HPS Lana Generao, 18th dan Reiki Grandmaster

HPS Victoria Lanakila Generao, an ordained High Priestess of the cosmic Alpha et Omega Order of Melchizedek; founder of the mystery school known as Halau ‘Aha Hui Lanakila; a hereditary Baybalin Shaman, initiated into over 100 energyworking and healing modalities, is also an 18th dan Reiki Grandmaster and an Adept Ceremonial Magician of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn. She holds a Bachelor’s degree, a Law degree, and Ph.D degrees in Divinity, Metaphysics and Religious Philosophy.
There are periods in our lives when we feel “out of control” and unsure of how we should exactly move forward.  If you only somehow knew the karmic repercussions of a choice of action that’s been bounced constantly around inside your mind … you could find the inner peace to move on and face the challenges in your life with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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Testimonial Feedback On Lana’s Aloha Spirit Messages

  • Robyn Brown, Launceston, Tasmania — Thank you Victoria for your card this morning, I do believe from what I have already been given about this question that you are spot on with your card draw, much appreciated, I do especially like your guidance around the law of attraction as I do use the spiritual laws, take care and prosper. xx 🙏🔯🙃
  • LeAnn Zimmerman-Martinez — Victoria Lanakila Generao is so amazing, she was right-on about things in my life, I am amazed by her.  Very sweet!  Very gifted indeed!!  I would really love to get more in depth guidance from her.  Thank you very much for taking your time & energy.  Peace Love & Light. 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️
  • Clarke A  — She is an amazing reader.Spot on! Tnx hun!
  • Nazia Jannat, Dhaka, Bangladesh — She was 1000000 percent accurate. Love her.
  • Kelsie Gray —  She really was completely spot on–so, so perceptive without even knowing what I have been going through. She even picked up on my desire to be alone right now, and that made me feel right in following my gut, there. Thank you so much! 
  • Bridget Bridge — Thanks again Sis for your uplifting words…you always make my day 
  • Carol Camire Dalton, Auburn, ME — Thank you so much for my reading. I have always known that I have intuitive gifts as well as the ability to become overly saturated with other people’s feelings. I never understood it but am slowly learning why. You words were certainly confident building.
  • Cassandra Aguilera Gonzalez  —  She was 10000000% on the money and correct with my reading to the “T” … thank u.
  • Michelle Stepp — Thank you so much for your time and beautiful guidance and energy! Yes i do need to slow down i am going on vacation in November a much needed vacation! Love and light always! 💕💕💕
    Karen Knuckols, Dallas, TX
     — All I can say is Miss Victoria could not have been more spot on!!! Blew me away.
  • Casey Parker — Thank you Victoria, for the wonderful reading you did for me. Absolutely spot on with everything you said, I’m amazed! Very grateful to you for taking the time and using your energy to read for me xx
  • Zes Tria, Romania — She just gave me a beautiful reading. Brought hope in my heart. I can’t express how I feel right now, but I thank her so very much. Blessed be!
  • Dacia Barrera, San Antonio, TX  —  I want to thank you Victoria for your reading you gave me and I can’t express how greatful I am that you gave me hope thank you for your time and guidance blessed be 
  • Mirella Gismondi, Perth, Western Australia — Victoria Lanakila Generao thank you. Yes, you are right I’m overthinking it. I’m obsessed and it’s on my mind 24/7! I just want to feel ok about it all – I’m tired and I know he is too. As soon as he feels like he his ready in his mind there’s the fear re-emerging in his mind that pulls him back again and takes us to square one. I pray to the Angels everyday that it will all fall into place in a very positive way that we will be together like we should be. I’m off for a long walk to clear my mind, ground myself and reenergise me. Thank you. Blessings to you, you’re a beautiful soul 
  • Angela Dee, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada — Holy sh*t this reading was amazing and so 100% on point. I am so grateful you picked me and confirmed what I have been working really hard at!!! I appreciate your energy
  • Brie Blaauw Molaison — Thank you so much, Victoria. This speaks of me and to me, on great levels. I will heed your advice and call on my angel and guide to help because something is definitely not quite right.  Thank you! 
