Tarot Contemplation – Wheel of Fortune


Woo Hoo!  We’re riding high on the wave now!  Change and Opportunity are on the horizon and it’s for the better.  Whatever problems or heartaches have been affecting you to date, today is when the tide changes and you can embrace Gandolf’s words joyfully … that “this too shall pass.”  Notice how the Sphinx is sitting at the top of this Wheel?  That’s you, sitting on top of your world.  Embrace the moment, this Now, and count your blessings.  Of course, the Wheel turns … so when thing begin to change, relax and roll into them.  Step back and look at the Big Picture so you have a clear view of your next steps.  New opportunities for employment are on your horizon.  Even if you enjoyed where you work, your heart is no longer there so don’t feel guilty or “bad” that you feel the need for a change.  Reach out to your network of connections and be bold about expressing what you want in your next position … and don’t be too surprised if your wishes manifest excellent results!  Work with your partner and communicate what needs to happen for the both of you in this next phase … adaptability and communication are a great combination that preserves a truly loving relationship.  Your financial outlook is beginning to look better … on the other hand, if you’ve already been riding high in money matters, this change could also mean the beginning of a decline.  Don’t fret … this is how the Universe keeps the balance, so be smart and adjust your spending and budget accordingly now.  This advice also applies to your health.  Be proactive.  Be self-aware and self-responsible and everything will be all right.

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