Tarot Contemplation – Wheel of Fortune


Woo Hoo!  We’re riding high on the wave now!  Change and Opportunity are on the horizon and it’s for the better.  Whatever problems or heartaches have been affecting you to date, today is when the tide changes and you can embrace Gandolf’s words joyfully … that “this too shall pass.”  Notice how the Sphinx is sitting at the top of this Wheel?  That’s you, sitting on top of your world.  Embrace the moment, this Now, and count your blessings.  Of course, the Wheel turns … so when thing begin to change, relax and roll into them.  Step back and look at the Big Picture so you have a clear view of your next steps.  New opportunities for employment are on your horizon.  Even if you enjoyed where you work, your heart is no longer there so don’t feel guilty or “bad” that you feel the need for a change.  Reach out to your network of connections and be bold about expressing what you want in your next position … and don’t be too surprised if your wishes manifest excellent results!  Work with your partner and communicate what needs to happen for the both of you in this next phase … adaptability and communication are a great combination that preserves a truly loving relationship.  Your financial outlook is beginning to look better … on the other hand, if you’ve already been riding high in money matters, this change could also mean the beginning of a decline.  Don’t fret … this is how the Universe keeps the balance, so be smart and adjust your spending and budget accordingly now.  This advice also applies to your health.  Be proactive.  Be self-aware and self-responsible and everything will be all right.

I Ching Contemplation – #28 Excessive Pressure


Something is about to collapse.  Pressure is causing an imbalance that needs correction.  But, if the dam is about to burst, moving out of the way is the first priority!  It is a time for quick, instinctive action and nimble footwork.  When the roof is collapsing, run first … choose your destination later.  Extraordinary times bring out the best and worst in people.  Natural disasters produce stories of heroism, but also of looting and rioting.  When such a great weight is on the world, powerful moments present opportunities to make great gains because everything is in a state of flux.  The choice is positive change, or stagnation.  Take a moment to reflect on the heart of the matter, to the cause, to assure action achieving a smooth transition towards positive change.  Does this sound like the time is right for you to act?  Like the parting of the Red/Reed Sea, the Universal Chi is giving you the “in” to take action now to ensure opportunities for eventual success later.  The time is ripe to extend yourself and your capabilities fully by diving into the crisis with complete abandon.  Dare to win.

The Endocannabinoid System and How THC Kills Cancer | Wake Up World

There are close to 20,000 studies on the tremendous therapeutic potential of cannabis amd cannabinoids in the Pubmed database. In fact, Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular biologist at Compultense University in Madrid Spain, has completed extensive research which led to one of the first discoveries that THC does indeed kill cancer cells.

By Guest Writer Marco Torres


Source: The Endocannabinoid System and How THC Kills Cancer | Wake Up World

Daily Words of the Buddha for March 30, 2016

Dosaggiṃ pana mettāya,
nibbāpenti naruttamā.
Mohaggiṃ pana paññāya
yāyaṃ nibbedhagāminī.

By love they will quench the fire of hate,
by wisdom the fire of delusion.
Those supreme ones extinguish delusion
with wisdom that breaks through to truth.

Itivuttaka 3.93

Gemstones of the Good Dhamma, compiled and translated by Ven. S. Dhammika

Family is not limited to blood

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Our lives on planet Earth were meant to be shared. Regardless of what we might want to believe, the reason we have certain people in our lives is because we have a purpose and that purpose includes our not seeing to our mission alone, because that is not the way the Goddess does things. We are not born into this lifetime to be by ourselves, so why do we elect to be alone and not with those we are meant to be with?

My life, like all of our lives, started out with the same things that most people have at the ready, with our blood relations being the first “thing” that we come to know as ours.

Sometimes, even though we come from the same stock, we learn from a very young age who we are meant to be with, who, essentially, is our ohana, our family. What…

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Tarot Contemplation – The High Priestess


Today is a day where Bruce Lee’s advice kicks in:  “Don’t think:  Feel.”  When the High Priestess shows up, it’s time to pay attention to your Intuition and your voice of inner guidance.  It’s a great day ahead.  You’re feeling inspired about life and feeling good about yourself … and this positive outlook makes you physically attractive to others.  For the men out there, you may come across an attractive, but somewhat distant, woman whom you sense has her game on, and she appeals to you … but she also might be entirely unreachable to you.  If that’s so for you today, just kick back and enjoy the view, then act on what she inspires within you.  For the women, you might encounter a better day simply because people around you feel more receptive to you in how you appear and what you have to say to them.  It’s a great edge you can use to your advantage, but take care and act wisely because you’re wielding potent energies today.  In money matters, someone might not be acting entirely honest with you, so don’t be afraid to investigate this gut feeling further.  Use your guile and play it close to the vest by only disclosing information on a need-to-know basis.  With regard to your health … you know those doctors and metaphysicians you’ve been consulting?  Perhaps you may need a second opinion, so trust your gut and look after yourself.  Have you been dreaming lately?  Today is a great day to venture forth and investigate your dreams by broadening your horizons in conversation with others to gain more valuable insight about yourself.

