Meditation Breathing: Lokahi (Harmony) – The Breath of HA


This is my 4-count breathing exercise, which I perform after each of my radio shows. You see, there is method to my madness! There are 4 stages of 4 counts each:

1 – inhale, to the count of 4
2 – hold for 4 counts
3 – begin exhale, to the count of 4, and
4 – continue exhaling for 4 more counts

Perform in multiples of 3: 3, 6, 9, 12, 27, etc.

“Breath of Ha” – Life Force Mana – The Anatomy of the human body is comprised of five layers or coverings of the soul. These are layers of the body that vibrate at different electromagnetic energy frequencies, with the gross/physical layer carrying the smallest electrical charge and vibrating slowest. The layers gradually increase in size: the larger layers permeate the smaller ones, with the “bliss” layer carrying the largest (but most subtle) electrical charge of the highest vibration. The practice of lapa’au wisdom; Lokahi Breath of Ha Meditation and deep Breath of Ha Therapy involves all five layers of the individual’s soul. Observe and note that these layers of the soul are not the soul per se, but rather pertain to the eight energies and aspects of nature that spark life: the Five Elements (earth, air, fire, water, metal), mind, intellect and ego. The word “Ha,” also represents the number 8 (which is also the infinity symbol).

Repattern brain waves to Theta frequency, thus opening your Third Eye and enlarging your clairsentient experiences. Development of awareness that these five layers of the soul must vibrate equally and act to bring the soul into balance whenever necessary to create Lokahi (Harmony) in daily life and be Pono (in balance within physical/emotional/spiritual selves). Thus, practicing Lokahi Breath of Ha meditations and Breath of Ha Therapy can be rewarding and bring peace into a person’s life. With sincere focus and practice of these meditations and breathing skills, the mind gradually becomes awakened, enlightened and keenly aware. Thus, being in harmony with the environment allows a person to be Pono, that is, to be centered, achieve balance, within oneself; to be filled with harmony, happiness, peace and feel at ease in any situation. With Mana’o (mind) and Pu’uwai (emotions) under peaceful balanced control by Na’au (body) and ‘Uhane (spirit), a person can learn to appreciate her Na Keiki (inner children) and thereby reach states of higher consciousness.

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