that you do not have the information and the capacity to deal with energy such as this.

What is stirring in you has the depth of many layers, most are hidden To decipher the messages in stillness you will hear the truth that is telling you to hide and conceal your lust and desire for an outcome that will serve you. You need to know more about the essence of the situation before you commit to entering into the flow. The benefit now is to come to the stillness of the mountain.

Do not try to make it appear that you know what you do not. This would be folly and would create obstacles that will be difficult to overcome

The stillness of the mountain is not still at all;
Water flows from the mountain.
This is the symbolic spring of youthful beginnings and experiences;
A youthful attitude now brings success without bounds.

Within your reach, or perhaps just grasped, is the new. Newness is coming or has just come to your work and studies, whether these are inner or outer. In your present relationships and associations or that are on their way to you, your attitude about love, companionship, friendship and commerce requires renewal.

There is some danger here: Moving without the understanding that you are in a situation where you do not yet have the knowledge to undertake would have you move too fast. At this point accept that you do not yet have sufficient knowledge. Therefore, start slowly so that you can absorb the new, hidden, information being shown to you about yourself and your situation.

You are in a great position. But you must accept that in this situation you know very little about how to proceed. Revel in the fact that you are a beginner. Seek the information, teacher or guide who can mentor you into this next stage of abundance and love; take their advice and then go into the quiet of your heart. You are again the student. Accept and embrace that place.

The spring emerges through the rock on the mountain.
This is the new showing itself.
Be steady and clear.
Observe and open your mind and heart.
Be without fear or judgment.

Shoshin is a term in Zen meaning “beginner’s mind.” It refers to cultivating an attitude of openness, eagerness and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, just as a beginner in that subject would—even if one is already at an advanced level.

Move too fast now you will fall impotent, unable to perform. This will leave you frustrated and the ego will have its way with you telling you are not enough, and that will stop you in your motion toward completion and greatness.

Being of the mind of the young student, the attitude of the beginner, will serve you well. In fact it is the only way in which you can proceed and be free of danger. Be as still and calm as the mountain now and allow the coming flow of knowledge that you will find only in humility. The knowledge you need will be like a spring, that with care soon can become the river. In this way, you will fill the gaps in your knowledge, and this will allow you to be carried to a peaceful and joyous success where you will find abundance, love and peace of mind. Go to the teacher you trust and offer alms of respect and gratitude. This may be a person or it may be the inner voice of wisdom reached in the silence of your quiet mind in meditation.

Each of us has unseen teachers who are wise, patient and kind. You are now at the place where you will be able to hear their voices and feel their compassion and love. So the question comes: “What do I do to connect?” The answers are easy: Be patient, compassionate and kind, and each day, be in wonder as the sun rises and sets. When you see the beauty of nature, when you hear the night bird sing, be as a child whose innocence is in awe of all that is new.

When children first hear an airplane flying overhead they stop in amazement. It seems to linger in the sky above. They look up and listen and watch as it makes its way slowly across their field of vision until it is out of sight. As we became accustomed to the sight, we become complacent as other airplanes make their way across our sky, and we hardly notice them. But then a helicopter would fly our way and we were in wonderment again. The pattern would repeat, and complacency would once again take the place of wonder.

Remember all those many years ago when you would watch bees and ants and be fully engaged with no sense of time? Go into that place and shed the cloak of complacency and see the wonder around you now. Share your vision and feelings with those around you, with no fear of embarrassment, shame or judgment.

In our youth it would seem that summer would never come and a year was such a long time. As we become older a year seemed like just a moment, and our youth seemed to have slipped away. It has not: All that has happened is we have become “sophisticated” and complacent, thinking we know sooo much.

Now the benefit is to teach what you know and listen; make way for the new. This is a path to freedom of thought, consciousness and spirituality. This hexagram comes to help us return to that state of the child in wonderment of the new. Be still and learn. Be still and listen, as you then become the mentor and teacher.

Dignity, integrity, compassion and kindness are your allies in the adventure before you. You are coming to know the unknowable, the hidden truth that is deep within you. You are both student and teacher. In accepting this with a child’s enthusiasm and vision, you will remove obstacles that have been blocking your way toward the waiting abundance, love and spirit. You become the innocent.

Come to know the voice of your heart. As you trust the voice of your heart, your inner knowing, your flow will be like the water that flows from the mountain made full by the spring rains.

In complacency you become dulled to the love around you. This causes loneliness and frustration. In your relationship, friendships, projects, career, or in your own inner journey of spiritual evolution, it will be of great benefit to refresh your knowledge and attitudes. You must learn new ways and think in a new way about how things are showing in your life and how things work. Quiet the ego and move into your inner knowing, your intuitive force that never disappoints. Then when you come to the realization that you do not have enough knowledge to proceed, something wonderful will happen: You will become the student again, the beginner who is filled with wondering and wonderment.

Recall what brought you joy and what you did for fun as a child and do it now. Skip down the lane, play with clay, steal a kiss, do finger painting. Whatever it is, reignite your innocence and sense of wonder. If you had trauma as a child around trust or love, accept that it happened, write about it, process it, and let it go. Move into a different pool of conscious activity that is joyous and filled with gratitude.

Discard the old and open to new ways of being and doing. In the process, be patient, kind, and compassionate with yourself and others as you begin learning new patterns. Observe the actions of happy children and bring that back into your life. By following the advice and vision of this hexagram, your frustrations will dissipate and you will feel the exhilaration of youth, no matter what your age.

Love is the result, process and lubricant to keep you in the knowing of your heart, while you let the mind run where it will…listen, let it go and return to the heart.

We are in revolutionary times where the revolution is in spirit and spirit is the companion of love. Feel love, be love and you will return to the knowing of the bubbling well of youthful enthusiasm tempered by a clear and meditative mind.

You are the one you have been waiting for.

Many blessings



I Ching ~ Week of August 25, 2014

SHENG#46         Sheng        Ascending


Above:     Kun           center of the Earth; the yin element supporting all things; responsiveness.

Below:      Sun           root, foundation; subtle penetration, like the wind; small, steady effort.

The Wisdom:

You are in a time of ascension
What you have been working for is on the way
Now simply be present
Be mindful of where you stand

This is your season of harvesting. Your harvest, in this case, consists of the ripe fruits of small and steady efforts. You have been paying attention to all the details, remaining steadfast to the principles of working for the greater good, and until now it seemed as if the fruits of your efforts have been elusive. Try as you know you must, to not have expectations, it is difficult not to have them. You have had expectations, which you have tried your best to quiet, of how your diligence would bring about a desired outcome. In your present situation your expectations are about to be humbled by the good fortune that is coming your way.

This is an excellent time to make the moves you have been holding in check, feeling that either the timing was not right or that those with influence and authority would not be receptive. Leave all worries behind.

It has seemed that in so many ways all the work and waiting have been interminable. But that was only your analytical mind interfering with the universal law of right timing. Patience and quiet nurturing are all that is needed now, whether in your relationship to your own inner self or in your projects, external relationships, and your connection with the Earth herself.

It is happening; no need to push it. What you have desired is coming your way. Don’t ask when—just take a look . . . it is now. Trust and faith is the powerful engine that will propel you forward in your quest for what is right and in harmony with the natural way of being.

.Quiet your heart and mind.
Allow the natural way to unfold.
 Be steady and don’t miss a step;
Progress and prosperity are assured.

All things that you have worked and wished for in life are moving forward, toward yours and the greater good. It is as if you are exactly synchronized with the calendar of your life path. The energies of the Earth and the universe are moving in harmony with you, with your actions and desires. Your intuition is at an extremely high level. Trust it and make your well-considered moves, whether in love, business, or in the care of our planet and all her beings. Bring all together and be the giver of love and life to your tribe, your family and your relationships.