Tarot Contemplation – The Lovers


When most people see this card, they automatically think “love relationship”. This can be true, but only in part. Esoterically, this card is about your inner balance between the masculine and feminine, yin and yang, and overcoming the desires of the material to free yourself to ascend spiritually.  The focus is on what dictates “you” … mind or heart?  Your happiness with your love partnership is noticeable by others, and your bliss makes you feel like celebrating … just don’t lose sight of material concerns, you know:  the things you’re tending to procrastinate on tackling and completing that really deserve your attention now (remember the Two of Swords yesterday?).  Continue to seek support and guidance in health matters; you might find the right doctor or other healthcare professional to assist you best today.  Bottom line:  listen to your gut (because the body houses your parent-Spirit) and follow your heart (because it discerns more clearly than your head).

BPS Research Digest: Intensive meditation training seems to enhance people’s compassion

A key factor cited in research from the Center for Healthy Minds was what they called “Outlook”. This is how we see others and the world around us in general. They’ve been studying the part of the brain circuitry that underlies this. What they’ve learned is that this part of the brain does not remain active in people who struggle with depression.

What is so important is that their research suggests that even mild exposure to meditation focused on loving kindness and compassion can activate this part of the brain and improve our outlook. Many studies are underway to help identify and understand these positive effects. You can read more about one of them in this article here.

Source: BPS Research Digest: Intensive meditation training seems to enhance people’s compassion

I Ching For The Week of March 28, 2016

#1         Qian        Energy/Inspiration/Dragon

Above    Qian       Heaven
Below    Qian


The Wisdom:

The strength and force of the Dragon
Inspiration in its primal presence
This is the source of Great Success

Qian represents yang energy at its highest vibratory force. You can now be positioned to have what you want, and through diligent, unceasing effort, it can be yours. If you adhere to the truth and the universal laws that illuminate truth, your gains through effort will not slip away.

Persistence is necessary as you move into this portal of manifestation and transformation.

There is an energetic force that through clean and clear efforts can be your companion as you move into the space of achievement through commitment and intent that is available to you. It has always been near you, and now you can feel it and that feeling is exciting as well as a bit daunting in the power it contains. But make no mistake, this is for you.  This is a primal force that is emerging from your depths and will transform and obliterate what have previously been obstacles. With proper consideration and respect of what got you here you can shift energetically into the divine process of being in harmony with the rhythm of the earth force. It is the primal heartbeat of your community and tribe that until now has been very distant. You now have the opportunity to gain clarity as to what is to be joined together and what shall be torn asunder. Obstacles old and new will now appear and these challenges come now because you are in the light of shining opportunities that are well deserved.

Having motives of self-interest, power over others or greed at this could bury you in the depths of despair and depression and you will be cast out through the very gates you have worked so hard to pass through. Do not let fear or doubt throw you back into the negative and deleterious part of the cycle that is now ending, causing you to repeat those lessons again and again, until you learn to be in harmony with the life’s elixirs of compassion, kindness, integrity, working for the greater good of all humanity with grace and dignity.  The benefit now is to give up the front you have been showing to your tribe, relations and associates. This act serves you no more. You have been fronting.

Examine your motives for the success you seek. Be certain that it is for your highest good, as well as for the good of all. Recognize your own habitual thoughts and reactive behaviors that do not serve the highest good, and make a concerted effort to discard these outworn patterns. Replace them with positive thoughts and actions. The words you think are more powerful, and have greater effect than the words you say. Be conscious and have unceasing diligence as you travel this road less travelled. It can be frightening as you face the dragons of your past that have been fed by the darkness you have been challenged with and the darkness of which you have been an agent.

If you have, in the last cycle, given much effort to correcting your own negative thoughts and the actions that arise out of them, be diligent and do not let the energy, power, and enthusiasm of this inspirational force sway you from your pure and righteous path. In so many ways you have been asleep. This journey now is of wakefulness and entering into the frequency of spirit force that is imbued with and supported by your intent. If you accept the challenge you will embody the frequency of divine transformation and become a beacon of light for all who cross your path and those you seek as your fellows. It is now simply your choice, do you go to the dark side or enter into the light.

You have been hoping and planning
For the clarity that is being revealed;
With a considered strategy
Now is the time to
Consider your plans and put them into action.  