  • Jessica Gutierrez, Donna, TX — Victoria Lanakila Generao thank you very much!!! Needed to hear this from my passed loved one !!!  I’ve been having a tough situation thank you 
  • Kirk Evans, Metairie, LA — You have helped me with my working on my eyes.  I just wanted to say a big “Thank You”. Awhile back, I had cholesterol trouble. Last year, my LDL was 160 and total cholesterol was 221.  You told me to drink organic ACV with organic honey and baking soda. I was put on a prescribed statin, but I believe it was the ACV and eating more greens, such as avocados, that made my LDL go down to 117 and my total cholesterol 176. I am very excited and can’t thank you enough.q
  • Lisa A Green Schmidt, Whittier, CA — Victoria Lanakila Generao victoria was drawn to me yesterday and her message couldn’t have been more accurate and exactly what is going on in my life at these point and i am so appreciative of her time and energy. Definitely an approved reader for her gifted talents! 
  • Kiara Holmes —  I needed this (reading) more than you know!  I’m over here having really bad anxiety and this just made me feel better. It was really really accurate and helpful. Thank you sooo much/”  “Victoria just gave me a reading and it was extremely helpful. Thank you so much. I HIGHLY recommend her.
  • Hanna Logan, Lovell, ME — wow, that was the most helpful reading I’ve had in a long time. thank you.
  • Paulie Kepner, NYC, NY — (live healing) You Are Amazin’ @ what You D0! Thank You for All your help.
  • Nora Mireles-Fernandez – NYC, NY Victoria Lanakila Generao I love the way you read, it’s so inspiring!!!
  • Tara Russello, Shirley, NY — Victoria Lanakila Generao beautifully written and thank you so much . This is all very true and I appreciate your time very much.
  • Paolo Agante, South AmericaVictoria Lanakila Generao, Thank you so, so much for your kind words! It all makes sense to me, deeply! My whole life is being like a huge hard time that keeps getting worse, but recently I’m working on healing myself and remember who I am as well as believe I have some value and I can and will accomplish my dreams, even if against all odds… Things seem to be starting to move forward even though my confidence is restrained because of all my past so I keep the expectations low so I don’t fall back again. Your reading is absolutely spot on and your words… well, they mean a LOT to me, really! Thank you so much for your time, energy and for those wonderful and so kind words! They brought tears to my eyes   All the best to you dear!
  • Gabby Voster, Gweru, Zimbabwe  —  Victoria Lanakila Generao thank you for your reading which was absolutely spot on. Everything you said resonates with what is going on in my life at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to do a reading for me.  Thanks so much. Everything you said is correct. Especially about wanting to take time off and letting go of my past. I am definitely ready for something new. I think I have been putting off leaving my job for greener pastures. But I’m working on it now
  • Kushie Nair, Pretoria, South Africa  —  Victoria Lanakila Generao, wow thank you so much. You are so on point. Love and light
  • Amie Chermack Ballato, Albany, NY  —  Victoria Lanakila Generao Wow! That is an amazing reading. Thank you so much. If I want to reach you in the future for a paid reading, would I do it via PM or do you have a website?
  • Mc’Laurie Tiba  —  Wow this is awesome thank you so much, so true I have been through alot and this was so spot on with everything I have been going to. Thank you so much Victoria Lanakila Generao.
  • Trisica Kizzy Felix, Trinidad —  Victoria Lanakila Generao, I would love to thank you for the magnificent on point really on spot reading you gave me i was so shocked to see that you really really saw my past and things that is happening at present it gave me chills wow you are truly a good psychic reader never got a reading in my life that was so so true everything was on point i’m gonna work on points that need looking into and i hope 1 day again i can get another on spot reading thank you again god bless you ….
