Energy Update | February 10, 2019 – Matt Kahn

The energies of renewal that have been pouring in since the arrival of 2019 continue to flood our energy fields. As a result, it is our renewed commitment to health, longevity, and wellness that allow these increased vibrational frequencies to uplift without ungrounding us. To make the integration and grounding of these energies as easy a process as possible, February can be your time of mental, emotional, and energetic spring cleaning — months before the seasons are due to change.

To help you integrate these new waves of energy and to welcome the vibration of renewal throughout your life, I have created a 3-step New Thought Solution. While the old 3D model often leads spiritual beings to battling their most negative thoughts or trying hard to clear limiting thinking out of their minds, the new paradigm of 5D consciousness employs a much easier and enjoyable strategy.

In the 5th dimension, we don’t need to defeat negative thinking, in order to clear space for more inspired thoughts to dawn. 

Instead, we simply take the time to create one new inspired thought per day. This invites a consistent rhythm of positive energy to build up momentum over time. As a result, your mind becomes reoriented to resonate with inspired thoughts, which brings to life each of the next important action steps the Universe urges you to make. From this space of aligned inspired action, the birthing of new projects allows you to earn a living doing what you love, with the amplified self-worth to believe in yourself, make bold choices, and receive all the joy, fulfillment, passion, and excitement your heart is ready to receive.

Here’s how it works. Whether once a day, before each meal, or as often as possible for more amplified results:

1 | Create one empowered thought. Beginning with: “I am _______” — fill in the blank space with an affirming thought that is bigger than the way you typically view yourself or life. For example: “I am serving my greatest mission as it was always intended to be.” “I am life’s greatest joy.” “I am healthier and happier than I have ever known.” You don’t have to believe it or even feel its truth. You are just suggesting it with affirmative power to allow your subconscious mind to become more familiar with higher vibrational thought forms. This isn’t a “fake it till you make it” scenario. It’s simply taking the time to feed mental broccoli and peas to an inner child whose mind has been raised on junk food.

2 | Create an affirming thought for someone in your life. Beginning with “May _______…” — plugging in the name of someone you know into the blank space and attaching it to an affirming thought. Examples can be: “May my father find all the joy he is destined to receive.” “May my ex find the partner that’s perfect for him/her.” “May my neighbor discover true inner peace.”

3 | Lastly, create an empowered thought for humanity. Beginning with “May all of humanity _______” and in the blank space provided, attach an affirming thought for all to benefit from. Examples can be: “May all of humanity discover the light of truth within all hearts.” “May all of humanity live in a world where all are supported.” “May all of humanity manifest heaven on Earth for the well-being of all.”

Feel free to engage this process as often as you desire. Through this 3-step New Thought Solution, may you cleanse your reality of all that is done serving you, so you may easily transition into new timelines of unity consciousness.

In addition to cleansing your mind with more inspired thought forms, the energies of February 2019 remind you that its a perfect time to:

  • Clean out your closet, storage locker, or garage of things that are not used regularly. By parting with any non-essential items, you open up space for reality to bring you more fulfillment through surprisingly miraculous means.
  • Consider refraining from caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and dairy. This will help your mind become clearer and dissolve any amount of displacement or confusion that often comes from not knowing how to ground expanded frequencies of light.
  • Add greens, superfoods, probiotics, and Omega fatty acids to a diet rich in alkaline ingredients. This will help the grounding process, so any degree of overwhelm can expand into the joy of renewed passion. If unable to tune in to your specific needs, always consult a holistic health professional to pinpoint the exact protocol that fits your health requirements and goals.
  • Exercise 20-30 minutes per day. Even just an easy walk outside for 15 minutes twice a day will help you align with the stillness of your being, allowing you to spend more time basking in the radiance of your light and less time affected by the collective unconsciousness.
  • Take a stand to honor yourself as Divinity in form. If you’re in relationships that don’t honor you in such a loving regard, please take a deeper look at how these relationships are serving you.

As always, the love of the Universe is with you every step of the way.

Let the inspired thinking begin!

Industry-Sponsored Doctors: New Study Shows Depth of Commercial Influence

Professional education events are heavily sponsored by drug companies promoting their products as the solution. This widely used coercive and misinformation technique where drug risks are exaggerated and side effects minimized was exposed in a recent BMJ Open study.  […]

Source: Industry-Sponsored Doctors: New Study Shows Depth of Commercial Influence

Energy Update | February 7, 2019

Some people believe themselves to have finally “woken up” from the manipulation of the Matrix Control System. However, the word “awake” seems to be a very abused and overused word these days. What I notice is that more people are becoming aware, for the most part, of the symptoms of the Matrix on a 3D surface level (which is encouraging to see and a good start), but mistake that for having truly “woken up” in the holistic sense of the term, and therefore most of them oftentimes don’t follow up or keep “going”, especially with regards to inner self-work. Our inner voice – stemming from the real self (“speaking” to us through a sense-embodied intuitive knowing, not via head-centric thought-injections), hidden behind the socially/cultural conditioned/programmed mask of personality we identify with – also whispers to us to go deeper, if we can hear and heed its “signals”.

