Energy Update | October 13, 2019

LightBody Tuning to Higher Frequencies ~

All are being tuned to higher frequencies. Realities are not as they once were.

Those moving into existence as a multi-dimensional being of consciousness will notice subtle changes very rapidly when measured against the old ways of “time”.

Time expands and contracts, as do you as an energy. Your mind will expand to see that which you could not previously see. The more you embrace it, the “easier” it will appear to be.

As your LightBody continues to form, all things dense continue to come up for release in your outer worlds. Dense is simply anything that holds you back. Anything you identify with that is not out of love. And anything that separates one from another.

For many, they are working to purge material things, attachments, relationships, memories, all energetic cords…. and get ready to bring in the new. They are allowing the heavy things to fall away. This is an exquisite time if one allows it to be.

The physical body is changing in ways that logic cannot comprehend. Your DNA strands are activating further. While many are experiencing unexplainable physical adjustments, what feels & sounds like air “moves through” to “tune” one’s energy to dissolve etheric inconsistencies that remain. You are syncing AS an energy, rather than TO an energy as once perceived.

Words will change & become softer. Kindness and compassion continue to move in. For many there will be periods where words are just not applicable and feeling like language is changing is exactly as it seems to be. Many will speak and not hear what they did before. As they are hearing & transmitting in frequency. Soon all will be energetic communication and language barriers continue to fall away. For the language of one is energy. Here spoken words are no longer necessary.

Seeing expands beyond that of the human eyes while hearing transcends the limits of the human ears. For as you become the energy you have forgotten, you are no longer limited to the realms of the physical reality you once knew.

You are coming home to that which you already are. Allow yourself to continue to remember by trusting that which you cannot see.

~ Lisa Brown

Energy Update | October 8, 2019

I FEEL THIS! I hope it finally all happens for you. A spiritual breakthrough. A financial breakthrough. A high energy breakthrough. A healing breakthrough. A love breakthrough. A healthy living breakthrough. A mental health breakthrough. A emotional health breakthrough. It is time to finally receive. Some kind of breakthrough. Some kind of sign to restore your hope and make you 100x more of a believer because you have finally seen a miracle happen. This is the time. It is now. We are ready. You are ready. Get your mind and emotions in order. Get yourself together. Celebrations are arriving in a major way. It’s even those inner breakthroughs that are so important. Those aha moments that life is starting to make sense. That trust you’re starting to have. That self-love you’re starting to feel just being you. This is the beginning for all of this. This is your reminder. I feel this deeply and I hope it resonates with your heart as you begin to make your dreams a reality. You are living the most unexplainable life beaming with mystery. All you can do is trust right? All you can do is believe right? It’s all so fascinating anyways why not imagine your wildest dreams in while you’re at it. Loosen up a bit. Play more. Relax. Don’t be too serious. Don’t get all caught up. Laugh at yourself and your situation. Lighten things up so your spirit can thrive. You are okay and you are doing your best. Step out of your own way and let your inner light shine. This is your time!

Energy Update | October 7, 2019

It all starts with you. How you feel about yourself. What you silently and boldly affirm. No matter what’s happening, give yourself that extra love and care. You’re transforming, growing, releasing, and becoming more aware. You’re realizing your worth and what you deserve. You’re awakening to your own mental powers that it all starts within you. This realization brings so much potential, hope, and possibilities, but at the same time a rebirth. You’re shedding so much of your past self and coming out on top. Step by step. Moment by moment. It’s all happening in such a divine way. Don’t judge yourself for your current situation, experience, or circumstance. Learn from it. Grow from it. Evolve from it. Decide right now that you are ready to move forward into your blessings. Loving yourself is the highest frequency. Nurture your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Take some time for yourself to get your inner world in order. Everything external you have already created. Something new must now emerge. It’s time for new thoughts, new visions, and new goals. The old habits or things that haven’t worked aren’t surviving your personal growth. It’s getting easier to let go of what doesn’t work because you love yourself. It’s all good to because you’re making peace with it. You are forgiving yourself. You are forgiving ever situation. You are free and feeling light allowing the excess to go. Your mind and heart is feeling lighter. It’s all okay. You are such a gift for this planet. Your existence makes an impact on everything. Love yourself. Feel good about who you are. This is the start of your magical journey. Everything will begin to seem unreal. You’ll be so glad you decided. There’s a whole world and many possibilities waiting for you to make that choice. It’s time.
—  Idil Ahmed

Cymatics | Super Senses | Activate Brain to 100% Potential ✔ Third Eye Opening Binaural Beats Music 

Ambient Music Activate Brain to 100% Potential & Binaural Beats Third Eye Opening Music Subliminal Visualization & Manifestation Video for Spiritual Awakening. Most Powerful Music For Pineal Gland Activation & Binaural Beats Meditation for Third Eye.

