Lāʻau Lāpaʻau | Raspberry, Herb of the Year and Herb of the Month: History and Lore

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™™™HOM Brambles

By Pat Greathead

Raspberry, Rubus spp., is the International Herb Association’s Herb of the YearTM for 2020 and The Herb Society of America’s Herb of the Month for January (Brambles). The genus Rubus includes both the red and black raspberry and the blackberry as well as almost 700 other species. Rubus is in the Rosacea family.

My Wisconsin Unit of The Herb Society each year examines the IHA Herb of the Year.TM In this blog post, I have mainly focused on red raspberry leaf and have used information from many websites in writing this article. I hope you enjoy reading it as this is the year of the raspberry!

Raspberry leaves are among the most pleasant tasting of all the herbal remedies, with a taste much like black tea, without the caffeine. Raspberries are native to Asia and arrived in North America via prehistoric people, with the…

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La’au Lapa’au | Move Over Kale, Jalapenos Are the Health Food You Never Knew About 

If you can handle the taste of jalapenos, you can consider yourself lucky, as they are apparently a real superfood. The active ingredient in these little green peppers, capsaicin, is the power you need to fight off numerous health issues. Capsaicin is the same ingredient used in personal defense pepper spray, and it turns out […]

Source: Move Over Kale, Jalapenos Are the Health Food You Never Knew About – Healthy Food House

Extremely Powerful Morning Mantra to Start the Day | 432Hz | Om Shri Anantaha (1 hr.)

Om Shri Anantaha | Narayana | Is very powerful mantra to Start your mornings with. Make it a habit to Chant this every morning, Add this small thing in your routine. To start with You can play this track and over the time you can memorize the mantra and chant on your own. And you will feel the difference in your energy levels and attitude.

Another great way is to Chant this Mantra 3 times when starting the meditation. It invokes all 7 energy centers in our body.

The Mantra:






It’s the Bhagwan Vishnu Mantra, with this Mantra We call upon the peaceful, powerful, positive energies of the Supreme creator.

OM is the Primordial Sound of the Universe

Narayanaha is the Vedic Supreme God according to Vedas, and is also known as Vishnu and Hari.

May auspiciousness be unto Lord Vishnu,

May all auspiciousness be unto the one who has the Garuda as his flag

May all auspiciousness be unto the Lord with lotus-like eyes,

And auspiciousness to Hari.


Energywork | Elemental Evocation

Especially for the Philippines, Australia, California and Puerto Rico …

As we cycle through the elements of
Earth Air Fire Water and Aether …
Spirit, the place where all elements come together …
Where our connection to Divinity
Flows through our connection with Breath …

To Wisdom,
To Inspiration:

Take a breath with me and
Let’s celebrate the Elements
Today, and every day …

We welcome you
Air that’s in our Breath
Fire that sparks our synapses
Water and all the fluids of our body
Earth that is our skeleton and muscle
And Spirit that inspires us to Create
And to be in relationship with the whole Universe:

Holy Mother in whom we live, move and have our Being
From you all things emerge,
And unto you all things return.

Open our hearts this blessed Day
Touch our bodies and our minds
Walk with us through
The Gates of Power, Shadow and Starlight
Of Fire meeting Earth …
The Wind on the Ocean
And the sweet kiss of Life …

Blessed be our Journey.

May the blessings of all the World be upon you
The inspiration of all the Elements
May they flow through you
With each and every breath …

Blessings of the Divine Mother!

(c) Victoria Generao

Current Events | Warnings of ‘Volcanic Tsunami’ After Eruption in the Philippines

The Taal Volcano has erupted Sunday Morning and the cause is thought to be hydro-thermal in nature. In Batangas, an interview on Dobol B sa News TV states that the phreatic eruption was said to be recorded at around 11am. Three hours later a much stronger explosion was recorded, and more than one kilometer of ash was spewed into the sky.

Alert Level 1 didn’t last long, as officials quickly made the decision to raise the alert level to Level 2. This simply means that there will be a probability of a magmatic intrusion which could possibly lead to an eruption.

Three earthquakes were recorded at 7:35am, 10:43am, and 14:00pm Philippines Time Zone.

Daily Meditation

Keep giving energy to your dreams! Take care of yourself! You’re building up great momentum! Results are coming in at a high speed! You have so many great things coming your way! You are so blessed! Don’t give up that thought of things working out for you. They actually are. Doubt and fear is not allowed in your space. You are only going upwards! One day you’ll look back and be THANKFUL that you kept pushing forward. You’ll be thankful that you kept growing. Reaching that place is making the choice today to keep going no matter what kind of adversities or challenges you face. Don’t let your current situation make you feel hopeless. Remember that one time you were at a low point, and you made it through? Well, you can do it again! Don’t get caught up in this moment and forget your strength. The reason why we have all these experiences, is not only to get the lessons, but to become stronger. We’re made to survive, adapt, change, and transform ourselves. Don’t hold on to things longer than their stay. Be open to newness, even if it doesn’t make sense at the moment.

