Study Finds Cows Talk, Share Feelings, and are Deserving of Our Compassion – One Green Planet

A new study at the University of Sydney has found that cows tell their feelings through moos. Cows have individual vocal identifiers and change pitch to match their emotions. Cows respond to both positive and negative emotions with their own “voice.”

Source: Study Finds Cows Talk, Share Feelings, and are Deserving of Our Compassion – One Green Planet

All For Love, with Matt Kahn

The Law of Attraction is a collaboration, not a form of control. It is a co-creative dance merging the power of your will with alignments to various timelines of potential that allow the advancement of consciousness, or transformation, to occur. There are many people who have attempted to employ the Law of Attraction, as it has been historically taught, with a mixed bag of results.

The sticking point in the Law of Attraction is nearly identical to the sticking point in the journey of healing.

As someone who has been working in close collaboration with the Universe as a healer for the past 15 years, I have come to see the complexities that exist between someone’s desire to heal and the journey of healing meant to unfold.

Imagine a child has aspirations of becoming a chef. They spent time visualizing their future as a chef with a myriad of awards and restaurants, so much so that they now feel ready to walk into a professional kitchen and create the dishes they’ve dreamed of. Imagine if that child walked into a professional kitchen, having to dodge the traffic of a busy cooking line and, to their frustration, what they imagined would happen when they entered the kitchen has not come to be. It would be easy for this child to conclude that their imagination creates false realities and to give up dreaming entirely. And yet, there’s a voice inside this child that says: “You have made it to the right environment where you are meant to be, but it will take years to help you cultivate the personal maturity, as well as the skills needed, to work in and run a professional kitchen.”

From this moment of insight, the child realizes their desire is what put them on their destined path that will require much training and preparation in order for their dreams to be fulfilled.

This is much the same with implementing the Law of Attraction, or even the endeavor of healing. Your desire for wellness, or helping others– or your desire for any ‘greater’ circumstance, places you on a path where an intricate journey of transformation unfolds. Such a journey involves the Universe helping all of us unravel our core ego structure of unconsciousness, which creates space for the soul to awaken and raise our vibration to a frequency where we can simultaneously exit one timeline while entering another.

Throughout your spiritual journey, the most mature question you can ask yourself is: “How much of me will need to change in order to access the goals in mind?”

Such a question helps you realize that a co-creative partnership with the Universe will be: one part your doing or effort, and another part the Universe ‘undoing the outdated you’ that is ready to fulfill its mission by returning to Source. When focused too much on reaching the endpoint of your goal, instead of embracing the journey of transformation itself, you identify with the very ego structure the Universe is unraveling which creates symptoms such as despair, loneliness, apathy, confusion, boredom, anger, resentment, fear, addictive tendencies, exhaustion and ungroundedness.

Just as a child dreaming of being a chef must go to culinary school to learn and work their way up the rankings in a professional kitchen, each and every spiritual being that yearns to attract greater circumstances or heal themselves (or others) must understand the education process the Universe provides when such a desire to transform arises.

You aren’t going to attract your envisioned reality simply because you desired it.

You will step into a higher dimension of potential because you will have outgrown your old reality by allowing the Universe to help you think, feel, and respond differently to the perceptions in view.

There is a Law of Attraction, but it isn’t a spiritual form of Amazon Prime. Instead, it is a rather clever play on words suggesting: “You are attracted to greater circumstances, not because those circumstances will make you any happier, but because your true happiness is evolving into a higher version of yourself where those new shiny objects are merely symbols for the joy and fulfillment you will feel as a newly-transformed you.”

Will you get what you want? Will it be in this lifetime, or are you merely planting seeds for future incarnations?

Only time will tell. It’s a tricky question for two simultaneous reasons: Your higher self wants to be you at a higher level of consciousness, while your ego yearns to stay at its current level of conditioning but with “better” bells and whistles to be engaged by.

Because the unconsciousness of ego contains the largest amount of emotional density carried in your energy field, the Universe, en route to helping you transform, must do everything in its power to unravel your ego to create space for a higher consciousness to emerge. As your ego is unraveled, if viewing from that vantage point of conditioning, your experience will seem like: the Universe is ignoring me, I am alone, nothing seems to change, everyone is against me or never giving the way I do, life is unfair—or how come other people have the opportunities that I deserve? Such examples highlight the pattern of victimhood being unraveled in your ego, which is always sent from the Universe as a gift to receive and never a punishment of any kind. This is a very deep and meaningful process—and it’s no one’s fault.

Transformation is a vision quest,
not a list of demands to fulfill.

All too often the Universe will help you outgrow the need for the things you desire from your conditioning, to make room for the worthiness to have what you purely desire, while equally recognizing it’s not about the things you desired but rather the level of consciousness required to have those things.

