Divine Wisdom – March Ascension Energies and Light Language DNA Activation with Jamye Price – YouTube

The energy of March feels similar to February. As we establish our inner authority, we are creating vibrational harmony that speaks clearly to the subtle realm.

Source: March 2017 – Light Language DNA Activation with Jamye Price > Jamye Price

Tarot Contemplation – The High Priestess


This personal mantra comes into play, especially today:  “It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by the juice of my morning Green Smoothie that thoughts acquire speed, my pineal gland acquires Sight. The Sight becomes my portal. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion.”

A bit of levity to begin your day ensures you step into your day on a positive, higher vibration … and you get the idea that it reinforces development of self-awareness.  What you most need to know today you will find within yourself.  Answers will come to you if you can quiet your mind.  Seek a quiet, solitary place and just listen to the voice that comes from deep inside you.  Trust your Inner Wisdom.  Spend time in Solitude and silence.  Pay attention to your dreams.  Trust your intuition.  Notice synchronicity as you go through your days.  Look for the answers you seek within yourself.  Practice spending time in meditation so that you can hear your inner voice and tune in to your own rhythms.

La’au Lapa’au:  U.S. Government Finally Admits Marijuana Really Does Kill Cancer Cells – Hidden Potential

The idea that cannabis kills cancer cells seems to no longer be a conspiracy theory in the United States. With this information, can any state legitimately say no to medicinal marijuana? Or could it even be considered a preventative herb to avoid getting cancer? Amy Willis with Metro says that the US government has added […]

Source: U.S. Government Finally Admits Marijuana Really Does Kill Cancer Cells – Hidden Potential

Naturopathy:  Amish Father of 12 Thrown in Jail – Trial is MONDAY! – Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Amish farmer Sam Girod is in jail, and his enemies want him there for life. I’m pretty sure you’ll be as OUTRAGED about all of this as I am, and PLEASE see the action links here for how you can easily HELP!

Source: Amish Father of 12 Thrown in Jail – Trial is MONDAY! – Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Costco gets creative to meet shoppers’ huge appetite for organics | The Seattle Times

To boost its supply of organic foods, Costco is trying something new: It’s working with farmers to help them buy land and equipment as it struggles to keep pace with customer demand.

Source: Costco gets creative to meet shoppers’ huge appetite for organics | The Seattle Times

Tarot Contemplation – The Empress (reversed)


You may feel that you have an abundance of motherly energy and nowhere to put it. You might be tempted to make a commitment to a pet or even something more serious, but changes are just around the corner for you and this may not be a good time to commit to something so serious. Ask yourself what will happen if your circumstances change before you make any commitments.

Health:  If You Take These Supplements, Stop Immediately! They Are Slowly Ruining Your Health

Unfortunately, you might still not be aware of the fact more than 97% of vitamins we are regularly using contain some dangerous ingredient. They are produced by big pharmaceutical companies, for instance, Centrum is a product of the Pharma giant Wyeth, while Bayer HealthCare of aspirin fame makes the One A Day line. Numerous supplements […]

Source: If You Take These Supplements, Stop Immediately! They Are Slowly Ruining Your Health

World View:  A Swedish Billionaire Will Award $5 Million For Reimagining Global Governance | Big Think

We urgently need fresh new thinking in order to address the scale and gravity of today’s global challenges, which have outgrown the present system’s ability to handle them.

Source: A Swedish Billionaire Will Award $5 Million For Reimagining Global Governance | Big Think

Homeopathy:  1,400-year-old medicinal treatise of Galen found hidden under hymns in ancient manuscript | Ancient Origins

A 6th century translation of a work of one of the most important ancient Greek doctors has been discovered in an animal-hide manuscript, hidden underneath text of 1,000-year-old hymns.

Source: 1,400-year-old medicinal treatise of Galen found hidden under hymns in ancient manuscript | Ancient Origins

Tarot Contemplation – The Sun (reversed)


Lacking clarity, or feeling dim?  You might be having trouble shining.  You may be afraid of attention, or of letting your true nature show.  You may be uncomfortable with praise and compliments.  You might be unable to shake off worry and doubt and have a good time.  Try to get at the upright quality of this card by being in the present and being proud of the divine and unique self you are.  Perhaps you are enjoying too much of a good thing?  You may be helping others everywhere, but neglecting your own needs.  Burnout is a big risk.  Or, you might simply be feeling the consequences of too much sun, literally:  sunburn, hangover, or an empty wallet.  You are now reminded of the value of moderation.  From a different angle, you may be in delusion, or being deceived, or getting half-truths from another.  You could be deluding yourself by only seeing what you want to see.  You could also be self-centered and acting as if the Sun revolves around you.  Be sure to give credit where credit is due, and refrain from further showing off.  Lastly, you might experience delays due to inclement weather, so come up with a backup plan in case of clouds and rain.