The Third Eye also called Mind’s Eye or Inner Eye is Spiritual Concept of Speculative Invisible Eye which gives Perception beyond Our Normal Sight. In Dharmic Spiritual The Third Eye also refer as Ajna (or Brow) Chakra which is above of our Brows in the Center of our Head. The Third Eye Stimulation Meditation Music Binaural Beats Music for Deep Meditation Theta Brainwave Experience which Increase Inner Peace, Deep Relaxation, Increment of Memory, Increase Spiritual Connection and Spiritual Awakening. Binaural Beats Brain Power Music enhance and grant the access to higher consciousness, enlightened state and Activate Brain to 100% Potential for Third Eye Opening.

Health and Wellbeing | A Champion Gymnast With Down Syndrome Becomes A Model And Breaks Stereotypes 

In spite of being raised in the spirit of “everybody is beautiful in their own way”, in reality, we became victims of the modern model of “perfect beauty”. We are bombarded by the photos of ideally-looking models on a daily basis, and it seems that there is no room for any different-looking person. Yet, Chelsea […]

Source: A Champion Gymnast With Down Syndrome Becomes A Model And Breaks Stereotypes – Healthy Food House

Energy Update | October 4, 2019

Being a multi-dimensional being does not need any validation from the external world. When you dream and feel, you are in a different reality. It might be a too abstract thought, but if you start peeling off the layers of conditioned thinking and start tapping into that innocence that you had as a child, you realize the vastness of existence. 💫

Energy Update | October 2, 2019

Things are literally shifting in your favor. Every single thing that is happening in your life right now is a nudge, a sign, a calling to move forward into your desired state. Don’t attach yourself to anything that’s not lifting you higher. This is a time to step up and step into where you’re headed. You make the claim not only on a mental level, but through action. Everything you associate yourself with is an energy you’re saying you accept in your life. Is it lifting you higher or keeping you stagnant? Are you moving upwards in your mind? Habits? Choices? This is what that feeling you’ve been having is all about. A feeling that something has to give. Well your blessings are here. It’s already with you. You can choose to recognize it and enter a new path. Associate your mind with something greater. Don’t be controlled by few habits, certain situations, the past, or things that no longer lift you up. You have to take your attention back and direct it towards what you want. You are the power that choices what and who you share your life force with. Be bold today. Cut it out. Cut it off. It’s a new month and you can finally decide to get better. The greatest feeling is seeing all your self-work and self-investment pay off. It’s all happening for you today and you can claim that as your truth now. As s new month, set your intention for what you want to manifest and create by the end of this month. Set your intention on the renewed you and the renewed mindset. Where would you be? What would you be doing? Feel that as your truth. It’s time to make this month consciously a success. Declare it. Claim it. Make the choice!




The Crystal-Rose Flame of Love. Embark on a journey and allow your consciousness to take you to The Crystal-Rose Flame Temple of Love in Telos, Lemurian City of Light, beneath Mount Shasta, CA … guided by Master Paul the Venetian with the energy of the Holy Spirit and Adama, High Priest of Telos.

Relax into the embrace of the Love Flame energies of the Third Ray, where the Eternal Flame of Cosmic Love perpetually radiates. Healing, heart opening meditation assisting you on your spiritual journey back to yourself.

Energy Update | October 1, 2019

When you are busy counting your blessings, you switch your energy state from lack and limitations to abundance and manifestations. I am blessed is a declaration and a deep feeling that you trust the universe. You are always taking your mind from the repetitive cycle of looking for what’s wrong to seeing what’s right in your life by celebrating your blessings now. This powerful way of thinking and speaking has shifted my life. It uplifts your mood, it opens doors within your spirit, and takes you on a journey of bliss. Happiness is a choice by being busy declaring you are blessed so you change how you feel. You will no longer wait for circumstances to change to be blessed or happy. You are speaking it now. Shifting your mind and welcoming what’s already yours. Your attitude is the most important thing happening in your life not what’s happening. Adjust your mental thoughts by calming blessings now. There’s so much good happening in your life. There’s things you might not even notice because your mind has made you forget what’s real. The truth is, you are blessed. You have always been. You just choose to recognize it when “something happens!” That way of living only takes away from your everyday happiness because you’re waiting for things to happen to feel blessed! Celebrate now. Count your blessings. Look around you. Look inside you. You are extremely blessed!

