Daily Planetary Energy Report — September 30, 2015

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On Wednesday when Mercury meets the Sun again, there’s a chance we may feel the need to express our thoughts fully, but retrograde motion of Mercury may cause us to speak before we think.

A fortunate grand trine among the TaurusMoon, Jupiter and Pluto also in earth signs generates a compulsive emotional need to grow beyond ones’ boundaries.

But with the Sun out of step with Neptune don’t allow frustration to take a toll.

Mercury making a minor yet unstable connection to Mars causes minds to be restless into evening hours.

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* Enlightening Insight and ‘New Mercury’

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MERCURY Retro in LI meets the SUN today Sept 30:
Ahhh, yes, we’re also half-way through the Mercury retro phase now – the Eclipse took center stage, but hey, it’s been also trickster time since Sept 17, until Oct 9.
So, what’s going on today, on that retro half-way point?
MERCURY will pass the SUN – at 7:38 am PDT – and from then on travel again behind the SUN (as a Morning Star, rising before the SUN soon).
This shift is the most significant purpose of the Mercury retro phase: There has been a tendency for Mind (Mercury) with its ‘old stories’ to run the show as Mercury has been ahead of the Sun in the Zodiac in the last 2 months. As in every Mercury retro phase (3 times a year), MERCURY is ‘lassoed in’ by the SUN, and Spirit, Consciousness, the Heart go on the ‘driver’s seat’…

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Theosophy ~ from The Book of Dzyan, by H.P. Blavatsky



A moment’s thought shows that such a state can only be symbolized; to describe it, is impossible. Nor can it be symbolized except in negatives; for, since it is the state of Absoluteness per se, it can possess none of those specific attributes which serve us to describe objects in positive terms. Hence that state can only be suggested by the negatives of all those most abstract attributes which men feel rather than conceive, as the remotest limits attainable by their power of conception.

— Stanza 1, The Book of Dzyan, H.P. Blavatsky

Monday Inspiration


Here’s a little reminder that it’s OK to feel fear … just don’t let that fear stop you.  Your dreams are too important!

Being “courageous” isn’t about never being afraid. It’s about being bold enough to face what scares you and keep going.

While it’s easy to stick with what feels familiar and comfortable, we only grow when we stretch.

The more we cultivate the habit of pushing through our fears, the stronger and more fearless we become.

Remember, it’s not about “never being afraid.” It’s about not letting your fears hold you back.

And this is key to achieving your dreams!

Have A Magnificent Monday!



The modern archæologist, though speculating ad infinitum upon the dolmens and their builders, knows, in fact, nothing of them or their origin. Yet, these weird, and often colossal monuments of unhewn stones — which consist generally of four or seven gigantic blocks placed together — are strewn over Asia, Europe, America, and Africa, in groups or rows. Stones of enormous size are found placed horizontally and variously upon two, three, four, and as in Poitou, upon six and seven blocks. People name them “devil’s altars,” druidic stones, and giant tombs. The stones of Carnac in the Morbihan, Brittany — nearly a mile in length and numbering 11,000 ranged in eleven rows — are twin sisters of those at Stonehenge. The Conical menhir of Loch-Maria-ker in Morbihan, measures twenty yards in length and nearly two yards across. The Menhir of Champ Dolent (near St. Malo) rises thirty feet above the ground, and is fifteen feet in depth below. Such dolmens and prehistoric monuments are met with in almost every latitude. They are found in the Mediterranean basin; in Denmark (among the local tumuli from twenty-seven to thirty-five feet in height); in Shetland, and in Sweden, where they are called ganggriften (or tombs with corridors); in Germany, where they are known as the giant tombs (Hunengraben); in Spain (see the dolmen of Antiguera near Malaga), and Africa; in Palestine and Algeria; in Sardinia (see the Nuraghi and Sepolture dei giganti, or tombs of giants); in Malabar, in India, where they are called the tombs of the Daityas (giants) and of the Râkshasas, the men-demons of Lanka; in Russia and Siberia, where they are known as the Koorgan;in Peru and Bolivia, where they are termed the chulpas orburial places, etc., etc., etc.