Note well that while you may harvest the bounty that is available to you now, the benefit will be to return this energy in equal measure to the living organism of Gaia to which you are deeply rooted. This is your “family,” which has silently and elegantly supported and nurtured you so that you could get to this point of beneficial harvest. Keep feeding the whole, the oneness of which we are each a part.

Have confidence that you have done your work, that you have correctly nurtured yourself, your relationships, your tribe, or your project to this point. Have faith that your growth is assured if you allow everything to unfold without the judgment or interference of the critical, analytical mind. Refrain from picking things apart and just let the mind relax in its own vast, natural spaciousness.

This hexagram signals that your personal magic could not be at a higher and more powerful point. Your ideas will be well received by those around you. Externally, you will advance in your relationships and your career, and your words will be heard. You are part of a network that is connecting all good things for the benefit of yourself, your tribe, and the world.

Stay steady and remain humble. Meditate and take part in activities that keep you centered and grounded. By adhering to the higher laws, those of compassion, kindness, and integrity, what you will gain will remain, and any doubts about yourself will wash away like dust after a longed-for spring rain.

This week speak to the elements. Listen to the wind as it speaks to you, hear the waters as they nurture and teach you, celebrate fire as it burns away the dross. Taste of the Earth herself as she nurtures all sentient beings, and wear the air on your skin like a royal robe of ritual and celebration.



I Ching ~ Week of August 18, 2014

DA YOU  #14 —  Da You  —  Possession in Great Measure


Above:     Li                    Radiance, Brightness, Fire
Below:     Quin/Gan    Heaven, Energy, Spirit Power 


Patterns of Meaning:

Radiance/Fire:  Brightness that brings clarity and passion.
Energy/Parch: The dynamic act of nourishment and creativity; letting go of the old to incorporate, create, and make use of spirit power.


The Wisdom:

Heavenly forces
Make way for great possessing.
Improvement comes
By yielding to fate.
Fire is strength, and heaven is clarity. This is a most auspicious combination. These elements together indicate that all is moving upward. This is a time of abundance, improvement, and success.Your efforts, along with your intent toward goodness—for yourself, for your associates, for your family and friends, for the Earth—have created the present auspicious state. You may feel that improvement and abundance have yet to manifest in your life; however, this is where you must give yourself permission to take the eagle’s-eye view in examining your current situation and your progress on the path. Magically, from this height, you will see that your pathway has been correct; the abundance you have earned is waiting for you.
Abundance in all things
Awaits you;
Simply look
And calmly lay claim.
You now possess great power to manifest what you desire. Not often do we get a gift of strength like this. You see your situation clearly, and it is good.
The obstacles that once caused you to stumble are removed, and overhead the clouds have parted. Do not overreact. Remain calm, and your vision will become clear and your passion will lead the way to gain whatever it is you put on your cosmic wish list. It may be money, but don’t stop there—that is but a small part of the equation. You can now have clarity of purpose, but only if you remain calm and refrain from getting giddy or greedy as you are moved beyond obstacles to go deeper into spirit and love.To make you aware that the time of abundance is indeed here, you are feeling certain inner stirrings—of passion, happiness, or perhaps just a certain lightness of being. Do not become confused about these stirrings, which seem to come from the center of the Earth or from the place we identify as Heaven. Know that these feelings are a message from Spirit: they are meant to get your attention and are given to you in recognition of good works and proper intent—and also to wake you up.Immediately look to your inner core, to your true self, the one operating outside of greed, pride, or judgment. That is the real you, and it is good. This understanding of your authentic self is now available to you as never before. You are in the radiance of your connection to Spirit, to Gaia, to the great Oneness.
You are given a light
That can shine on all that has decayed.
It is within your power
To restore what has been spoiled.

You have passed through a time of doubt and darkness. Some might call it depression. It wasn’t that; it was you, warming up to get ready for the big breakthrough.During this last period we have passed through, the light of love, abundance, and success has at times seemed like a fleeting memory. You may have felt like you were being teased by the light—just at the very moment you thought you would grasp it, it slipped away—now you see it, now you don’t.Never doubt that the universe has a wicked sense of humor. It is to keep you on your toes and make sure you have the ability to laugh at yourself, the self you often take so bloody seriously.Through your perseverance and good intention, Possession in Great Measure is here and here to stay, if you allow it. Be aware that Da You, while sounding the bell of abundance, also carries a formula for abundance attached to a warning: that to maintain this joyous and abundant pathway you must refrain from arrogance, judgment, and self-delusion.

Recall your what brought you here on your pathway; pretty magical, if you look at it from the right end of the telescope. Appreciate what you have done and who has helped you achieve the necessary clarity to reach for and maintain what is yours. Honor yourself and them—especially those who have sorely tested you. Opportunity abounds now, whether in business, love, your health, or your spiritual development. Be generous in all things, and this time of abundance will continue to circulate through your life.

At this time, the pieces of the puzzle of life have come together to make a beautiful image of the future and your place in it. Obstacles are removed, and darkness and the dark ones are vanquished. This is a time when you have been readied to receive great blessings—in love, business, health, family, and friendships.

Sometimes the ego tells us that what we see is false, an illusory trick of the mind. Do not let fear or doubt allow you to conclude that what is being presented to you is yet another manipulation from the ego to hold you in the bondage of feeling separate. Do not let the ego have its way with you, as that would only prevent you from claiming the abundance and joy that is placed squarely before you. These presentations will not be subtle, either; the light of the universe is shining on them.

Trust and remember to share the wealth that now comes to you, in whatever form it takes, like a warm, fragrant breeze floating on an early summer night. In case you may have forgotten, that breeze is called love, and it is a flow.

Use love to illuminate your path and the path of those who walk with you. In this way, the way of sharing, your love, inner strength, and spirit will increase, and the harmonious circumstances that set things in their present course will be recognized and honored. To keep the current of love flowing through your life, use humility, grace, good manners, and generosity.

When we are positioned well in times such as these we must recognize that we have a responsibility to our family, associates, and tribe of friends. As you feel more secure in your seat of abundance, give of your time and loving energy: to children, to the beneficial ecology of Mother Earth, and to all the living beings that surround us. There is transformative magic in these actions, and you are now the magician. Recognize your role and act on it. In this way, this blessed cycle will repeat again and again in your life.

Shine like the sun at midday. Bring laughter and happiness to those around you. The true message of this hexagram is held in your heart. It is the key to gaining the confidence to magically transform your own life and the lives of those around you. If there is love or a new opportunity on the horizon, it is time to let it in. You are safe and strong and have a clarity that you very likely have never known before. At this time love will grow as never before. Abundance will increase in proportion to your love, and your heart will soar.

Oftentimes we hear the warning to not take things personally. This is not such a time. Take this time, and the joy and abundance that go with it, very personally. It is yours. Sing, laugh, be joyful, and allow yourself to love and be loved, and love yourself. Now is the time to be a cosmic love generator.

Many blessings   



I Ching ~ Week of August 11, 2014

 #12    ~    Pi   ~   Obstruction


Above:     Qian/Gan      heaven, energy, spirit power
Below:      Kun        center of the Earth, responsiveness 

The Wisdom:

Communication is blocked.
Not a time to move forward.
No influence.
Hold to what you know is true.
Be not seduced by sex, money, fame, or power.


