The I Ching Weekly for September 25, 2017

There are extraordinary energies being delivered into many aspects of life on earth   now. Be still and bring your attention to this burgeoning cycle of growth, rejuvenation, increase, development, and gain. The fuel to deliver the increase to you and your tribe of fellows is acceptance. And in your personal acceptance know that you deserve this time of augmentation.  […]

Source: The I Ching Weekly for September 25, 2017

I CHING ~ The Week of October 6, 2014

Guai (Deciding/Parting)

Above:    Dui             Responsive, free, penetration
Below:    Qian/Gan    Enduring Spirit power

The Wisdom:

No compromise.
As you part from the past
You are in a time of creative transformation.


Your struggle against negativity is ending, and you and your projects are now favored. Resist the temptation to take the path of retribution to what or who has been getting in the way of completion or joy, all the while remembering that teachers come in strange disguises, shapes, and forms. Though it may feel satisfying in the short term to strike out with words or actions against who or what has been holding back your progress, know that what you do now and how you behave is setting the pattern for your personal and our collective future. If you were to respond with spite or negativity, this would reinforce an energetic pattern that would once again make you vulnerable to the very same kind of darkness you are defeating.The decision to part from the past must be resolute, with no doubts and no compromise. If there are a few bad cells left behind after a cancer has been excised, the cancer will come back and grow with the vengeance of a defeated enemy that has found strength in retreat.This is the time to speak from your heart to your tribe and loved ones, letting them know in no uncertain terms that you have decided that you will no longer allow any obstacles to block the way toward the greater good—for you, for the ones you care for and love, and for all of us. It is truly a don’t f— with me time. Take the role of service to this ideal as a Samurai warrior defending his or her enlightened master; in this case the master is you, your beloveds, and your tribe. State your intention and then calmly and dispassionately act on it. By speaking out, you will be garnering strength from the universe and from Spirit. By speaking your truth, the laws of attraction say you will become the attractor. Spirit will be pleased at your resoluteness in this situation, and this signaling will bring immense, clarifying energy to you.


Speak and demonstrate in your relationships that you have decided to overcome all obstacles that do not allow love and harmony to flourish. With the intention to love with an open heart, you will find great strength; this will allow you to, at last, love and be loved without the restrictions of ego, judgment or jealousy. This will also eviscerate any notions that you are not good enough or deserving of the love you envision and deserve. With calmness and clear direction, make your plans and execute them. That is what is called for now by the arrival of this hexagram.

These surely are powerful times. Within the present galactic shift to higher frequencies that we are collectively experiencing, all ideas, movements, and philosophies are intensified. With these highly tuned frequencies of the planetary alignment that are accessible to all, you can accomplish incredibly powerful and beautiful things by moving without fear or doubt toward positivity. We have been waiting for this moment and it has arrived, just in the nick of time, to be used by us to achieve momentous goals as we join with one another in community for the greater planetary good.

If, in this time shift, if you were to act from ego and attempt to use this energy blast to assume control or to change or bring injustice to another, you would do great harm—harm to yourself for sure, but you would also do harm to the delicate flowering of a new age that is opening before us. We are moving toward a golden age of the highest and brightest potential humans have ever known. Our individual thoughts and actions are now magnified and reverberate throughout the global cosmic matrix* that has been activated by the recent galactic shift.

You can dance in the dark no longer, nor can you form secret pacts with yourself or others to promote or be of service to greed or personal gain. If you do make a decision or choice in this direction, it will backfire on you, and all that you have manifested thus far will be tainted and toxic; you will be made powerless and go into a deep, dark depression. At this time, negative actions will reverberate through a lifetime—this lifetime and future ones; that is how powerful these times and these energies are. So be cautious and stay awake!

With this breakthrough, you now have renewed strength and a window of opportunity to set things straight, whether in business, love, or on your personal path of spiritual evolution. The way you handle this arriving success and the abundance it brings will set the tone for the future. This is a time to express your resolve and manifest your greatest strength, which is your compassion, kindness, and generosity.

Stand firm now and act decisively; you have the strength to make battles short and focused. Keep your emotions out of it. Know that any retribution will weaken you and rob you of your ability to enjoy and sustain your success. Stay out of others’ business and don’t fall to the level of gossip or disrespect in your triumphs. Do not disparage your opponents in their defeat. Forgive them; they know not what they do. And fully and most importantly, forgive yourself for any part you may have played in the negative actions of the past. In this way you truly leave the past behind.

Be dignified and compassionate as you do the work to leave old, negative habits and patterns behind. It is with these actions that you will rise to new heights of self-love and self-respect. From that pinnacle you will find and attract love and abundance in ways you have desired and have previously held only in your imagination. This is a time of creative transformation, and with intention from your loving heart you will manifest in calmness and with grace. In this way your transformation will, in itself, be without effort. Cool, eh?

Regarding your business and personal relationships, in this coming golden age there are wondrous opportunities that will be coming your way. In your inner journey, what has been holding you back emotionally has been weakened through your diligent work, as, through some fear and trepidation, you have brought your own shadow self into the light. These openings, this breakthrough, is bringing with it great strength to defeat the inner monsters of self-judgment and loathing that have previously held you back.

Take note that Guai comes with a caveat: even in times of enlightenment, darkness, in the form of the ego’s desires, hides just around the corner to tempt you; don’t go for it! As you move forward, do not compromise your beliefs. This would disempower you on your journey toward the resurrection and building of your dreams and plans that previously may have hit a wall of obstruction.

Your intuitive forces are now in their most available light and can be accessed and trusted, as it is you and only you that can bring about the global change we are all envisioning. Speak openly of a new paradigm. Take these coming days to celebrate life and the shift of the ages that is happening now. See it as your personal magic carpet, which will take you to the heights of love, accomplishment, service to others, and shared abundance. Do consider service now—find joy in serving others with whatever you have at hand. In this way you can lift your tribe up into the light you are seeing and feeling now. By empowering others, you are, with pure intention, empowering yourself.

Be of love these days. Smile to others at work, in your community, in class, on the street, as you drive past them on life’s highway. Corny as it may sound, it is the highway of love, this life. We just need to check our ego at the door, clear the way for others, and let it be.

Peace and blessings,