  • Angeli Rollon, Manila, Philippines —  Victoria Lanakila Generao, thank you for reading me today it resonates me deeply. Love and light. Aloha 
  • Vladimir Josue —  Victoria Lanakila Generao did a very insightful mini reading for me. It accurate and on part with what I’m currently dealing with. I will definitely follow up for more of her services.
  • Melissa Grantham, Coventry, UK —  Would really love to thank Victoria lanakila genereo for my mini read I was massively wowed of what she said was very on point it and it resonated very well’ thankyou for both your time and energy  blessings 
  • Rachael Smith  — Wow just wow!! No words right now!!! This is sooooo spot on for me it is scary so much thanks to you i am sooo grateful xx
  • Merioth Wangechi  —  I’m just soo speechless coz I’m going through something,and its exactly what you’ve told me .thank you soo much for this reading ,you really don’t know how much you’ve helped me., it will be really of help to me.God bless you .Love and Light.
  • Sandra Martinez —  Victoria Lanakila Generao, wow, amazing thank you so much 
  • Mc’Laurie Tiba  —  Wow this is awesome thank you so much, so true I have been through alot and this was so spot on with everything I have been going to. Thank you so much Victoria Lanakila Generao.
  • Patricia Thomas — Victoria Lanakila Generaoyou got this 100 per cent correct and this is the message I needed to see and hear as this is the hope I needed to “wait” just a bit longer. I know patience is my life lesson but hours ago I was ready to give up. Thank you from my heart. Namaste 
  • Deb Greuter, Kearny, NE — I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to Victoria Lanakila Generao for the priceless guidance & enlightenment she blessed me with! So much of what she said resonated greatly with me. She also gave me insight into future situations that has given me hope as well as encouragement to try harder to hear the messages from Spirit. Thank you again Victoria! 
  • Sanelle Sånza Dakada, Ladysmith, KwaZulu-Natal, So. Africa  —  Oh my word I’m overwhelmed. You’ve hit right on the nail!!!
  • Amanda Trmble, York, PN  —  That is spot on. I am definitely having a hard time with controlling my emotions bc someone I was in a relationship played with my feelings. I do have a habit of trying to rush things which I am trying to work on. Thank you. I’m very suprised of your accuracy lol.
  • Libby Ables  —  Aloha you hit the nail on the head it’s spot on I’m always doing for others then for myself I will work on relaxing and kicking back you’re a splendid reader!
  • Yvonne Lohrli-Baricza, Los Angeles, CA  — Thank you Victoria Lanakila Generao for my mini read. I appreciate the guidance you’ve given me. Thank you for taking your time and energy to read me. I can’t thank you enough. Blessings, Love and Light  
  • Ashley Fritz, Lebanon, NY  —  Victoria Lanakila Generao gave me a reading today and i felt like it was exactly what i needed to hear to get back on track and boost my confidence for the future. She is such a wonderful person. Love and light
  • Caitlyn Pangia, Brooklyn, NY — Victoria Lanakila Generao thank you so much! & yes I feel I do have gifts. I feel bad ppl around me & some days I meet nothing but rude negative ppl & other times all good ppl so it’s draining for me.
  • Tara Russello, Shirley, NY — Victoria Lanakila Generao thank you so much ! Beautifully written and I agree with all you said.
  • Aileen Joy Patigdas, Manila, Philippines — Thank you so much Maam Victoria for the guidance and I really appreciate it! Amazing 
  • Maria Salazar, TX  — Victoria Lanakila Generao the past is my soon to be ex husband of 36 years … you are correct my dear
  • Jessica Alexander, Newfoundland — ty, exactly true, its good, i found a few true good intuitive ppl on here that were accurate. your heart is in the right place when your accurate. I have abilities too, just dont have it often. I block it from daily life of kids and stress. but you were accurate in the truths and untruths especially with the one i love. you also have a familiar face, so i say we met in another lifetime.