You are on your own in the situations you are facing in this coming cycle. You cannot depend on anyone to help you through, so don’t try to press forward. Do not take this time of obstruction personally; it is not anyone’s fault, least of all yours. It just is.This not a bad thing, actually. Remember, there is beneficial energy in all things, even in the energy created by obstruction. You can make this energy of benefit now. The way to do so is to stop. Stay in the flow, but hold back from initiating new projects or having the expectation of completing what is already on the table. Should you attempt to push, you stand a very good chance of being run over by what is opposing you on your path forward. It doesn’t matter if it is a person, a situation in a relationship, or a matter of commerce, in your art, or health. It just is not happening now.Do not try to accomplish anything other than making these moments of stillness useful. This period of stillness and retreat is for you to work on what you have learned and gained. Relationships can be difficult at this point. Be cautious about who you associate with. Your social intercourse should be limited now, so pull back. If you try to engage, you could be met with misunderstanding or even discord, so stay in retreat mode and bide your time.You may have the greater good in mind for yourself, your family, your tribe. At another time you would be received with a welcoming hurrah! That cannot happen now—there is an air of mistrust and discord floating around. It is not that you have done something wrong or acted out of the cosmic order, not at all; it is just that the cosmos and the energies around you are in disorder. Remember, out of chaos arise new forms, so there is nothing you can do but let the dust settle and study, hone your skills, attend to the details, but do not to launch or push for completion.  Be still.

The ego would say that you have done so much work and made so many advances, why not take your gifts out into the world, especially when it looks like all those wonderful things like love, money, or power seem to be right within your grasp. Don’t be fooled; it won’t work that way in the current timing. Instead, make this time of withdrawal pleasant. Eat well, exercise, rest, meditate; do things that feed your inner life.

Look carefully at all offers
That come your way.
Do not act on them or accept.
Contemplate all sides
And wait for the truth to be revealed.


The feeling that progress is obstructed could cause some inner conflict. It takes courage to resist what may look like a treasure being extended to you, especially if you are feeling stuck or hopeless or even slightly confused. Feeling stuck can be debilitating; you are more vulnerable to the manipulations of evil. Evil, in this case, should be considered the temptation to forget your authentic self and drift into ego-based decisions.Pay attention and read the signs and symbols that come to you out of the collective consciousness, the universal mind. The wisdom gained from disengaging and contemplating the archetypes will allow you to detach and come to a more peaceful feeling. From this place, you will then have clarity as to the correct and honorable way to proceed when it is time to do so. That time is not quite now.Consider this an opportunity to still your mind and examine your own behavior and that of those around you, without judgment. By simply observing, you pave the way for the universe to bring you great and surprising teachings that your higher self has been longing for. These teachings will answer such questions as What am I here for? and Which road should I take? The appropriate conduct at this time consists of strengthening your resolve to be the best person you can be. Being morally and ethically strong in times of obstruction will serve you well.

This darkness, which is in the natural order of things, will pass, and you will be left with a clarity that will give you confidence and strength. The decisions you then make and the actions you take will lead to a time of great progress and fulfillment.

Avoid arrogant people or those engaged in a display of authority; keep them out of your energy field—they will soon fall from favor. Say amen.. Truth, beauty, and goodness shall prevail!

One of the best things to do when facing obstacles is to generate merit, by being kind, thoughtful, compassionate, and generous. This takes the focus off of the ego’s demands as you emanate the kind of light that brings clarity and peace, to yourself and to the planet.

In Lak’ech: “You are me and I am you”
Love, peace, and many blessings  



I Ching For The Week of July 28, 2014

#9  Xiao Chu  ~  The Small Accumulating

Above:     Sun                root, foundation, nourishing
Below :    Quin/Ganh     heaven, energy, spirit, power

The Wisdom:

You are entering a time of great potential
Heaven awaits the lightening
Lighting beckons thunder;
You are the thunder

Progress has been good, yet completion is elusive. Frustration will take your power and the goal will slip further away. Be confident, and you will find completion is not your aim. The benefit is to focus on the present moment.

As you proceed on this road less traveled, you inevitably come up against the obstacles of guilt, shame, and judgment. At this moment in time, these obstacles are showing at precisely the right time. Your inner strength, wrought by hard work and suffering is at its zenith and is like a finely honed and sharpened sword. Raise the sword and cut away at the ties that bind you to old patterns and empty relationships, both personally and in commerce. In this moment be the skilled warrior who knows that a sword this sharp is the sword with two edges; on one side it can cut through a lifetime of ill-fated patterns, while on the other side, if you do not come to battle with pure intent, this sword has the potential to slice away at your resolve and leave you powerless, able to go no further.

Your true power now lies in the beauty of graceful, small and well thought-out movements. Proceed slowly and with a well-planned strategy. Meet the obstacle head on; reach inward to reveal your shadow, the self of darkness. Make the darkness useful as you reach in stillness to your authenticity, that of light and dark, yin and yang.

In this life journey, we suppress our dark side, what Jung called the shadow. In this shadow you will find some pretty ugly old stuff: disappointment, guilt, abandonment and shame. It is from this dark, shadowy, potentially troubling unknown that negative patterns and self-doubt arise. Mostly, this shadow side is denied and projected onto others, our partners, friends, and associates, but if we dare, we can know our shadow, and therein lies our liberation from all the fear and the key to activating our intentions. But be fully aware that you are dancing with the dark side and if your intent is not aimed to work for the greater good of all, you will find yourself exposed as you move into the light and you will be derailed as you come into the light. Meet your dark side head on in the full light of your love, acceptance, and compassion, and it crumbles. And in its place is a stronger, lighter you, a more sustainable you, who will be loved and able to receive the love and abundance you have desired.

Operating without being aware of the truth of your dark side is folly. All things contain both light and dark, yin and yang. If you are too sunny, you will not have influence or be trusted. If you allow yourself to operate from negativity, you will allow fear free reign, and what you really want in your heart of hearts will not come to fruition, as you will have been your own worst enemy.

This is not the time to expect perfection. Be the light, but not too light; be dark, but not too dark. Aim for balance without grasping onto outcomes. If reading this makes you smile and shudder at the same time, it is your truth.

Act with small movements, including minimal verbal flourishes; in this way you will hold in place the peace you have wanted and deserved, and you will have success in small measure. This is good enough for now—the power of the small.

Completion is near;
Gather your inner resources;
You will need to reach into the darkness;
What you find there will be very useful;
No blame, no fear.

When nearing a goal of completion there is the tendency to want to rest, to take a break. This is not yet the time; there are a number of small tasks to be addressed at this juncture.

Set ambition aside for now and attend to the small details, so that your path, your vision, will be clear. You will then be able to dip into the subconscious and bring to light the negative beliefs about yourself and the world that have been blocking you. What you find as you delve into the shadow may feel shocking, like a big dark monster; but know that the monster, in reality, is really quite tiny, like a little toy monster; it cannot really harm you or stop you on your path to love, health, and abundance.

Do not reach for a conclusion.
Now is not the time.   
Tie up loose ends,
End what must be ended,
Tend to what must be mended.

Moving forward does not always make for real progress. At times like these, progress will be made by going inward rather than forward, paying attention to the smallest things, things that might not seem to be relevant to your goal for your own and the greater good.

Your mind must be clear of any chaos, doubts, or fears. At this time, hone your skills and make strong your commitment, not to completion, but to living in a better way, in the way of your truth.

Look to your relationships and address the small things that have held you back from loving fully or letting yourself to be loved. Ask for what you know you deserve. This will bring clarity, and you will know what to do.

When it comes to your projects, family, or health, deal with the small matters; vow to remain authentic and have honest, open communication with all those in your life. By dealing with small details, you can remove the obstacles that have blocked your path to wellness, true love, abundance, or spiritual evolution.

Completion is near. These last few steps will only be bridged by cleaning up the things you have left unattended. Clean up your desk, straighten the closets, clean out your car if you have one, balance your accounts, lighten your load. Give some of your “stuff” away, literally and metaphorically. These seemingly small gestures will pave the way toward what you want and deserve.

It seems that taking care of the little details should be the simplest of tasks, yet we often get blocked from doing so. This is where the inner work begins. Take the time to look deeply into your thoughts about yourself; be real about where you doubt yourself in your work, your relationship, and your spiritual practice. Acknowledge what you truly want and deserve.