La’au Lapa’au – Herbalogy:  Scientists Discover Herb That Fights Dementia And Increases Memory By 75% – Good Morning Center

A team of scientists has shown that sniffing rosemary can increase the memory by 75%. This multi-purpose medicinal herb offers numerous health benefits due to which it has been commonly used throughout the history. One interesting fact is that the ancient Greeks wore rosemary springs in the hair while studying for their exams. This amazing […]

Source: Scientists Discover Herb That Fights Dementia And Increases Memory By 75% – Good Morning Center

Environment:  Biologists Warn That Half of All Species Could Be Extinct by the End of the Century

One in five species on Earth now faces extinction, and that will rise to 50% by the end of the century unless urgent action is taken. That is the stark view of the world’s leading biologists, ecologists and economists who will gather on Monday to determine the social and economic changes needed to save…

Source: Biologists Warn That Half of All Species Could Be Extinct by the End of the Century

Meditation Breathing: Lokahi (Harmony) – The Breath of HA


This is my 4-count breathing exercise, which I perform after each of my radio shows. You see, there is method to my madness! There are 4 stages of 4 counts each:

1 – inhale, to the count of 4
2 – hold for 4 counts
3 – begin exhale, to the count of 4, and
4 – continue exhaling for 4 more counts

Perform in multiples of 3: 3, 6, 9, 12, 27, etc.

“Breath of Ha” – Life Force Mana – The Anatomy of the human body is comprised of five layers or coverings of the soul. These are layers of the body that vibrate at different electromagnetic energy frequencies, with the gross/physical layer carrying the smallest electrical charge and vibrating slowest. The layers gradually increase in size: the larger layers permeate the smaller ones, with the “bliss” layer carrying the largest (but most subtle) electrical charge of the highest vibration. The practice of lapa’au wisdom; Lokahi Breath of Ha Meditation and deep Breath of Ha Therapy involves all five layers of the individual’s soul. Observe and note that these layers of the soul are not the soul per se, but rather pertain to the eight energies and aspects of nature that spark life: the Five Elements (earth, air, fire, water, metal), mind, intellect and ego. The word “Ha,” also represents the number 8 (which is also the infinity symbol).

Repattern brain waves to Theta frequency, thus opening your Third Eye and enlarging your clairsentient experiences. Development of awareness that these five layers of the soul must vibrate equally and act to bring the soul into balance whenever necessary to create Lokahi (Harmony) in daily life and be Pono (in balance within physical/emotional/spiritual selves). Thus, practicing Lokahi Breath of Ha meditations and Breath of Ha Therapy can be rewarding and bring peace into a person’s life. With sincere focus and practice of these meditations and breathing skills, the mind gradually becomes awakened, enlightened and keenly aware. Thus, being in harmony with the environment allows a person to be Pono, that is, to be centered, achieve balance, within oneself; to be filled with harmony, happiness, peace and feel at ease in any situation. With Mana’o (mind) and Pu’uwai (emotions) under peaceful balanced control by Na’au (body) and ‘Uhane (spirit), a person can learn to appreciate her Na Keiki (inner children) and thereby reach states of higher consciousness.

REIKI: The Gakko Sansho – Usui’s Five Principles of Reiki


Halau, ‘Aha Hui Lanakila™ teaches traditional, original knowledge Japanese Reiki known as Usui Teate (“Usui’s Healing Hands”).  It is our mission to use for healing and to propagate original knowledge Reiki to Westerners.  As a Grandmaster Instructor, I teach all students to integrate various energyworking modalities, including the Ruach Healing Method™, Angelic Healing Touch and crystalwork knowledge as secondary to their mastery of Reiki healing skills.

For everyone’s benefit, this is the Japanese translation of the kanji Usui penned as Mikao Usui’s Gakko Sansho of Reiki. Being “old skool,” I teach this to our Halau students:

Kyo dake wa
Okoru na
Shinpai su na
Gyo wo hage me
Hito ni shinsetsu ni

Instructions:  Gasshoshite, kokoro ni nenji kuchi ni tonayo.

(Translation: Chant this mornings and evenings while sitting in Gassho position and intone the words aloud and in your heart.)

Here is the English translation of the original Japanese (not American Reiki) prayer:


* * * * *

Want to learn how to be a competent and ethically responsible energyworking Healer? Interested in learning original knowledge and wielding it with authority, rather than wasting money on the quickie internet shortcut stuff that gives you no real-time training and no guarantee the knowledge you’re skimming for free is authentic or will work for you?  Contact us today!

Meditation:  Live At A Higher Level of Vibration | Lanakila

lana-feb2017Living and working froma higher level of vibration allows you to connect and create with the Universe. At the low levels of vibration all effort is directed to the physical. Our actions are focused on only what we can see and touch. But, as we learn to remove blockages and negativity, we begin to raise our awareness of possibilities. This can lead to tremendous power.

Source: Live Higher Vibration.mp3

Tarot Contemplation – The Star


Today is a new day, literally, with a New Moon and solar eclipse signalling an energy vibe of hope, peace and renewal, and the optimism of a fresh start.  Trust in the constantly changing nature of the universe.  After the darkest hour comes the dawn of a new day.  You are on a healing path; nurture both physical and spiritual aspects of life.  Visualize your ideal future as you go through your daily mundane tasks.  Perhaps you might need time alone in calmness and stillness to heal completely … so if another is in need of healing, approach that other’s need on an optimistic and gently nurturing note.  In a creative venture, this card could be a sign of success.  Lastly, The Star also indicates astrology and other divinatory arts may be able to bring you messages from the Universe.  Pay attention.