  • Edward Booysen — WOW spot on is all i can say cos that is my current situation regarding the partner and everything said about the label as a rebel by society….I don’t even know how you know all these things….. About my childhood days I would dream future happenings, heal people with deep sincere thoughts, could hear people talk about me from miles away, took my departed mom’s stroke on me while she was 20 km away from me and many more I cant mention here cos it would take all day.  I asked a clairvoyant about these encounters cos i thought i was chosen to be a Traditional Healer (medicine man/sangoma) but he said i am a psychic is this a demon or how and where should i start to become one. Plz
  • Ian Morgan, Williams Bay, WI I am a master of manifests, you have told me this yes? I have been told before. How very interesting, and how cool but challenging it is to control thoughts and emotions lol love and peace in my life, and for you in my life. You are spot on with us. I am hurt, I have tried, I am moving on. I look forward to my new experiences! And I thank you with gratitude and love for your time and for you as you 🙂
  • Veronica Soto — Yes, you are right! Someone left me hanging and betrayed me and I felt like I had no life in me no more.  You are right, now I’m in a battle with my feelings on choosing what is right for me. Yes I’m planing to move to a new house with my new partner. We are thinking of opening our own business. Thank you so much love and light to u and many blessings.
  • Vladimir Josue — Victoria Lanakila Generao did a very insightful mini reading for me. It is extremely accurate, inciteful and on par with what I’m currently dealing with. I will definitely follow up for more of her services.
  • Athena Twigg, Shotham, Durham, UK Omg thank you so much you have just picked up on everything I’m so glad things are going to become positive! I’m so happy and really..wow thank you!!, thank you so much xxx
  • Gabby Gillgower Voster, Gweru, Zimbabwe — Thank you Victoria Lanakila Generao foryour very detailed mini reading today. It has given me insight and understanding of how to balance things in my life. Much appreciated.
  • Ruby Cuellar, San Antonio, TX Wow, this resonated with me completely! Thank you very much!! You are amazing!!
  • Brittney Joseph — Wow, wow, Victoria! What a fantastic reading! This is spot on! Thank you so much for this accurate reading! I’m blown away. So grateful, thank you again! 
  • Kole Brady-Watson, Houston, TX This spoke to me very deeply and I cannot thank you enough for you taking your time to help guide me through this big change in my life. I appreciate you so much. Lots of love and light to you  Victoria Lanakila 
  • Ashley Fritz, Lebanon, OR What wonderful, amazing news. Thank you so so so so so much!!!!
  • Elpida Zotou — Victoria Lanakila Generao, thank you so much for your messages! I can relate to them a lot! I really appreciate your time and energy! I’m grateful for your help!! Many blessings to you  I would like to thank you again for your reading and give me these messages which I found them really spot on and very helpful!! I appreciate your time and energy! Many blessings to you 
  • Ash Lea  —Thank you so much. I really needed this encouragement xx
  • Melissa Grantham, Coventry, UK Victoria Lanakila Generao, darn lady, you’re great; just what i needed to hear right now; ur spot on with the listening to others n not myself enough – wow  thank you 
  • Victoria Yt, North Carolina, USA — “I would like to take this time to thank the group for having Victoria Lanakila Generao as an approved reader. My session with her was uplifting to my melancholy state. She led me with directives through my inner self and came to help me realize the core root of some issues I have been dealing with. She was very intuitive, gentle with me in my current state, but also truthful. She gave me suggestions as well to help me move forward. You would be very blessed to spend time with her. I look forward to more time with her.”
  • Alisha Genille, Virginia Beach, VA — “That was most insightful. I am so impressed. You are spot on. Thank you so much 
  • Michelle Eggers Griffin — Yes I was, affected me pretty deep. I’m a Taurus, I say determined, others say stubborn.I know the safe places in my garden, gives me space to just be. I survived the crisis. It must be new beginning as I made it thru the ending and am finally comfortable where I am. Sigh, tough I can do. New beginnings may be tougher. Thank you so much for your time and energy ! You are so correct in your thoughts. I’ve much to meditate on and I will be strong. Love light and gratitude, many blessings.”