I say all this as someone who is quite skilled at activating the Law of Attraction. On many occasions, I am able to manifest things instantly. In other instances it takes hours, days, or months, depending upon the current trajectory of my expanding consciousness. When someone comes to an event, retreat, or participates in programs like Angel Academy and Total Integration, I am working directly with the Akashic Records to determine how much can be transformed when in my presence and what I need to do to activate this healing. I will ask, “Can I move them into a new timeline?” If yes, whatever needs to be done will instantly occur to facilitate such change. Often times I hear, “They need a greater percentage of their ego integrated in preparation for such an advancement.” So I ask, “What percentage of ego can I help release in accordance with their Akashic Record?” Once I receive the answer, the very experience one has is exactly the medicine needed to move them forward in evolution.

When a person (or group) is ready for such a transformation, there are limitless tools and capacity a truly aligned healer can implement.

The Universe will help me search for access points into parallel dimensions where healing has already occurred. The Universe will grant me the power to shape shift subtle energy bodies into radical states of wellness. The Universe will grant me the permission and capacity to rewire the subconscious and clear out cellular debris to inspire the remission of illness, the discovery of emotional freedom, transcendent bliss, and even moments of heavenly revelation. Not because I decided so, but because the Universe let me know what that person (or group) was ready to receive.

On a personal level, I want to radically shift each person’s circumstances in the blink of an eye. And yet, there is a system and protocol that I must follow and it’s the exact same framework being taught to you as your journey advances.

We’re all working with divine timing, not our personal will’s timing—for ourselves, and those we’re wanting to help/support.

Since the primary focus of the Universe is the integration of ego, the ego often lets go in moments of defeat, disappointment, or disillusionment. If you are identifying with ego, you will be experiencing such a crucial moment of defeat to clear out more conditioning, while erroneously believing it’s another sign that you aren’t worthy of the change you envision.

As you align with the healers and wayshowers who also act as loving companions throughout your journey, as well as educators of a new spiritual paradigm, you will come to see life is not about what you have or don’t have — financially, physically, emotionally or even spiritually. It’s a matter of embracing your current circumstances as the most fertile soil through which your awakened consciousness can blossom.

While the ego asks, “How can I make this different?”, the soul inquires, “How is this a perfect set-up to help me mature, grow, and expand?”

Having the power to always make things the way you want them would surely snuff out the greater gift of complexity throughout life’s journey. At a certain point in your evolution, you will realize that everything takes time on this planet because that’s what you incarnated to experience. Each of us came to Earth to manifest at a much slower speed than in Heaven, so we can get up close and personal with the inner workings of the Universe and get to know the journey of our growth at each vibrational level from start to finish.

With greater love for yourself and others, you can slow the pace of your ambitions to explore each facet of your reality from a more mature standpoint.

Just as a child envisioning being a chef might dream of running their first restaurant as a refuge from the slow agonizing pace of learning in culinary school, the wisdom of life reminds the child, “If you think culinary school is challenging, you have no idea what awaits you in a professional kitchen. Only by thriving in school may you succeed in the areas such schooling prepared you for.”

There is a reason you have what you have. There is a reason you don’t have what you don’t. It’s not a punishment or a sign that you are out of alignment. It is merely another stage of cosmic preparation, where the Universe is more interested in helping you embody your spiritual mastery than stalling your evolution with the brand new ‘objects’ only your ego insists will make you more joyful, happy, nourished, and fulfilled.

Yes. It is time to AWAKEN.

Energy Update | January 27, 2020

You WILL experience your dreams as a reality for you. It is a must. It’s already done.

You now must begin to own your manifestation as yours! Doesn’t that feel good? Act on it. Be consistent. Make that choice. Move into it. You are being supported by the universe in every way.

All your thoughts matter. All your ideas and visions will thrive. You will start to be more conscious of noticing what you think and speak happening.

Sometimes, it might be seeing something you were thinking about everywhere or even noticing what you talk about happen. You recognizing this pattern is already helping you shift.

You’re having many realizations. You’re starting to see not only know but to actually see how powerful your thoughts are. It’s not about reading about it, but experiencing it for yourself so nobody can ever tell you what’s possible for you.

You truly are magical and now more than ever it’s time for you to own it. It’s time to shine your light and make it happen. Whatever that’s been calling you in your soul, follow through with it.

This is also a time to take that leap of faith. Don’t even think about how and what’s next. Follow your gut/intuition. You have all the answers within you and I believe this is a great year for you. Keep your mindset on your vision. Keep believing in yourself. Remember why you even wanted all of this. Remember why you even started.

It’s time for you see how powerful you are.

The conditions and challenges in front of you are from the past. You have a chance to think new thoughts so you can reshape it all. Spend time imagining the possibilities and make changes in your habits. Celebrate your blessings now and be happy with yourself today.