Now, to attain what you want, you must go inside and clean up the inner recesses of your mind. Look unabashedly at your dark side, and don’t allow shame or guilt to cause you to avert your gaze. We all have a dark side, a shadow self. There are hidden resources and strengths in these recesses of the subconscious. Look at what you are ashamed of and forgive yourself. In this way you will retrieve your authenticity, which has been obscured by the dark. Don’t be afraid—it is nowhere near as bad or dangerous as your ego wants you to think it is.

This is where you are found: wanting to survive, wanting to be fully loved and to be able to love freely, but are blocked. It is only by looking deep into the shadow side, examining what you fear and are ashamed of, that you will find liberation. Then, after   a light is cast on these small, shadowy things still lurking in the hidden recesses, you will to able to joyfully reach your destination of wellness, peace, love, and abundance in proper measure.

Being diligent about your meditation practice or developing one is of great importance now. Don’t be afraid to hold the energy back and give yourself some moments of quietude and inner spaciousness. In this vast place within yourself is a universe of possibilities, where you will again fall in love… with life and your own authenticity. Here you can feel the tribal unity of all struggling beings and you will feel the heart of compassion. Don’t worry, your guardian angels and guides have your back. You are safe. Just do the work. It will make you smile and shine like the sun at midday.

With Love,
I am the other you,


I Ching For The Week of July 21, 2014

da zhuang#34 ~ Da Zhuang ~ Great Power


Above:  Zhen thunder, shaking, excitement, inspiration
Below :  Quin/Gan energy of heaven, spirit power


The Wisdom:

The spirit of the Joyous Dancer has arrived.
It has come to support you
As you enter a cycle
Of strength and correctness.

You are entering a cycle of seriousness that can serve to change you and your world for the better. Notice well that when you speak, you are heard, really heard. Your words flow as if from a fountain that has been still for eons and now flows freely, like the water in a mountain stream, bubbling forth with strength and lyricism. As you hear what you are saying, as if witnessing your own mind, your words have depth and meaning. Your clarity brings pride as you speak from experience.

Your humor is returning, too, and just in time, as you will need it as you enter at the base of the spiral of energy that will carry you upward to the next plateau in your and the planet’s evolution. This spiral of energy leads to that which is greater than great. There will be obstacles on the way up, but you have the energy to dismiss them, as never before, Humor and seeing the irony in the old ways will be the lubricant that smooths the ride. Laugh well and laugh loud, be the seed in the tribe that brings a joyous mood as you join in celebration and gratitude of what you have wrought.

Seek the inner sage as you momentarily pause to fully realize what is happening. With an energetic package, such as you are to receive, comes great responsibility. The ego would take the energy and run with it to take control and change things for its sole benefit, seeing itself as apart or separate and not considering the whole. The benefit will be to defend against the greed of the ego, as your influence over situations and others is more powerful than ever before. Misuse of power is an easy trap into which one can fall, and the veil between negative and positive is very thin. So, it is of utmost importance that you move in correctness, with compassion as your guiding principle. If you ignore the universal laws that uphold integrity, your misuse of power will lead to the destruction of what you have been working for and desiring and will place you outside the walls of the greatness that is meant for you.

In the recent past you have feared revealing the true nature of your relationships and friendships for fear of being disagreed with or dismissed. However, you now have a clear and open channel to your tribe and associates. It will certainly come as a surprise to many as you come out of self-imposed retirement with great clarity and charismatic strength. Your influence will be felt and honored as never before, and you may for a moment ask yourself, Is this really happening? It will be that dynamic and unexpected.

You have been holding back your emotions, creativity and passion because it has not felt safe to express your strength and clarity. You have, in your inner knowing, activated a law of physics that says when energy is contained, upon release it is more powerful, by many times over, than when originally placed in confinement.

Power is a double-edged sword—it can make one careless or even giddy. On the one hand you have the strength gained while in retreat; on the other is the danger of using that influence and strength to overpower people or situations. If you move in this way, misusing influence or power to achieve your own wishes and desires, on your own timetable, without keeping in mind the need for each person to exercise his or her own free will, this will surely lead to loss, isolation, and disappointment.

In this cycle ask for what you want and desire. In business, reach to abundance where you receive your fair share and reach to the heights; as an artist, request the place you wish to show or be heard; in love, move toward what or who you thought was unattainable; in your intimate life, open the door that you had closed to sensual connection that will no longer be fantasy. Free yourself and let your heart be open and correct.

The creative ideas that are coming to you now indicate that you are imbued with the power and strength to hone them into reality. Don’t fear to test drive the ideas and plans that are surfacing with the force of long-pent-up energy released. As you proceed, you will fine-tune these ideas and plans, moving a little here and a little there until you reach your goal, where you will find abundance, acceptance, and a joyous, peaceful heart.

Fear not the thunder.
The great force of nature is wise.
Pay attention to the thunder in your life;
It is your wake-up call.

Thunder in heaven—you are not afraid; you are awake! Now, as you become fully awake, the ego will tempt you to manipulate the situation to your personal advantage just because you can, and indeed you can… the benefit is not to do it, and not allow yourself to even think about it! Correctness and working with and toward the greater good is most prescient at this time—it is the tonality of the Earth’s vibration in these times of massive change and a return to Eden in concept and reality. All who realize this truth will be embraced by spirit. Be awake and conscious of this realization and this time as you have called for it and will be confused no more.

As a cycle ends you are presented with a clear and clean resolve of a glorious beginning. The results are to be your creation, your novel invention of the way you see and activate your part of the plan, the new way of thinking that, with correctness, leads to equanimity and peace of mind.

Nurture the spirit within and be empathetic of your fellow pilgrims who share the path; follow the path of service where love resides. Be of loving heart with kindness and generosity. You arrive now to be the person of medicine who will embrace the sun at midday. In this way you will benefit by making safe the way as all your fellows choose now to embark on the road less traveled. It will be lonely at times; use the all oneness and ruthlessly disembowel old patterns that have done nothing but eat away at your energy and leave you at the mercy of the ego that, once in the driver’s seat, would show no quarter and leave you without an answer to the oft asked: What is my purpose? The answer does not come from a revelatory voice from above; it is already answered and speaks to the solo warrior in concert with the heart and soul. Your heart… and your soul are a reflection of the whole of change at this very real and special moment in the timelessness of time…

I write this during the day without time…

In Love and the light of a new dawn…


I CHING ~ The Week of July 14, 2014

Dun#33 ~ Dun ~ Retiring


Above: Qian/Gan ~ Dynamic forward motion
Below : Gen ~ Stop, still, quiet

The Wisdom:

Go to the mountain;
Honor and hold stillness;
In stillness, without effort
You will be made strong for your return.
It is time to bring the strategy of the great into play.

You have garnered attention by your recent personal and public advancement, this is clear. Normally it would seem that it is time to use this notice as fuel to make an advance. It looks that way… but it is not such a time. Do not fall prey to the temptation of ego to take the good vibes, notice, and acclaim given you by your tribe and community to move further toward your goal of love and abundance. It seems energetically more than possible; it seems to be a no-brainer. But it is not. It is much more complex than that.

It is fine to let it appear that you are holding place and will use the acclaim and notice to advance. Let it look that way, but in reality hold still, at full stop. You need a break, a moment to consider where you have been and how far you have come. It will be a delicate balance to have the appearance that you are moving gracefully forward, all the while you are moving toward retreat.

Leave the stage without a farewell. Don’t be rude, be clever; smile, nod, and be gracious. You have created quite a stir with your actions, growth, and your diligence in keeping an open heart and an open mind. You have in your actions been working on yourself for sure; the key has been that whether you know it or not, this diligence has added to the progress for all, for the greater good.

