Tarot Readings



Tarot is a wonderful divination tool to utilize and gain insight into the direction of your life journey. How often have you wondered what your next step should be? Whether seeking answers to practical matters, or guidance through spiritual issues, your questions will find answers unique to you within the portals of Book T.

My method is a combination of Tarot with Theurgy correspondences because there is more to the mystical representations of the cards than can be seen as they present. There is a story … your story … to be unveiled as the cards take their place in the layout. My reading can gain you insight along with specific actions to take in the near future.

I am a Professional Metaphysician and Life Coach. My experience and deeper knowledge will benefit your personal examination of life issues related to daily stress, anxiety, and other walls we must overcome to achieve Awareness.


Each email or audio/video call Tarot Reading will include:

  • A PDF that includes a photo of your Tarot spread.
  • Full descriptions of each card as well as how that changes with the place they are in the spread.
  • Deeper insight into the relationship of the cards in the layout specific to this spread.
  • Action you can take with your new knowledge.

I specialize in divinatory kaballistic tarot card readings. Kindly direct your initial specific inquiry via email at ahlhalau@gmail.com to enter the gates of mystery and discover the insights awaiting you! I offer readings by email in a nice professional PDF format that includes a photo of your spread (e.g., below).

E ku i ka mana kakou ~  The Halau is In Service to YOU, Our Community.


How To Book A Tarot Reading Appointment: (1) Register with (2) Payment

Please submit your divination question below using the request form, below.  In exchange and upon receipt of your ho’okupu, I will perform your reading, prepare and email back my results to you.  Or, we can do a reading via telephone call or video call. We are always grateful for your faith and trust in the services we provide.

Please be sure to add your birthdate and your full name, since that information makes my reading more precise. Otherwise, email me your information via the form, below.


Tarot Reading – Short (3-card)

A useful drawing where your inquiry is of a limited one-question scope. Multiple readings require multiple pre-payments before a reading will be rendered.


Tarot Reading – Full (11-card)

A wonderfully in-depth alchemical message that touches every aspect of your life at the moment of inquiry, and offers ways to choose your next moves wisely. Effective 3-4 month broadcast.


Mahalo mai e Aloha Ke Akua!

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