These echoes are hardly recognizable at first, but become more audibly-apparent as we shed our layers of conditioning, programming and trauma/wounding. It’s the voice of Spirit and the Divine, asking us to recognize our true nature, to keep going deeper within…to self-realize, self-actualize.

It should be noted that “awakening” is a process that is different for each and every one of us as we reach towards higher/broader levels of consciousness. For example, relatively speaking, you can be “awake” to the basic 3D aspects of the Matrix, but if you get stuck there (especially when there is lack of sincere inner work taking place), you’ll still be subjected to hyperdimensional interferences and manipulation, especially when you’re caught in the external expression of shadow-projection.

Being “awake” (or “woke”, as the cool kids like to say) about the matrix and the various control mechanisms and deceptions – and based on a purely intellectual informational level – is a necessary stage of growth, but only the very beginning stage of a true Awakening …and cannot even be called “taking the red pill” from an esoteric perspective. This stage of awareness are mere baby steps which must be taken prior to crossing the threshold towards self-realization, which entails esoteric self-work, embodiment [soul integration] and alchemical internal transformation in order to reach a higher level of being/consciousness …one that is based upon frequency vibration. The neurological mind can’t go there, and is, in fact, an obstacle to higher awareness beyond the five senses. This is not a very pleasant process at times, especially at the beginning stage, for it results in utter disillusionment and death of the conditioned personality, which doesn’t like to give up and let go of control that easily.

For that reason, many people in their process of seeking “truth” wind up avoiding sincere inner work by constantly externalizing the “dark” (especially with regards to shadow projection) side of reality, and thus get lost in the information swamp or hooked on sensationalism, mechanical activism, or wind up locked in the tunnel vision of the 3D matrix, decorated as it is with shadows on the wall, which is a puppet-on-a-string-pulling trap in itself, and only works in favor of the occult matrix architects. But “self-work” – to truly “Know Thyself” – is also a tricky thing, and self-deceptions in this pursuit are very common.

Some people tend to over-estimate themselves with regards to their level of being/awareness. They claim to “know themselves” when they actually mistake “the Self” for their personality (with its more subtle programming/conditioning features) …or they talk about “living their truth”, which can also be a falsehood which misleads/distorts the actual calling of the self, and instead acts as a self-justification, a denial, and a buffer. I also see people talking about the hyperdimensional matrix, claiming to be “free” from it, but don’t realize/see how it’s still working through them, especially when they get trapped in victim, blame, martyr, or savior consciousness archetypal programming.

It is important to understand the fundamentals of true deep self-work, especially since much of that has been corrupted and over-simplified via New Age/pop-spirituality and pop-psychology mechanisms. The most difficult aspect to grasp in esoteric self-work is detecting and confronting the moment-to-moment lies we are telling ourselves, and the buffers/masks we create so as to avoid the internal friction that is necessary to ignite the alchemical fire of transformation within.

– Bernhard Guenther

from “The Perilous Path Towards Awakening”

Reality Bytes || Tartaria, Mud Floods, Resets and the Theft of Your Mind!

IMHO, the importance of the subject matter discussed today is rivaled only by the revelation of the flat earth itself, so you will want to be sure to tune in. With that said …

Today, we welcome Martin Liedtke from Flat Earth British, UAP, and Alex, the Flat Earth Man from the Conspiracy Music Guru channel.

We start the show with a world premier video from Alex called ‘Don’t Let Them Take Your Mind’.

We then go on to discuss the ancient civilization of Tartaria, their technology and architecture which is found all over the world, the so called ‘mud floods’, and the apparent ‘reset’ phenomenon which takes place periodically – including the much talked about EMPCOE or Electromagnetic Plasma Changeover Event, which is speculated for our near future. We then connect these topics to so called extra-terrestrials, UFO’s, the identity of our ‘overlords’, and much more!

Reader: More from Greg Rubini — The Fate of US Intelligence Agencies

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

The 4 Intelligence Agencies that will remain are:
– NSA (Sigint)
– NRO (Space, Satellites)
– DIA (Mil Intel)
– FBI (domestic Intel – under DOJ)

All the other useless 13 Agencies will cease to exist. These 4 Intel Agencies will report directly
to the (restructured and shrinked) National Security Council.

The National Security Council will brief the President.