Most of our pain comes from fear of change, because we want what’s familiar. We have difficulties in letting go, because we want to force everything to be the same. The beautiful thing about life is that the moment we let go of what weighs heavy on us, we find new inspiration to continue on. We get a second chance. The best way to get out of a negative cycle is to start working on your thoughts, before you work on the outside. Listen the predominate thoughts you have; that will give you insight to what you’ve been attracting. Shift your thoughts to the outcome you want. Be more patient with yourself. Always know and believe that you will be okay. That everything is just fine. You’ve survived before, you’ll survive again.

Lāʻau Lāpaʻau | Clinical Efficacy of Bitter Orange Aromatherapy for Premenstrual Syndrome

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affects up to 40% of reproductive-age women worldwide. PMS symptoms include irritability, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and bloating in the days before menstruation begins. Bitter orange (Citrus × Aurantium, Rutaceae) has traditionally been used as a carminative, antiemetic, antidepressant, anxiolytic, analgesic, and sedative and to treat headache, inflammation, insomnia, and uterine prolapse. Previous clinical studies have shown aromatherapy with essential oils (EO) from bitter orange flowers can reduce stress and menopausal symptoms in postmenopausal women and reduce pain and anxiety in women in labor. The purpose of this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was to evaluate the effects of bitter orange EO aromatherapy on PMS symptoms in young women.

The trial was conducted at the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in Shiraz, Iran from March 2016 to February 2017 with female medical students from the university. Participants were included if they had moderate to severe PMS symptoms (scores…

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Lāʻau Lāpaʻau | Cannabis and the Incidence of Psychotic Disorder – A Multi-cohort Study

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

While cannabis (Cannabis sativa, Cannabaceae) prohibition is being discarded by many nations, epidemiological studies and biological evidence continue to report links between its use and psychotic disorder (PD). A meta-analysis reported a dose-response link, with the highest risks of PD among people with heaviest cannabis use. It is unclear whether cannabis use affects the incidence of PD. It is often used by individuals to self-treat psychiatric symptoms, as is also seen with other drugs and alcohol.

The European Network of National Schizophrenia Networks Studying Gene-Environment Interactions (EU-GEI; May 1, 2010 – May 1, 2015) sought to identify genetic, clinical, and environmental factors involved in the development, severity, and outcome of psychosis. As part of the EU-GEI, the authors describe differences in cannabis use across sites, identify measures of use with the strongest impact on PD rates across sites (assuming causality), calculate the population attributable fraction (PAF) for patterns…

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Lāʻau Lāpaʻau | Deep Breathing for Lung Cleansing

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Oxygen Helps With Lung Cleansing

Oxygen is, by far, the most vital component humans need to live. We can go weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without air. To get the most out of oxygen, it’s imperative our lungs are functioning properly. Every cell in the human body requires oxygen and, although it seems like an autonomous function, deep breathing exercises can be done to help clear out toxins that may have built up in the lungs which can help improve lung performance and clear airways. Deep breathing gets more nourishing oxygen into your body. Blood that is rich in oxygen will help you feel better and give you more energy. Deep breathing also reaches the deepest depths of your lungs and helps to expel and break up residue.

Shallow Breathing vs. Deep Breathing

Although the average human lung capacity is about 6 liters of air, we…

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Lāʻau Lāpaʻau | Lung Cleansing Benefits of Lungwort and Osha Root

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Lungwort, also known as lungwort leaf or Pulmonaria officinalis, is a natural plant that has been used around the world for a variety of respiratory ailments, including coughs, colds, bronchial detoxification and catarrhal problems. Lungwort is found in native damp habitats and coastal areas in Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. Because it’s very sensitive to environmental toxins, the areas in which it is found are typically unpolluted old forests, and thus, the presence of lungwort is often a good indicator of an ecosystem’s health.

A Brief History of Lungwort

In the early 1600s, a theory known as the “Doctrine of Signatures” was widely accepted. Essentially the foundation of this practice was that plants resembling certain human physical attributes were believed to be beneficial to the part of the body they resembled. It was during this time that lungwort–which resembles the tissue inside the lungs–was discovered to be an…

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Lāʻau Lāpaʻau | Herbs for Natural Detox – Traditional Medicinals – Herbal Wellness

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

As we shift from the holiday season, it is an excellent time to take a few days to simplify, clear and pave the way to receive the bounty of the new year. This can mean making space for creativity, resetting intentions, or cultivating healthy habits that support the body and mind. Symbolically, it is no surprise people gravitate towards “cleansing” and “detoxifying” during this time of year.