Here is where strategy is important. There are conflicts just beginning to show themselves. Do not engage; you cannot win those battles right now. You are to go into retreat. Move without your audience, tribe, and associates noticing that you have gone into a quiet stillness and are, in your stillness, gathering your powers and strength. You will come back with such a force and with such great light that all who in the past might have tried to control, obstruct, or manipulate you will be in awe and wonderment as to where this energy blast came from. This will please the spirits and set you in the place necessary to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that appeared just before this necessary retreat. The benefit now is to move into recovery from your great exertions in solitude, into a time of meditative contemplation of what lies ahead. Move to a place known only to you, to your inner self—a peaceful place where the resounding echoes of the divine inner voice of wisdom, fate, and clarity reside.

Covert retreat, on its face, may look feel like it is deception, and you have worked hard not to be deceptive, not to hide your worth and to be seen as the truthful partner and leader. You have done well, but now you must be strategic. Strategy is not deceptive or dishonest; it is a necessary aspect of progress and process. To move forward you will benefit by first moving inward.

Ambition, vanity, ego, and desire would say
You should push forward now,
That you need to make “it” work.
An action such as this will only lead to humiliation and loss.
Quiet the yapping ego and make a dignified, gracious, and unseen retreat.

Just as skill and strength are involved in moving forward toward your goal, there is great strength and subtle skill to be mastered in this called-for retreat. The ego will tell you that with your influence you can “make things right” by engaging and setting the record straight, by meeting conflict head-on. Don’t go there now, it won’t work. You are in a situation in which if you were to do so, your words would not be heard, valued, or respected. See clearly the others involved in your career, business, family, and tribe who are operating from a place of control, doubt, or greed. To attempt to defend against this would-be folly, look to your short-term memory; the attempts to think or maneuver your way around the situation have not, so far, and will not in the future, be effective. Therefore, it is time to retreat.

The mountain shows that it is time to stand still.
Do not engage in battle; let go of desire.
Do not let pride keep you from this vital and proper action.
Calmly retreat and build strength for your reentry.

You will not benefit through confrontation, compromise, or trying to power through the obstacles that were so overtly placed in the road. Instead, take the attitude of the sacred mountain and hold still. This does not mean to do nothing and wait. What the hexagram Dun is teaching is that by making a well-timed and covert retreat you will be able to gather your strength and create a vision that will allow you to formulate a brilliant and well-thought-out plan that you will activate upon your return. Above all, refrain from making the announcement that you are going into retreat.
Keep in mind that in your retreat you will formulate a plan. To all but your trusted confidants of the heart, it will seem like you never went anywhere.

Note well and do not be naïve: there is brewing before you a battle between the dark and the light. Let it play out and do not engage. If you do engage, the dark forces will swallow you and leave you confused, disempowered, weakened, depressed, and angry. Instead, let the drama play out; allow the dragon to eat its own tail.

Don’t wait.
You are on time.
This is the correct time to retreat.
Have a beach day, if not in reality, in spirit.

In retreat you will find purification. You will be able to think more clearly, love more freely, and regain the mantle of confidence and the longed-for feelings of inner peace. Any feelings of impotence will disappear.

Make this retreat joyous. Find new experiences and explore new ideas. Let your eyes and ears find new feasts of delight. Have compassion for yourself and others as you retreat and still your heart. It is here that clarity resides. And when you reemerge, you will be dazzling in your clarity and confidence—a brilliant, shining star.

While you are in your awake state in retreat and stillness, spirit will find you here and bring valued teachings from the masters who have sent their spirit envoys to the Earth plane to assist in the return of the light to our planet. They will come with compassion and great kindness, nurturing the emerging and oh-so-delicate formation of the coming golden age. Harmonize with this alchemical formula of love, kindness, and compassion for your fellow pilgrims. Continue to have this vision for yourself and for all as you contemplate, in retreat, the New Earth that will emerge with the love of Gaia at its forefront.

By joining intentions, all beings become the New Earth tribe. Together we will stand, without fear, in the light to welcome the coming age of simplicity, kindness, compassion, and a firm hand and an open heart.

Hold close and dear the ones you love and who love you. The energetic shift that is in progress is laced with love and compassion.

Consider the numbers of this week, the 14th day of the 7th month of the year 2014… It is a magical time with the numbers of alchemical magic… this magic is at your disposal, if used with grace and dignity.

Sending you big hugs from here on the 20th parallel.

Peace out,


I Ching ~ The Week of July 7, 2014


#50          Ding      The Sacred Vessel

Above:     Li           Radiance
Below :    Sun        The root, the base on which all things rest

The Wisdom:

The cauldron is on the fire
In the cauldron are all your ways and means
Tend this fire carefully
Lest you overcook the brew of transformation

The heat you are feeling is coming from deep in your consciousness. This heat is generated when true initiation is near. And as Ding is called, you are told in no uncertain terms that you have done well and you have a grand opportunity before you. You have the opportunity to make the alchemical mix of love, spirit, and fate into the elixir that, when used judiciously, will guide you to the gates of your solitude where, behind those gates, lies peace of mind, success and abundance in all things.

You have called for this sacred vessel to be placed at your feet. It is here for you to deposit your doubts, fears, and lack of surety to be transformed—cooked, if you will—and be seen for what they truly are, and what they mean in your life, and how their energy can be transformed and made useful.

This boiling brew of transformation is meant to purify your heart. From this place all is possible. You need only to take the risk you have chosen with the understanding that no matter what happens, it is the right action being delivered at precisely the right time. You, having chosen the initiatory path, will open your own vessel to receiving guidance from spirit. This spirit, that you wish to please, will open the crystal prism of your inner wisdom so you may match the frequencies and bring all into harmonious alignment with your authentic self.

All of the finite aspects of your being have been maturing and this maturation is the fuel feeding the fire that heats the Sacred Vessel that magically begets your transformation through initiation. This cycle is bringing an inner knowing and understanding of the vital place that this alchemical journey holds for us, our family, and our tribe.

The brainwashed Western mind gives no credence to the idea that being in harmony with the root and flow of cosmic energies and powers is necessary for advancement spiritually and emotionally. The concept of sacrifice and the acceptance of what is fated is difficult for the Western mind to wrap its head around. But nothing less than sacrifice is what is being called for at this time—you have called it forth from your very essence. Bring up to the front of the line your true warrior spirit and, with a peaceful mind and pure heart, you will be transformed and there will be the understanding of the human in advancement that will, though personal transformation, open the galactic door so all sentient beings can be transformed into the cosmic warriors that will open the doorway to the new golden age, the new earth. And fellow pilgrims in this game of cosmic tag… You’re it. In truth you always were it, but because of the mask you were cajoled by society into wearing, you didn’t know it. Now you do.

Ding, the sacred vessel, is bringing fate to the forefront of your consciousness. Societal programming caused its members to look at fate as a negative, as a limitation, as “less than.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Your fate—your path and purpose—is what is to be revealed to you through this act of ritual sacrifice. This initiation will lead to renewal, to a new way of being, and of being seen. Your life becomes your art, and you are appreciated in a new and very real way. It may well be through your creative, artistic expression that you are seen, or as a leader in your community, family or tribe.

Harmony with the cosmos, a big and important concept, is, in its essence, the simplest and least effortful way of all. Begin by making a change in your concept of the way you live and conceive each day. Go joyfully into harmony with nature, with Gaia, and be a blessed part in fulfilling the needs of the planet and society. Become aware of, and be fully present in, the flow of your tribe, family and personal relationships. Do not isolate at this time. You need to see and to be seen, to reflect and be a mirror for others in your tribe who are with you, knowingly or not, in this great transformative process on earth. You will surely have to sacrifice old patterns of limitation and control, patterns of insisting that you are right and others are wrong. You must dissolve your ties to relationships that have become burdens, which have kept you from your truth. Through these actions you will become inspired and become an inspiration to others. You will be a light of hope for others to see and to feel.