The ONI (US Navy Intel), INSCOM (US Army Intel), 25th AF (US Air Force Intel) will all be incorporated into the DIA (Mil Intel) the NSA will be totally re-organized, and shrunk.

The NSA will not more be allowed to spy on innocent citizens, not at home, neither abroad.

The NSA will spy only on criminals and dangerous (defined) targets. The CIA will be totally dismantled, and thrown to the trash. Several (not all) the crimes committed by the CIA – since 1947 – will be exposed.

Article link:

U.S. House Commerce Committee Accuses FCC of Collusion with Big Wireless on 5g Roll Out | The Conscious Resistance Network

The Chair of the U.S. House Commerce Committee has sent a letter to the FCC  requesting copies of communications between the agency and the “Big Wireless” corporations. On January 24, Frank Pallone, Chairman of the U.S. House Commerce Committee, sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission asking for copies of communications between the FCC and […]

Source: U.S. House Commerce Committee Accuses FCC of Collusion with Big Wireless on 5g Roll Out | The Conscious Resistance Network

Ecology || A coalition of giant brands is about to change how we shop forever, with a new zero-waste platform

Loop will send you name-brand products, like Tide detergent, Crest mouthwash, or Häagen Dazs ice cream. When you’re done, you ship the empty container back, where it gets cleaned and reused for the next customer.   […]

Source: A coalition of giant brands is about to change how we shop forever, with a new zero-waste platform

An Open Letter To People Who Boil Animals Alive

Dear Reader,
Being boiled alive is easily one of the worst ways to dieImagine this:

As boiling water touches your body, your extremities are the first to burn. These extremities include your fingertips, which have more nerve endings than many other areas of your body.

Once your outer layers are “cooked,” your organs will begin to heat up until the liquid in your body starts boiling them. Your entire body will turn red and start to blister. You may even smell yourself boiling. (Are you gagging yet? Did the body-boiling-your-organs line get you?)

You’ll feel the intense pain. It will be prolonged. And you’ll be conscious for most of it, provided your brain doesn’t boil first. It’s not a quick death by any means.

I always knew how horrible boiling animals alive was. So much so that I refused to eat animals killed in this way (mainly lobsters) before I went vegan. Even as a child I knew what it felt like to be burned by boiling water and steam simply from cooking pasta. I couldn’t imagine inflicting that pain on an animal’s entire body.

I was appalled last week reading of a restaurant in Maine that purportedly gets lobsters stoned before boiling them alive. Can you even believe? […]

Read the entire letter here:

Expand Energy, Performance and Endurance with C60 Purple Power

We must share about this amazing compound that has positively worked to begin healing our Reiki Grandmaster David Crawford’s COPD symptoms within 72 hours of sublingual dosing therapy … faster than anything we’ve tried, including CBD oil.  We are floored with David’s ongoing health results. This C60 oil has a myriad of effective applications.  If you’re fighting for your health, you must check this out!

Start experiencing the life enhancing benefits of C60 Purple Power. We use only the best quality, cold-pressed oils and our product is more pure than any on the market!  […]

Article Source:  Home

Another resource from where you can obtain C60 Oil (and the source of the C60 David is presently using):  Gaea’s Garden

Nova Scotia to allow First people to swear on eagle feathers rather than a Bible

The RCMP has officially introduced eagle feathers into the Nova Scotia justice system.

On Monday the force announced the feather is being added alongside affirmations and the Bible as an object to swear upon while giving a testimony under oath.

“To wear or to hold an eagle feather causes our creator to take immediate notice,” explained Donald Julien, a member of the Mi’kmaq community and former veteran for the Canadian Armed Forces and United Nations. He emphasised the important symbolism of the eagle feather to First Nations people. “[This is a] wonderful show of understanding and the acknowledgement of our traditional ways of expressing our prayer,” he said.

Read article here:


Health and Healing || 15 year old boy invents cancer test ‘26,000 times less expensive’ with 100 percent accuracy rate

One of Thomas Edison’s great quotes is “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Edison lived this statement daily in the process of creating the light bulb. Thomas Edison made his own hand blown glass bulbs, tried 3,000 different theories of creating an element that would lower the amount of electrical power required […]

Source: 15 year old boy invents cancer test ‘26,000 times less expensive’ with 100 percent accuracy rate

LISTEN To This! What Is Going on, Nobody in California is Talking About This!!

I have a lot of respect for Deborah Tavares … She’s one of the Northern California Fire victims … she has researched the following issues quite thoroughly and I sincerely urge each of you to listen closely to what she has to say in this video. It’s us continuing to not take these issues seriously that is keeping all of us down … and we need to take back our country, from the grassroots level. Open your minds and BE intelligent by being informed. Now.