Lifestyles | In Japan, Less is More

Recently, I spent several weeks travelling around Japan, experiencing firsthand the Japanese people’s respect for authority, reverence for nature, and kind consideration of other fellow beings, which was truly edifying. While I was certainly impressed by the graciousness of the Japanese, what fascinated me the most is their practice of the Zen Buddhist philosophy, “less … Continue reading “In Japan, Less is More”

Source: In Japan, Less is More – The Statesman


Susan Levitt


Create good luck in Rat year. No need to get caught in the rat race!
Feng shui is part of Chinese medicine whereby health can be restored and maintained in a balanced and peaceful environment.

2020 and 2021 are Metal years. In feng shui, the element Metal is represented by the clean, pristine environment that shines like real metal. Regardless of the lucky element in your birth chart, everyone benefits by developing the element Metal for the next two years.

Join me for my 2020 Year of the Metal Rat talk!
Sunday January 26, 2:00 – 4:00 PM
East West Bookshop,  324 Castro Street
Mountain View CA
Link to tickets

If there ever was a time to reduce and remove clutter, it’s now. Rat year is an excellent time to organize and clean up, especially your financial records. There’s always a focus on money in a Rat year.

The element…

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Health & Healing | Art Therapy Is Finally Being Taken Seriously As A Tool For Boosting Health 

Art gives us a unique opportunity to express ourselves, as it reveals our most intimate emotions, considerations, fears, and dreams, to the rest of the world. Most people find art relaxing, soothing, and inspiring. Yet, it turns out that it can offer us much more than many of us hoped for, as scientists suggest that […]

Source: Art Therapy Is Finally Being Taken Seriously As A Tool For Boosting Health – Healthy Food House

A.I. | Bongo the robot dog: Like a real dog but quieter, cleaner and cheaper

Japan is the only country in the world in which pets outnumber children. Kids and pets are closely linked in Japan: as the number of newborns shrinks, the number of cats and dogs is rising. Not that you’d know it walking the streets of Tokyo. Despite the rising number of […]

Source: Bongo the robot dog: Like a real dog but quieter, cleaner and cheaper

Connecting Reiki with medicine | Full Circle Fund Therapies Charity | St George’s Hospital

Full Circle Fund Therapies introduces Connecting Reiki with Medicine, aiming to lead to well-designed studies researching Reiki in a clinical setting […]

Source: Connecting Reiki with medicine | Full Circle Fund Therapies Charity | St George’s Hospital

REIKI is slowly being integrated into Mainstream allopathic medical settings … all the more reason that you keep abreast of our unique Reiki skillset. You never know where this 2020 decade will take you from here! Download this academic paper and read all about our future with Reiki:

Musings …

✨✨✨✨Vertical connection✨✨✨✨

The way to pursue being a witness to the light is to live today. The hopes for tomorrow, the regrets or memories of yesterday, aid in many things but do not aid in bearing witness to the love and the light within. By the time the impulse has reached the manifested expression it no longer bears witness to truth but to the judgment of the individual who is editing the self. Therefore, go ahead and edit the self, for such is the way of service to others. But allow the self to heal from these expressions by spending time and attention just letting go of and releasing the pains and joys alike to the infinite One. These are the harvests that the Creator desires. These are the expressions of love that the Creator appreciates. Just as you are, you are loved, and this is the thing of the moment, for each moment, each instant is as that point from which a universe of possibility depends. Each moment is a moment of choice. Each moment is an opportunity for witness. Each moment is infinite.

— Q’uo, The Law Of One

Extremely Powerful Morning Mantra to Start the Day | 432Hz | Om Shri Anantaha (1 hr.)

Om Shri Anantaha | Narayana | Is very powerful mantra to Start your mornings with. Make it a habit to Chant this every morning, Add this small thing in your routine. To start with You can play this track and over the time you can memorize the mantra and chant on your own. And you will feel the difference in your energy levels and attitude.

Another great way is to Chant this Mantra 3 times when starting the meditation. It invokes all 7 energy centers in our body.

The Mantra:






It’s the Bhagwan Vishnu Mantra, with this Mantra We call upon the peaceful, powerful, positive energies of the Supreme creator.

OM is the Primordial Sound of the Universe

Narayanaha is the Vedic Supreme God according to Vedas, and is also known as Vishnu and Hari.

May auspiciousness be unto Lord Vishnu,

May all auspiciousness be unto the one who has the Garuda as his flag

May all auspiciousness be unto the Lord with lotus-like eyes,

And auspiciousness to Hari.