Ding is calling you to examine your thoughts, and the clever ways you unconsciously manipulate your own thinking process, and the thinking of those around you. To follow this call, explore where your ego has taken control. Investigate whether you have accepted certain harsh, dogmatic beliefs, or behavior as the norm, whether in your relationships, business, your craft, or in the world at large. Look carefully to see if you are harboring stale, hidebound ideas about how those in friendship or relationship with you should behave. You must then sacrifice to Ding, the cauldron of initiation, your critical, judgmental views, which you have defended in order to maintain the illusion of your superiority and control.

Thoughts are much more powerful
Than spoken words.
Diligently correct your thoughts;
The result is supreme success
And harmony with the cosmos.

Now is the time for you to prepare for personal transformation while the earth and our society is in evolution into a new Golden Age. The two must be in harmony if you are to survive these momentous times. The possibilities of a new cycle of growth and change are presenting themselves, and you have invited this change—WE have invited this change, collectively. Ding is the answer to our call. Your beautifully fated future and the joyous Now is in your hands, not in the voice of the critical ego that relishes in feeding off the status quo and keeping you in the narrow hallway where new thoughts, feelings, and ideas cannot find you.

As you travel your path of life, you will encounter real-life gatekeepers to keep you from your solace and inner truth—creatures like the mythological Cerberus, the three-headed hound of the underworld; or the sometimes rascally Pan, or the call of the siren of beauty or various and sundry ogres that can shape-shift in an instant to frighten you and stop you in your tracks. Be prepared, because when you make the commitment to clear the path to health, love, abundance, and a deepening of spirit, have no doubt these gatekeepers will show up and try every trick they know to scare you into submission. Don’t be fooled. Know that in your fate lie bravery and the heart of the heroine and of the hero… that is you. This is all part and parcel of the alchemy brewing in the caldron where you and Spirit are, in concert, cooking up the brew that will take you to the doorstep of your dreams and desires.These ogres and obstacles can come in the form of real, very real, people who have gained power over you and who do not, for their own survival or ego trip, want to let you go; or they may come in the form of a familiar old depression, or free-floating anxiety laced with doubt and fear. Ding tells you it is your job to recognize these things as gatekeepers; you must face them, and not run away from them. Use the tools of your inner truth that have been presented to you as you have walked your walk, to confront these obstacles to your serenity and inner truth. Look at your fears and hear your ego’s voice trying to fill you with doubts, then, by knowing your goal of peace and harmony, push on and leave those things in the dust.To move past the gatekeepers, you must find a balance within your body, mind, and spirit. Your power will come from moving with grace and integrity, compassion and kindness. Walk in nature, plant a garden, learn something new, and go deeper into your spiritual practice. Meditate, laugh, and play with the rainbow children who are all around us now as we make this Earth shift through our collective human will. Create fun and loving ceremony that honors the spirit, and come together with friends in celebration. These are the gifts that pave the way for initiation.You can, with courage and through your own personal process, move into new realms, where you release all personal limitations into the unlimited, vast oneness. Taking this journey with all the bravery you can muster will lead to true love, enhanced knowledge, abundance, and the sense that you can once again fall in love with your true, authentic self.

Your cosmic connection and initiation into a new way—a happier, more confident way of being—is at hand. Correcting your thought patterns is of utmost importance in making this transformation. Holding onto judgments, grudges, or anger will only give strength to the critic, the aspect of the ego that wants to take control and keep you on the stale, unsatisfying path of the past. By making your offerings and sacrifices, you will be directed, easily, to the road less traveled, where all is fresh and new. You will be lighter, stand taller, and feel the breath of life’s fresh air.

Be love, hold a light in your heart as you give, and most importantly, learn to receive the gifts that are around you every moment of every day…and…be love.

Many Blessings… In Lak’ech



I Ching ~ Week of June 30, 2014


#30  ~  Li  ~ Radiance; Omens Shine Bright


Above:   Li   Glowing light, the power of consciousness
Below :  Li   Glowing light, the power of consciousness 

The Wisdom:

Lights burn bright all around you
You are illuminated
Words are without value
The voice of the heart is heard and is gentle

We exist between lighting and thunder. You are illuminated by the light  and woken up by the thunder. There is no foundation familiar that you have counted on in the past to make you feel safe.   There is no way you could have planned for a change like this that is nothing less than transformation. The timing of this present situation where heart meets soul is so dynamic and clear that the hope you had lost has returned and stands before you and opens to the heart of the matter. The lingering doubts are lies that the ego is throwing at you like poison darts, but they have no effect. You have become tempered by the suffering and are able to quell the fears with the antidote of risk. Risk will set you free. You are returning to the knowing of why you have incarnated at this moment in time and an aspect of your life’s purpose is being revealed.


You are now in the sacred geometry of the grand alchemical design.Your are now in the process of your own sacred mission in your tribe, community and in all your relationships…..there is great power to be had to effect change for the better and greater good starting with you.. It is on this personal journey where love and abundance arrive on time so you can serve your and the greater good of Gaia and all sentient beings.

You have been met by spirit, have no doubt, and it has ignited a fire in the heart. You have been close to this awakening before, but the circumstances were not fortuitous, they were dangerous. You flirted with the danger and were burned and then hid your trust and your true heart from view. This time the bridge to what you thought was safety, is burning and you can feel the heat. If you try to turn back you may get to an aspect of freedoam, but you will be scarred at the very place you want liberation, the place of love and your true purpose.This present time is an omen shining so bright you are illuminated and seen, finally seen. You are feeling the power of love of self, which opens to the knowing of your purpose and will open to your allowing yourself to be loved.  You need no special gifts to see yourself in the light of truth because your light, Li, is doubled at this time. You can see and feel everything clearly now. Trust what you see and trust what you feel, it is real. Affirm that you will destroy old, negative patterns, and when you do they will no longer have any power over you. You will be released to revel in a new freedom of thought, feeling, spirit, and loving light.You have worked and worried hard on this last leg of the journey. Now use every tool you have gained and held in your virtual and very real medicine bag, the place where you keep your power totems. Using these tools of spirit, examine your habitual, patterned behavior and change your way of thinking. Change the words from the past playing in your head, the words that stopped you from loving and from being loved. Convert the negative to the positive; this is the gift of the human process. You are in the mode of learning to receive, learning that receiving does not hurt, it inspires. Embrace and rededicate what works, but destroy and burn what doesn’t, and be ruthless about it.

You are moving into the space of making the alchemical mix of true love and your true purpose. Once it is found and recognized, it will need tending, like the fire in your belly and heart. What will allow you to cultivate this loving light are diligence, dignity, kindness, grace, honesty, fearlessness, and compassion.

Integrity and compassion will open the doorway to trust, to accepting your greatness and strength. Using the proper fuel will allow you to create a fire that can spread clarity to your tribe and family who also yearn for the light. Be assured that you are the one—and at this time the only one—who can deliver this light in all its fullness. By increasing the light by using the proper fuels, the intensity of the flames cause no damage; it becomes a healing light, the light of love, creativity, health, and passion.

You will find that along with old ways and preprogrammed behaviors you will be leaving the worn-out and painful alliances of family, friends, and associates, breaking the unsaid contracts that have bound you to old ways, the ways that did not leave room for you to remember your truth. You will again find the beauty of what was etched in the original canvas of your heart, the memory of who you truly are and for what purpose you came to Earth at this time. Joyous spirit now just needs an invitation to dance, not an insistence but a graceful poetic invitation. Your spirit companions have been waiting just off stage for you to make the move…now make it, shake loose the fear for there can be no failure in this dance, all you have to do is….do it. You will not dance alone.