There is no country from which they are absent. Who built them? Why are they all connected with Serpents and Dragons, with Alligators and Crocodiles? Because remains of “palæolithic man” were, it is thought, found in some of them, and because in the funeral mounds of America bodies of later races were discovered with the usual paraphernalia of bone necklaces, weapons, stone and copper urns, etc., hence they are declared ancient tombs. But surely the two famous mounds — one in the Mississippi valley and the other in Ohio — known respectively as “the Alligator Mound” and “the Great Serpent Mound,” were never meant for tombs 1 (Vide infra). Yet one is told authoritatively that the Mounds, and the Mound or Dolmen Builders, are all “Pelasgic” in Europe, antecedent to the Incas, in America, yet of “not extremely distant times.” They are built by “no race of Dolmen Builders,” which never existed (opinion of De Mortillet, Bastian, and Westropp) save in the earlier archæological fancy. Finally Virchow’s opinion of the giant tombs of Germany is now accepted as an axiom: “The tombs alone are gigantic, and not the bones they contain” — says that German biologist; and archæology has but to bow and submit to the decision. 2

That no gigantic skeletons have been hitherto found in the “tombs” is yet no reason to say there never were the remains of giants in them.Cremation was universal till a comparatively recent period — some 80, or 100,000 years ago. The real giants, moreover, were nearly all drowned with Atlantis. Nevertheless, the classics, as shown elsewhere, often speak of giant skeletons still excavated in their day. Besides this, human fossils may be counted on the fingers, as yet. No skeleton ever yet found is older than between 50, or 60,000 years, 3 and man’s size was reduced from 15 to 10 or 12 feet, ever since the third sub-race of the Aryan stock, which sub-race — born and developed in Europe and Asia Minor under new climates and conditions — had become European. Since then, as said, it has steadily been decreasing. It is truer therefore to say, that the tombs alone are archaic, and not necessarily the bodies of men occasionally found in them; and that those tombs, since they are gigantic, must have contained giants, 4 or rather the ashes of generations of giants.

Nor were all such cyclopean structures intended for sepulchres. It is with the so-called Druidical remains, such as Carnac in Brittany and Stonehenge in Great Britain, that the travelling Initiates above alluded to had to do. And these gigantic monuments are all symbolic records of the World’s history. They are not Druidical, but universal. Nor did the Druids build them, for they were only the heirs to the cyclopean lore left to them by generations of mighty builders and — “magicians,” both good and bad.

It will always be a subject of regret that history, rejecting a priori the actual existence of giants, has preserved us so little of the records of antiquity concerning them. Yet in nearly every mythology — which after all is ancient history — the giants play an important part. In the old Norse mythology, the giants, Skrymir and his brethren, against whom the sons of the gods fought, were potent factors in the histories of deities and men. The modern exegesis, that makes these giants to be the brethren of the dwarfs, and reduces the combats of the gods to the history of the development of the Aryan race, will only receive credence amongst the believers in the Aryan theory, as expounded by Max Müller. Granting that the Turanian races were typified by the dwarfs (Dwergar), and that a dark, round-headed, and dwarfish race was driven northward by the fair-faced Scandinavians, or Æsir, the gods being like unto men, there still exists neither in history nor any other scientific work any anthropological proof whatever of the existence in time or space of a race of giants. Yet that such exist, relatively and de facto side by side with dwarfs, Schweinfurth can testify. The Nyam-Nyam of Africa are regular dwarfs, while their next neighbours (several tribes of comparatively fair-complexioned Africans) are giants when confronted with the Nyam-Nyams, and very tall even among Europeans, for their women are all above 6 ½ feet high. (Vide Schweinfurth’s latest works.)

In Cornwall and in ancient Britain the traditions of these giants are, on the other hand, excessively common; they are said to live even down to the time of King Arthur. All this shows that giants lived to a later date amongst the Celtic than among the Teutonic peoples.

If we turn to the New World, we have traditions of a race of giants at Tarija on the eastern slopes of the Andes and in Ecuador, who combated gods and men. These old beliefs, which term certain localities “Los campos de los gigantes“the fields of giants,” are always concomitant with the existence of pliocene mammalia and the occurrence of pliocene raised beaches. “All the giants are not under Mount Ossa,” and it would be poor anthropology indeed that would restrict the traditions of giants to Greek and Bible mythologies. Slavonian countries, Russia especially, teem with legends about the bogaterey (mighty giants) of old; and their folklore, most of which has served for the foundation of national histories, their oldest songs, and their most archaic traditions, speak of the giants of old. Thus we may safely reject the modern theory that would make of the Titans mere symbols standing for cosmic forces. They were real living men, whether twenty or only twelve feet high. Even the Homeric heroes, who, of course, belonged to a far more recent period in the history of the races, appear to have wielded weapons of a size and weight beyond the strength of the strongest men of modern times.