  • Toni Leann, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia — “Hello like to say big thank you for the reading..it gives me some hope to grab hold off…bless you xxx.
  • Amy Florez — “Thank you, Victoria Lanakila Generao. I have been going through a break up going on 2 months and it’s been very hard for me especially knowing he is with someone else already. But what you told me I have hope and happiness and looks like a new man coming into my life I hope I am reading this right . I truly appreciate you 
  • Bianca Perumal, Phoenix, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa“Wow Victoria, thank you so much, huni. I do love this guy so much. I somehow feel he is my happy ever after as i was in a messed up situation before meeting him however he made me forget it all. I just need to know if he would be would ever be with me. I love him so much.”
  • Terrina Rowan — “Thank you so much for your time..you definitely hit on some key points! i will resonate on your thought’s
    blessings, Victoria!”
  • SherDawn Barkhouse Thompson — Ty, I cant believe how on point you are,there is something I have been fiddleing with in my head,today in fact I was thinking of just letting it go as another lost dream..ty for restoring this for me, you are awesome, and I may consider a full read soon with you,you are awesome!!”
  • Lisa A Green Schmidt, Realtor This is so on point! I am amazed how u picked up all that from my pic!! Everything u said is absolutely true and exactly what ive been thru! Wow u r awesome I really appreciate your time for me! He is my very first bf when I was 17 he cheated then got her pregnant and fast forward 22 years we rekindle 7 years ago!! Love of my life but the most difficult guy I’ve ever dealt with! I hope to spend the rest of my life with him!! Tytyty xoxoxo 
  • Jilly Reynolds — Thank you from the heart love and light . Merry Christmas to you and your love ones xx”
  • Kristina Ann Veronica Bergmann, Buffalo, NY — Victoria Lanakila Generao, Thank you so much stay blessed
  • Kayla Dineen, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK“Thankyou so much Victoria Lanakila Generao. Beautiful xx”.  “Again, an absolutely amazing read from Victoria Lanakila Generao!! She is an amazing reader and beautiful soul  thankyou so much xx”
  • Riana Arendse — Thank you Victoria Lanakila Generao. So true…you are spot on with this information. Thank you”
  • Yolanda Aviles Maneclang, Pittsburg, CA — Victoria Lanakila Generao ganon po b! Thanks din po…peace be with you din po…”
  • Crystal Rockvam — Victoria Lanakila Generao this is great! This are definitely unfolding and I’m learning to trustthank you!
  • Phyllis Ainsworth — This is something I really need to hear right now, as you know, I am in a dark spot, but Thank You for letting me see the the Light at the End of the Tunnel… Thank You, XXx
  • Shay Huriwai — Aw thank you so much Victoria Lanakila Generao  Resonates well.. gives me a peace of mind love n light. 
  • Amanda Valdorian, N. Wilksboro, NC — Thank you. And, yes, I am hoping to move to Texas in May! Today is ALSO the last day of the class that I’m taking (completion). Thank-You! 
  • Melissa Calvin, Lawrence, MA — This definitely describes what I’m going through. Thank you very much!
  • Ashley Fritz  — Oh my beautiful sister you are so right. I look forward to the wonderful future. This volcano is ready to put on a show  thank you.
  • Diana Silva — Victoria Lanakila Generao gave me a mini reading and I loved it. Thank you so much for you time and energy. I truly appreciated every single word said toe. 
  • Patrice Mitchell, St. Louis, MO  — Victoria Lanakila Generao This Card Was So Spot On . It Resonates With Me Because I’m Trying To Move On And Let Go Out Of Things From My Past & A Toxic Relationship I Just Got Of  Thank You So Much 
  • Shannon Toyne-Gartshore  — Thank You very much . Not seriously thinking about traveling but all resonates. I’m definitely at a point of moving forward & I’ve learned from my past but am ready to let it go for the New that’s awaiting. Love & Light to you   Thank you lovely. Your time & energy are appreciated. Best wishes for you