The feeling that is stirring within you is the power that allows you to remember who you truly are in all your magnificence as you step out from behind the veils in your glorious garb of light for all to see. You are at last safe! Enjoy the ride and bring a friend, a child, a lover. Recognize the loving beings of spirit that have been standing with you, waiting for you to step forward into the light of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Have no fear—he, she or the offer at hand is an omen, a good omen. The image of a clinging fire is represented in the original ideograms that comprise Li. It is a fire that clings to the heart and makes way for the new as it burns away old doubts, beliefs, and patterns that have kept you in bondage for a lifetime. Beliefs formed in childhood and ingrained societal patterns are the fuel for the fire that illuminates the jewels of life that have been shadowed by doubt and shame.

All is in the right place at the right time…. look with a discerning eye at where you sit or stand. This is the right place.

The unexpected is here, bringing together what belongs together.

Give it all of your heart, body, and soul.

Be the love you desire and that you will receive. This is the magical inner alchemy you have been preparing for.

In lak’ech


I Ching For The Week of June 18, 2014

Gu#18 — Gu — decay/corruption/repair

Above: Gen quiet mountain; unshakable, steady, firm, and still

Below : Sun root; standing on a firm platform to achieve a slow and nourishing penetration into the heart of the matter.

The Wisdom:

There is one thing you can count on: all things change.
The root of the situation is breaking down.
This is in the natural order;
No blame, no fear, don’t try to stop it or slow it down.

In the past, when you have been confronted with situations that are falling apart and not working, you have called on tried and true methods to make repairs and clear the way. The old ways are no longer working, as times, energy, and world intent have drastically changed—and this is just the beginning

Dangerous times such as these bring opportunity for creative transformation. Take a look at the foundation of your creations. Examine your health, business, relationships, and state of mind to see if there is some hidden decay beginning to eat away at what you have built and worked so hard for. You are bound to find corruption at the foundation of your ways of thinking that must be repaired and renewed. If you do not see it or find it, you are either not looking hard enough or looking in the wrong places.

As you enter into the internal archeology of the heart and soul, you are getting the feeling of being thwarted in your movement forward and this is causing angst and fear to arise. The churning in the belly, or what you smell and feel burning like acid at the back of your throat is fear. This overpowering sense that is waking you in the night, or distracting you in your daily toil is a signal that you must call on all your resources to access those hidden recesses where there is decay or weakness in your matrix, so you can make a plan of reconstruction, change your ways of thinking and interacting with others, and embrace your fears until they turn into light. You are a light being, a spiritual warrior, now act like one.

Having a plan is vital now. In the original text of the oracle, the Yi Jing, the ideograms for this hexagram indicate to “wait three days” before you make any move to repair the decaying components. The reference to “three days” means a period of contemplation, meditation, and concentration. This is good advice as the weirdness of what is going on is not like any other time. Normally when we spot something that is out of order, our first thought is to move immediately to fix it. In this situation, however, that would not be of benefit as things are not normal. They are, in fact, strange, very strange. If you move too quickly, you will glide over the fine points that need attention, or you may, in your hurry to get out of the discomfort of disrepair, totally miss seeing the actual, true root of the corruption, as it may be masked by pain and suffering. It may be an idea has been corrupted, or it may be that a person involved in your plan has been corrupted by greed or infatuation, or it may be you. Whatever the case, you are called upon to move without fear as the spiritual warrior into the heart of the matter and thoroughly look to your own actions to see that you are not being spurred on by fear, avarice, or greed.

Note well that three days is a brilliant metaphor for slowing down, going into contemplation, and being mindful. In actuality you can do this in just one session of stillness. The important thing is to not jump in too fast. Take your time and open your heart. When you find an aspect of your situation that brings up fear or shame, then you’ve hit on it—this is exactly where you need to address the present breakdown of your very foundation and beliefs. Now go into it heart first. It may mean a change of approach or way of thinking. It may mean rooting out people or situations that are not in harmony with the true you at this time. This is the action that brings change for the better, which places you right where you need to be to work for your own clarity, and for progress in your relationships with tribe and associates.

Everything that manifests as reality begins as a thought form—everything. And we are suffering and living under a very screwed-up view of what reality really is. So in a very real sense you are what you think: Change your way of thinking. This is a time of great opportunity. If you miss this train it will not serve you well; it could, in fact, destroy what you hold close as your wisdom and truth. Do not fear admitting that you totally bought into the global lie; this isn’t about beating yourself up. To the contrary, you have only to admit this to yourself, and then take action to correct your habitual, programmed thinking. No worries about timing; you are right on time.

Be unrelentingly honest with yourself about your recent behavior and ways of thinking. Look at the problems of the past and how your patterned thoughts (and those of the collective tortured reality), stale and childish bad habits, and fear of being your authentic self have held you back and have placed a burden on others and made them miserable. No blame, you can change it up now. You have a window of opportunity now to recognize these negative attitudes, actions, and beliefs and replace them with the truth you are channeling and believe it. Timing and consideration are of utmost importance, as this cycle will soon end and a new one will begin. So, start now.

Look into the past
And examine what has
Led to this period of dissolution.
Liberate negative emotions by acknowledging them.
The words you think are much more powerful then the words you say.

A great and joyous transformation awaits you on your path. Do not let what lies ahead daunt you or cause you to stop because of fear of failure or fear of success. Look evil in the face and raise a swift metaphoric or real kick to the groin.

To make your foundation strong and steady at this important juncture, look to what led you here. From this vantage point you can see clearly where you diverted from the path of authenticity and truth. Then, apply the antidote. And yes, you have it. The greatest curative is an open heart, where your thoughts have no judgment or blame, of either self or others. And when those little devils appear and appear, as they must at a time like this, recognize them, take a deep breath, and then do a ritual to let them go, using focused intent and the power of creative ceremony. Will them away. Your will and intent for the greater good will roll over any negative person, thought form, organized urban terrorists or the obstacles that society places in front of you to suck the fight out of you with its promise for greatness without work, riches that come easy or love that is too good to be true. And when you take the risk to do this, you will be free to give and receive love in grand measures as you proceed on your path toward bliss, accomplishment, and abundance in all things.

And know this: You do not have to come to a full stop in your life to accomplish the tasks before you. Proceed with your work and take time to have fun. Make time for finding yourself in joy. Dance with life and dance with love, as the full galactic universe is playing the tune, and all you have to do is shut up and listen and act on what you hear, see, and feel. Fellow pilgrims, we spiritual warriors are coming home. We are the Warrior Generation. Breathe it, feel it and be it…and the “it” of which I speak and write is Love.





I Ching ~ Week of June 9, 2014

#3          Zhun      Sprouting      

Above:   KAN       Precipice, Danger

               Below :  ZHEN      Arouse, excite, inspire                      

The Wisdom:

The beginning of a new cycle has arrived.
It wears no disguise.
It is real, tender, delicate and vulnerable.
A seed that was conceived and planted by your care and creativity in your life plan has been lying fallow and you have been waiting to see if agreements will be make to make this seed come to flower. You need wait no longer, the seed is pushing its way through the hard earth moving obstacles aside and is reaching the light of the sun. With this new beginning of a project that came about because of your belief in yourself comes excitement laced with the struggle to leave judgment and what is perceived as conventional behind.. Like many new ventures the way forward is not showing in clarity, which is proper at this moment in time. It is now for you to feel it. It is this lack of clear vision that is causing some confusion as to how to move forward and what or who to let go of and decide what will stay to be nurtured and protected in this cycle of new growth. Do not let your fears and doubts take you off track. Muster all your energies and call on your hidden strengths, they are there and will be accessed through using and trusting your intuition, the true voice of your heart and soul.
There has been a confluence of energies that has caused the situation to show in early growth. Your hopes, skills and desires have joined together to awaken and bring to life this new growth cycle. Protect this delicate and vulnerable beginning by gathering your strength through a rigid examination of the truth. This new cycle has begun because of your past hard work and your having, knowingly or not, let go of expectations.
That is the magic of creation; no expectations. Therefore you did not cloud your vision by projecting a future outcome. This is what has supplied the fertile field for this seed of an idea, process or relationship to open to new growth.As you gather your forces look deep into the areas of your being where you are most self-confident. From this point of view you can tap into the voice of your inner wisdom; your intuition.Intuition is a gateway to the divine. In trusting this voice you are open to receiving Universal guidance. You can call this source what you will. You can identify the voice as a guide, a teacher or angels; whatever name you give it, it is here for you now, to tune in and to listen. If you feel confused, gather your courage, dip into your inner sage or reach out to a wise person in your tribe to assist in sorting out the messages.  Once you make the approach, be dignified and respectful: listen and act on what you hear and what your heart knows as your truth.
Thunder and rain
Are coming simultaneously.
It is loud and difficult to hear;
Listen to the thunder
And seek shelter from the rain.
With new growth come unfamiliar risks. Mate your courage and your intuition. Pause for a moment of reflection and then make your move. Many things are in disarray around you. Friendships, relationships and the inner workings of your community and tribe are all trying to find their balancing point. Let them be and do not try to fix anything; you have new growth to attend to.
While digging deep into your intuitive self, these situations will reconcile without your interference. In fact, were you to step away from this new growth to deal with the confusion, you would keep these situations from finding their natural order and this new cycle, that brings with it the potential of strength and abundance, would diminish and likely disappear.Stand your ground now, make your movements with confidence and kindness. There will surely be obstacles showing on your path, but these are temporary, like a thunderstorm: it comes, shakes the earth, and then goes, leaving moist, fertile ground that has been prepared to birth the new.In humility, see your place between earth and heaven and realize that with this cycle comes the nourishment of your inner being and a long awaited evolution of spirit and self. Align with the greater good for all, including yourself, and the way will be made clear and imbued with a great and deep breadth of knowledge.
You are experiencing the birth of something new, however difficult and dangerous a birth it may be, it is the birth of a new perspective and a new way of thinking that will allow you to persevere and succeed. Perseverance in facing the coming storm of activity will deliver abundance and joy, which will lead to a brilliant completion.In business, find the gifted helpers to work with and advise you. In your personal relationships communicate openly and with a fresh approach to the truth you see and feel. Open your eyes to the love that stands before you that is without agenda or guile Leave denial and doubt by the wayside and freely take council with trusted friends or teachers, listen to what your heart is saying. In this way you are protecting the vulnerability of this new way, this new plan, with understanding gained from experiencing your own vulnerability.  This will lead you to the delicate path within where love resides.

You are certain to find some struggle with this juxtaposition of major forces in your life, this struggle comes with the meeting of the light and dark forces. The forces of light will open you to a loving sense of self, while the dark forces will use the ego to attempt to take you off this path of evolution. This is an important phase in the grand scheme of things.

Hold to the truth that comes from your inner knowing. This is your intuition, which is your connection to Universal truth. It is this truth that will carry you to a higher level of knowledge, insight and success. The problems and obstacles you are encountering will be brief. Let them run their course, and then make your move.

This time may well be felt as a great inner passage and it is, it will require diligence and patience, patience with yourself; what comes easily usually doesn’t last. Your magic will be found in your ability to make a relationship with the difficulties and disassemble them from the inside out.  In this way what has sprouted will grow and bring with it maturity in emotions, relationship and spirit. Your trust in your intuition is made stronger by taking action on what you feel and hear. This cycle is here to bring healing to you, your family and tribe.   By your taking action it will be felt and activated and you will join with like souls around the earth and bring harmony and peace to our entire non-geographical tribe as we prepare the way for a new golden age of peace and prosperity for all.

Many Blessings

In La’Kesh.


I Ching For The Week of June 2, 2014

Image#22   —     Bi   —    Adorning       

Above :  Gen   bound, quiet, mountain
Below :  Li       radiance, brightness, fire                       


The Wisdom:

Fire adorns the mountain.
Like a necklace of light
The greater good is quietly revealed.
Success is achieved without litigation.
The image is of a magnificent mountain in the early morning, quiet and unmoving, lit by a brilliant sunrise by which everything is seen with utter clarity.It is time for quietude, so that you may realize and accept that you are in a state of grace.This is not a time to attempt to press forward in your situation or affairs—not yet, anyway. It is rather a time to quietly let your influence be felt. Not heard, not seen, but felt. You have not come to this moment of grace to put form to your future or to enhance the value of your efforts. You are to walk with grace and dignity.These are precious times that do not come often in one’s life. With renewed clarity you are seeing the highest good, for yourself and others. This is a high mark, one hard to achieve and maintain, so make no great decisions or commitments from this lofty perspective. Make your only commitment be to love and to let yourself be loved. Just be fully present with no fear and no judgment, and with this momentarily enhanced view, let things take their own form and fall their own way. You have nothing to do other than to be the quiet witness, the compassionate observer.
You are the mountain and you are still.
It is your symbol for this moment.
The mountain attempts to change nothing,
Yet its form and strength of presence
Changes all without effort.
Grace may seem like a small thing, yet in its smallness it is greater than great. As you travel through life’s ups and downs, consider the importance of proper behavior. Good manners, ones that consider our fellows on Earth, set the tone for how the world as a whole will be and how you will be in it. Your life is your creation.You are given this time of grace to allow the fire you feel at the base of the mountain, in your belly, to burn away all that is not true and that does not serve your highest good.In this moment you are presented with moving out of fear and allowing yourself to let go of judgmental thoughts and seeing the negative side of life. You are now adorned with a mantle of grace, and in this moment you have the ability to go inside, into the beauty of spirit, to grow emotionally and spiritually. It is all there for the taking, just allow yourself the quiet stillness and you will see and feel it.This is now an era of great planetary change, perhaps the greatest change the Earth has ever experienced. We are moving into a time where the benefit will be to adjust your actions and your thinking by living and acting in a radically different manner and in a way that is accepting of peace and of love that will be led by a fierceness of being when necessary. This is the passion for life and for living in a way that feeds the spirit and the soul.The message we so often hear at this time is that we must make these changes now so that our children and our children’s children will have a bountiful Earth on which to live. While there is great truth in this message concerning the future, it is of utmost importance that we focus on the present, for it is the present that is in need of our grace, compassion, and kindness. We can and must use moments of clarity that are being offered to us now to adjust ourselves—adjusting our attitude and behavior, adorning it with love for Gaia and with compassion and kindness for all those with whom we share this time and space. As we make this earth a better place, a paradise for us now, future generations will inherit not only the glorious outcome, they will inherit the knowledge of honoring and caring for what has been gifted to them by you, the warrior generation that is ushering in the new golden age on earth.

The benefit now is to fully embrace the truth that we share every day on Earth with everybody and everything else here—no boundaries of states or countries, or species. We are at the tipping point. If we do not accept that we are all indeed of one great tribe that needs one another and feels one another, then we are destined to experience more war, fear, hunger, crime, greed, poverty, and annihilation of what we hold dear: Gaia, that is our mother.

This sacred cycle of adornment and grace is a psychedelic opportunity to experience the clarity to see through to the truth of the unity of all beings, and in so doing to act with grace, good manners, kindness, dignity and compassion.

This week take some moments of absolute stillness and you will see the beauty in this gift of grace you are offered. You have worked hard for it. It is a reward and a surprise—an unexpected gift, which is the best kind.

Adorn yourself not with fancy clothes, designer this or that and expensive accouterments. Not that these things are intrinsically bad—they’re not, but now is not the appropriate time. Now is the time to adorn oneself with the jewels of humility, grace, dignity, and compassion.

You can dance in the shadows no longer… now, reveal yourself and dance in the light of love.

Much love and many blessings