“Not twice ten men the mighty bulk could raise,
Such men as live in these degenerate days.”

If the fossil footprints from Carson, Indiana, U.S.A., are human, they indicate gigantic men. Of their genuineness there can remain no doubt. It is to be deplored that the modem and scientific evidence for gigantic men should rest on footprints alone. Over and over again, the skeletons of hypothetical giants have been identified with those of elephants and mastodons. But all such blunders before the days of geology, and even the traveller’s tales of Sir John Mandeville, who says that he saw giants 56 feet high, in India, only show that belief in the existence of giants has never, at any time, died out of the thoughts of men.

1 We take the following description from a scientific work. “The first of these animals (the alligator) designed with considerable skill, is no less than 250 ft. long. . . . . The interior is formed of a heap of stones, over which the form has been moulded in fine stiff clay. The great serpent is represented with open mouth, in the act of swallowing an egg of which the diameter is 100 ft. in the thickest part; the body of the animal is wound in graceful curves and the tail is rolled into a spiral. The entire length of the animal is 1,100 ft. This work is unique . . . . and there is nothing on the old continent which offers any analogy to it.” Except its symbolism, however, of the Serpent — the cycle of Time — swallowing Kosmos, the egg.
2 It might be better, perhaps, for FACT had we more Specialists in Science and fewer “authorities” on universal questions. One never heard that Humboldt gave authoritative and final decisions in the matter of polypi, or the nature of an excrescence.
3 57,000 years is the date assigned by Dr. Dowler to the remains of the human skeleton, found buried beneath four ancient forests at New Orleans on the banks of the Mississippi river.
4 Murray says of the Mediterranean barbarians that they marvelled at the prowess of theAtlanteans. “Their physical strength was extraordinary (witness indeed their cyclopean buildings), the earth shaking sometimes under their tread. Whatever they did, was done speedily. . . . . . They were wise and communicated their wisdom to men” (Mythology, p. 4).

The Secret Doctrine, ii 752–755
H. P. Blavatsky

Daily Tarot


September 27, 2015 ~ The Emperor – Take charge or your life. Set up a structure that supports the kind of life you want to lead. Examine the parts that are not working and rebuild as necessary.  Your life is up to you – be your own authority.  Create your rules + boundaries.  The more stability you create, the more your creativity can flower. Use this Supermoon energy to access your super power and  BOSS UP. (The Supermoon eclipse is in Aries – The Emperor is ruled by Aries! This is a good omen, yo.)



Slide1Week 39 runs from September 24 to 30.

3 = communication and optimism. 

9 = emotion, completion, and the end of an era. 

3+9 = 12= 3. 

1 and 2 represent the current course of the human journey from the 1000s to the 2000s. 

2015=8 = the POWER to make things happen. 

This is the last week of a 10-week run of ‘week numbers’ which all begin with 3 – the number of expression, optimism, the arts, creativity, happiness, and appearances. 3 represents the “stage” – the staging of events – the platform.

Slide03As a result, we are experiencing the fastest-moving and most action-packed cycle of the year. 3 entertains, but it also exposes.

3 represents all forms of communication. To communicate effectively means relating to the real concerns of others. In order for them to understand you, you must understand what matters to them. This means being on the same…

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Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD: The Sky Priestess

Energy image

At 19:43 (25-Sept, UTC time), the Moon moved into Pisces and formed a powerful Mutable T-Square involving Mars, Saturn at 0 degrees Virgo and Sagittarius respectively – nearly 18 hours ago. At the same time, it made an inconjunct aspect to the Libra cluster dominating the upcoming Lunar Eclipse with The Sun, Juno, Black Moon Lilith, the Super-Galactic Center & the North Node. (0-3 Libra). This particular emphasis would have dissipated about 8-9 hours ago (5-6 am, 26th September, UTC time)

Those of you with placements near 0 Gemini would have experienced the energy of a Grand Mutable Cross, whereas, those with placements at 0 Leo or 0 Taurus would have experienced the energy of an absolutely Powerful Yod (Finger of Fate).