While “detoxing” may appear to be a modern-day answer to what seems like an increasingly toxic world, our ancestors have long incorporated bitter, nutritive herbs and roots into their diets. Modern science has revealed that many of these herbs – such as dandelion, burdock, nettle, Schisandra, and red clover, have a special affinity to support the natural function of our inherent detoxification systems.* Honoring this age-old wisdom, herbalists continue to utilize these herbs to support and nurture these processes rather than encouraging harsh…

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Reiki | Happy New Year 2020!

Happy New Year!

In Japan, greeting people with appropriate Japanese words is very important. The New Year, in particular, is the most important time of the year in Japan, equal to the Christmas or the yuletide season in the West. So, knowing how to say Happy New Year in Japanese is probably the most important phrase you can learn if you plan to visit this country, which is steeped in social custom and norms. […]

Source: https://www.thoughtco.com/happy-new-year-in-japanese-2027849

Spiritual Gaslighting: the Unhealthy, Inauthentic practice of “High-Vibe” Culture.

DISCUSSION | A perfect example of our first lesson in innerstanding how to Live Pōnō with the Aloha Spirit.

More than ever, the WORDS you use daily to communicate … the attitude you express when speaking … matter. In particular, how you sound to others indicates most accurately how “spiritual” you actually are … and those words heard just might be in stark contrast to how you perceive yourself in your head! Now, that takes Mindfulness, Awareness and Integrity to a whole new level. It’s 2020 … no more sugar-coating truth.

This article illustrates well a serious consideration for everyone claiming to be “woke” … and is a definite check-up from the neck up!

Hele kā ʻŌlelo … walk your talk!

Source: Spiritual Gaslighting: the Unhealthy, Inauthentic practice of “High-Vibe” Culture.

Meditation | Meditate on the Violet Flame

Mighty I AM Presence, Beloved God, My Heavenly Source, Please make manifest in me now the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation. Bring the Violet Flame into every cell, molecule and atom of my body filling me totally and completely.

Blessed Violet Flame blaze into my Heart and expand out and around all of my bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, surrounding my entire Being with your Divine Grace, Love, Mercy and Forgiveness.

Transmute all karma, negative thoughts, actions, deeds and energy that I have ever created at any time, in all dimensions, on all levels, in all bodies, through all time and space, past, present and future, for all Eternity. Transmute anything and everything that stands in my way of embodying the Ascended Christ Being That I AM.

Beloved Violet Flame turn all that has been transmuted Into the Golden Platinum Light of God, the Christ Consciousness, The Light of God that never fails.

Send this Golden Platinum Light to me now, filling and surrounding my entire body with its Divine Radiance. Raise my vibration and frequency to the highest level possible for me at this time.

So Be It and So It Is. Amen.

Lāʻau Lāpaʻau | Daily Adjunct Turmeric Consumption May Reduce Body Weight and Blood Lipids in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is one of the most prevalent diseases globally. Dyslipidemia, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, is common in patients with diabetes. Characteristics of dysli […]

Source: Daily Adjunct Turmeric Consumption May Reduce Body Weight and Blood Lipids in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Metaphysics | Sexual Intimacy and Its Connection with Aural Energy

“If everything goes well & sex is natural & flowing, it is a beautiful experience because you can have a glimpse of the second through it. If sex goes really very deep, so that you forget yourself completely in it, you can even have a glimpse of third through it. And if the sex becomes …

Source: Sexual Intimacy and Its Connection with Aural Energy

Bioscience | Second Brain Found in Heart Neurons – Trust Your Feelings

At this school, we’ve been teaching this fact for decades because it is a known fact that it is the heart that first develops in a zygote as it morphs into an embryo in the womb … and it is from the heart that the tongue next develops, then the brain, nervous system and spine.  “Scientists” simply didn’t want to clarify the public’s innerstanding … until now …


Heart transplant patients inherit character traits from their donors. Science proves that there is a second brain in the heart sometimes called “the little brain” for emotion, premonition etc.

Source: Second Brain Found in Heart Neurons – Trust Your Feelings

It’s Okay To Allow For Yourself

Everything you want is just an energy shift away. Shifting your mind from lack and limitations to absolute possibilities. There’s no reason why you can’t have what you want out of life. With enough faith, anything is possible for you. You must decide though. You must declare it now and never look back. Don’t try. Don’t think one day. Do it now. This is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. We have a beautiful gift called the imagination to create from. Our mind allows us to see beyond current circumstances. We can either visualize in detail the experiences we want to have or fall trap to the experiences we already created. What’s in front of you isn’t real. It already happened. Don’t become too identified with it. You already created it. However, what you want to experience next is waiting for you to decide. Most people settle, because they forgot their real power. They settle out of fear that “this is it for me” or they assume life has nothing else to offer them. Being a victim of circumstances is giving up your creative mind power. Know what you want. Visualize it. Feel good…