In many ways you have felt like your success has been hidden somewhere and you were at wits end and lacked the key to finding it. The truth is you never needed a key, you just had to be persistent and use your creativity to open the door within that has been hidden from your view by fear of being in the light and the fear of unadulterated success. Within these actions, the axiom of follow your bliss is of prime importance. This is your opportunity for redemption.

From deep within is the mystical force that moves you between the worlds of your reality, the world of the unseen; you are calling on this force with the wisdom of the ancestors and the spirit of inspiration. Keep in mind that to release this primal force   be a great danger if you are not in harmony with the frequency of your inner truth and in balance with the correctness of the times. These are unique times, the earth matrix has never been in this configuration before so there is no history to examine and consider. You are on your own. Again it is stated without full consideration and the honoring of the greater good you will, with certainty, bring danger to you and your tribe.

Here, now, at this very point, you must not give up on the projects and relationships that you have found to be difficult and hard to achieve. Stay in your truth no matter what challenges are placed before you. The right projects and relationships will stay and where there is doubt or avarice, they will quickly fade.

Be fully awake as you make these
Moves toward completing your plans;
Be steady and seek your inner wisdom;
Replace doubt and fear
With compassion and kindness.

In all worldly matters, invoke the power of your intuition. Have surety that your ideas are correct and in line with the Universal laws of compassion and kindness…. be firm and steady, and plan your strategy well. In this way, what you have worked for will come to you and remain, as long as you do not become egotistical or arrogant in the light of your achievements. Stay in humility.

These forces of change bring your sexual energy to the forefront, and as it does, step away from the ego and make it useful and pleasurable for all the while staying with your inner stillness. Note well the lessons learned up to this point, the ones that illuminate your heart, mind, and spirit. Have compassion for those you love and who love you, and practice loving kindness toward all.  This is vital.

Along with this great energy coming to you there is responsibility to act in favor of the greater good. If your  base ego wants to use the energy of inspiration and creativity to activate negative words or deeds, immediately correct your course. If you do not, your coming upward spiral of happiness and good fortune will spin downward, and you will soon find yourself stuck in the mire of fear, guilt, doubt, anger, and depression that you are using your finest efforts to overcome.

The negative aspects of the ego will try to run all the programs of doubt, shame, guilt, and fear by which you were indoctrinated in the past, and try to pass these off as “reality.” An inflated ego will try to convince you of the lie that this is what you must do to complete this cycle in order to achieve happiness and abundance. Don’t fall for it.
This is the Coyote aspect of the ego, the trickster and destroyer.

You have done your work to be at the gates of this new and abundant cycle in which the correct strategy is being made clear. In this cycle you will find the proper way to think and act to achieve the love and happiness you desire only if your intent is clear, sober and in the commitment to the greater good of humankind and the greater good..

In business, as in personal matters, let go of any thoughts, prejudices and words that disparage or limit others. Refrain from using negative generalities about the opposite sex, and use only the thoughts and words of honoring and compassion. Take the high road and be a light bearer as now so many of your brothers and sisters are being consumed by the presence of darkness in the form of greed, abuse and fear. Quell the negative voice; pay no heed to the voice of the judgmental and critical ego within. In this way you will not chase away the grace and abundance which you have long desired.

There is a very real possibility that during this cycle of inspiration you will become stressed and tired as you move forward. There will be much to do, so take time as needed to relax, rejuvenate, and have fun with your friends and family. You are the shining light now. Share your light and positive energy with those around you, be they friends or strangers. Raise the vibration around you. Good vibrations are vital now, for you and for all, give honor to Gaia our Mother, our earth. Shine like the sun at midday and take in the beauty and joy that you illuminate.

There is a saying that originated in the lessons of the monks in Tibet. It is the essence of the teaching of this hexagram: Keep your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds.

Teach peace — Be love the best way you know how..
In LaK’esh..


The older we get, the closer we are.
The higher we go the higher we are



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©Robert M. Klein 2015, Tulum Quintana Roo

Daily Words of the Buddha for March 28, 2016


Paṇḍito sīlasampanno
jalaṃ aggīva bhāsati;
bhoge saṃharamānassa
bhamarasseva irīyato.
One who is virtuous and wise
shines forth like a blazing fire;
like a bee collecting nectar
one acquires wealth by harming none.
Dīgha Nikāya 3.265
Gemstones of the Good Dhamma, compiled and translated by Ven. S. Dhammika

Tarot Contemplation – Two of Swords


Good work with the King of Swords yesterday, as things are back on a more even keel today. We can’t always be right, and recognizing that a healthy compromise is the way to peace is a great vibe to begin this week.  Things feel lighter and brighter on the home front.  Reinforce that vibe by looking to your finances this week.  Are you procrastinating on getting your taxes filed?  Perhaps it’s time to hunker down and start dealing with money matters today.  You’ve got the time, so if you haven’t squared things away yet, get a move-on now.