It’s not the easiest of energies to handle, especially with Mercury in Retrograde (12-11 Libra), currently squaring Pluto Retrograde (12 Capricorn). Those with placements at 11-12 Aries or…

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Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Update for September 27, 2015

lavender_full_moonThe Full Moon with a lunar eclipse is Sunday September 27 at 7:50 PM PDT (Pacific Daylight Savings Time)

We are still in the play called “now or never” and the final act is about to start. and yes, this is in fact the beginning of the final act. But since this play is improvisational, where you end it is entirely up to you and your level of trust and faith. Either you will be launched to a new experience of life and opportunity or you will question everything with skepticism and caution. Either way is good. The play is not over yet.

Because this time may be fraught with a bit of chaos and craziness, it is very important that you do what you can to keep your grounding. So spending time in nature and with the more sane members of your community is a good idea. Beware of putting your faith and trust in the wrong things or in something that does not really resonate with you. Listen to yourself instead of to others who may be a bit delusional and have their own agenda. Stay neutral and refrain from judging that which is not yet complete.

Herbalogy ~ Salvia Divinorum: Mexico’s Most Mysterious Healing Herb

Read the entire article here.

Not nearly as well-known as Ayahuasca, but every bit as miraculous, Salvia Divinorum is a small leafy shrub growing in Southern Mexico’s Oaxaca province that is one of nature’s master healing herbs with significant psycho-spiritual effects.

Hau’ōli aloha Pō’alima

exotic-white-green-eyes-reptiles-animal-nature-1330Aloha kākahiaka kākou a me Hau’ōli aloha Pō’alima. E piha keia la mea ke aloha a me ka pono. Ua maika’ i no Pule kikipani me ‘ohana a me na hoaloha e. Ō kā maluhia no me oe.

Good morning and a Happy aloha Friday to you all. May your day be filled with love and goodness. Have a good weekend with family and with friends. Peace be with you.



It’s a big celestial event this weekend: the Super-Blood-Harvest-Totally-Eclipsed Full Moon. Visible over all of North and South America, western Europe, and much of Africa, this will be a dazzling spectacle visible to hundreds of millions of stargazers. You don’t need any equipment to see this event. The link below gives you more information and insight about this total lunar eclipse…


Auspicious Week!!

Such an auspicious week, eh, folks? People all over our world are focused in prayer to bring themselves closer to their Higher Selves … and in so doing, bringing us all together in Peace … and what could be more Divinely Perfect than everyone acting in conjunction with the Equinox. The Jews observing their Day of Atonement in Silence … the Muslims trekking to Mecca … the Wiccans celebrating the end of the autumn harvest (Mabon) … and everyone observing the energetic changes that come with the Autumnal Equinox. And on top of it all … Mercury Retrograde with the 4th and final Blood/Full Moon for 2015 and an Eclipse this weekend.  It is, magnificently, the Ultimate (Re-)Balancing Act. Here’s to our World … may the next 6 months bring about the changes we intend for our Highest Good.  A-LO-HA ‘AINA!!aloha_shaka3

In Observance of the Muslim time called The Hajj (Sept. 22-26, 2015)


Hajj – journey of a lifetime

The Hajj is a religious pilgrimage to Mecca that a Muslim must make at least once in their lifetime. Read the about the experiences of Birmingham Muslims who have taken this trip of a lifetime.  The Hajj is a very important part of the Islamic faith. Every year around 2 million Muslims converge on Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Dressed in white sheets the Pilgrims perform acts of worship and reaffirm their faith.

On The Eve of the Autumnal Equinox



OK, here comes the day we have been building up to since Solstice back in June. Day and night are of near equal length and the seasons officially shift. We welcome in Spring in the southern hemisphere and Autumn/Fall in the northern. Equinox brings us into balance. Have you noticed you have an intense need to relax and enjoy yourself as well as get on with your work each day?

– Equinox opens the door on this week’s huge cosmic events. Notably the Super Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse.
– It’s also the FINAL 22 MASTER DAY for 2015. We are being asked to be authentically enthusiastic about our life!
– On Equinox we go still and come to centre. Therefore, ensure you meditate over the next 24 hours and be out of doors.
– Take a break, take some time off and just … BE


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