Energywork | Elemental Evocation

Especially for the Philippines, Australia, California and Puerto Rico …

As we cycle through the elements of
Earth Air Fire Water and Aether …
Spirit, the place where all elements come together …
Where our connection to Divinity
Flows through our connection with Breath …

To Wisdom,
To Inspiration:

Take a breath with me and
Let’s celebrate the Elements
Today, and every day …

We welcome you
Air that’s in our Breath
Fire that sparks our synapses
Water and all the fluids of our body
Earth that is our skeleton and muscle
And Spirit that inspires us to Create
And to be in relationship with the whole Universe:

Holy Mother in whom we live, move and have our Being
From you all things emerge,
And unto you all things return.

Open our hearts this blessed Day
Touch our bodies and our minds
Walk with us through
The Gates of Power, Shadow and Starlight
Of Fire meeting Earth …
The Wind on the Ocean
And the sweet kiss of Life …

Blessed be our Journey.

May the blessings of all the World be upon you
The inspiration of all the Elements
May they flow through you
With each and every breath …

Blessings of the Divine Mother!

(c) Victoria Generao

Energy Update | January 12, 2020

Be consistent right now. Keep the visualizations going. Keep the affirmations going. Keep being positive about everything. Every moment counts. Don’t judge yourself or even judge the timing of everything. Enter a state of gratitude, celebration, and completion of your manifestations. Everything is already yours. What you think about belongs to you. What you feel is making its way towards you. What you want wants you. What you give your energy to grows and amplifies in your awareness. Stay focused on purpose. Let what goes, go. Let what comes, enter. Just keep speaking, thinking, and feeling power over your life. Nothing is complicated when you learn to just breathe, believe, and trust that everything is already happening for you. You just need to keep shinning from within and being patient with yourself. Be loving to yourself. You are very special and you being here right now shows that your life means so much more than what you can understand sometimes. Start noticing the beauty about existence. The small things like your aliveness and your energy. Your mind. Your abilities. The billion things happening every second for you that doesn’t require your conscious attention. You are being supported so feel light today. Feel warmth and love. Feel energized to be your greatest through recognizing it and allowing it now. Keep going.

“Boy Genius” Is Now a Young Man With a Plan to Remove All Plastic From Oceans by 2050 – Healthy Food House

We can do wonders if we decide to never stop dreaming. The dream of a young boy, Boyan Slat, eventually resulted in an invention that taught the entire world a lesson and can combat one of the main problems of modern society- plastic pollution. At the age of 18, the young genius launched a nonprofit […]

Source: “Boy Genius” Is Now a Young Man With a Plan to Remove All Plastic From Oceans by 2050 – Healthy Food House

Paradigm Shift | The Reset, by L’Aura Pleiadian


Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon, January 10th, 2020 ~ The RESET

This PROFOUND Full MOON in Cancer and LUNAR Eclipse is on January 10th, 2020 at 1:21 pm AST.

Are you ready for your RESET and living through your heart?

Your heart is the space to live through as powerful forces, unleashed through the subconscious and collective, present themselves. Those standing powerfully in the eternal will experience a reset and live through higher levels of their heart and love.

Those immersed in fear, will still experience the moment to moment heart awareness and opportunities to enter love more deeply.

All love starts with self-love! Being present NOW and your heart is the only eternal refuge, as all unfolds.

This Lunar eclipse is opposite Mercury. Be consciously aware that clear communication through your heart as the only true connection which goes beyond words. This connection is first with YOU to you. Do you know yourself? What triggers you and why? Are you paying attention?

This Lunar eclipse opposite Saturn~ for those not in their heart, depression, negative thinking, victim consciousness, is all up to BE PRESENT with. So as to be become more aware of all memories that are awaiting YOUR conscious love.

This powerful Lunar eclipse opposite Pluto ~ may bring up with great intensity drama, non gratefulness, jealousy, living through masks, SO as to bring to conscious LIGHT THROUGH THE HEART ~ so as to love yourself MORE.

The Lunar eclipse trine Neptune, lends the graceful gentle help of OPENING your heart more.

All of this continues what began with the Powerful New Moon and new Eclipse cycle, lasting 6 months.

So, where are you at within you? Do you love yourself? Or do you just say you do? Do you know what that means to fully love yourself?

Being filled with love is the most MAJESTIC, Glorified and beautiful WAY to forever BE. This love way of being is what all of the Angels, Ascended Masters, Creator Gods, ALL Beings of Divine Light ARE ~ Being consciously. This is what you are eternally and now uniting WITH consciously. AS all that is not yet loved, is loved within you.

Remembering Venus ~ LOVE is what this is all about.

This is your RESET and your Ascension experience!

The shift in each being is to the awareness of what they ARE. The power of creation is PURE LOVE and it is the substance of creation itself.

IN this Love We activate you now! Feel through your HEART and receive now ❤