Energy Update | September 30, 2019

Close your eyes and visualize your divine beauty. Release all toxic energy and take in the energy of love. Draw a picture in your mind where you are complete. See your higher-self ascending to a place of peace. Walk with the great masters in a circle of protection. Let go of the old ways of fear and control. Surrender to love, beauty, and peace…

Parable | You Can’t Access Great Wisdom Without The Frequency

The Story:
A Guruji wanted to learn all the great secrets from the Master Babaji. So the Master Babaji agreed to teach him. He said to Guruji, come show up at my doorstep each morning and I will teach you all you need to know. Excited Guruji left.

The next morning, he packed all he needed to make the 4 hour trek up the mountain as he did the day before. Arriving at the Master Babaji’s doorstep with an offering, he sat down and waited. The Master Babaji came out of his meditation and opened the door to meet the Guruji, they spoke about many things, then did a meditation, but no secrets were revealed. He climbed back down the mountain disappointed, but then by the end of the 4 hours it took to get back home, he realized that it was normal that the Master Babaji would not reveal to him any secrets the first day. So, he resolved to get a good night’s sleep and get an early start the next morning.

The next morning, once again, before sunrise, he left the comforts of his home, family and small village and started the 4 hour trek up the mountain to visit the Master Babaji. Once again, the Master Babaji greeted him with kindness, and asked him to fetch some water with which he warmed by the fire and made hot tea for both of them. As they sat he spoke of the arid climate, the herds of animals that he could see in the spring and how the stars looked at night looked during the new moon cycle. Then they did a meditation as they did the day before and then, the Guruji knew from the Master’s gesture, that once again, their time had ended and it was time to go. The Guruji needed to get home before dark and so started on the long trek home, once again enjoying the Master’s company, but once again, was not given any secrets by the Master Guruji.

And so, he did the same thing the next day. And the Master told him tales about a White Tiger, a Red Dragon and a Monkey that could fly, and again they drank tea, meditated, and again no great secrets were revealed. This continued for years.

On the last day of the 8th year, the Master Babaji said to the Guruji, “We are done. Now you know all the great secrets. Go out and teach.”

“But Babaji!” questioned Guruji in opposition, “Do I know all the great secrets? All we have been talking about are the herds of animals, stars and celestial bodies, fairy tale stories and how to make herbal remedies and tea. What great secrets have been revealed to me?”

The Master Babaji responded, “As you have seen me, and just by being with me for all these 8 years, your body has slowly adjusted to my frequency. This is the frequency where all great wisdom exists. You are now enlightened. All will be revealed to you as you go out and teach.”

The Punchline:
What’s the moral of the story?   You can’t access great wisdom without the frequency.

Neuromedicine | Human brain hard-wired for rural tranquillity

Humans may be hard-wired to feel at peace in the countryside and confused in cities – even if they were born and raised in an urban area.

According to preliminary results of a study by scientists at Exeter University, an area of the brain associated with being in a calm, meditative state lit up when people were shown pictures of rural settings. But images of urban environments resulted in a significant delay in reaction, before a part of the brain involved in processing visual complexity swung into action as the viewer tried to work out what they were seeing.  […]

Source: Human brain hard-wired for rural tranquillity

A Blessed Autumnal Equinox!

Can you feel the shift? 🌸

Today is the Fall/Spring equinox depending on what hemisphere you live in, marking the first day of a new season and a day of total equilibrium. This happens at 03:50 am (EDT). Night and day, dark and light are in perfect balance. Now we will experience the shift of seasons and how nature changes in this new cycle. For us in the northern hemisphere, we experience that the light slowly diminishes and nature slowly goes to sleep. 🌸

The Sun moves to the sign of Libra, which is the second air sign in the zodiac. Here we move away from the mind-oriented Virgo and move in to relating to others and creating balance. The Sun today will be right over the equator, moving from north to south and creating equal day and night. 🌸

This has traditionally marked the time of the second harvest celebrations, Mabon, following Lammas and ending with Samhain. This is a celebration for that which we are grateful for and it is a great time to share a nice meal with our loved ones. This has also mythologically been the time when Goddesses Persephone and Inanna descended to the underworld and nature darkenened. It has also been the time when the Sun God dies in order to resurrect again either at the winter solstice or spring equinox. 🌸

I think we all are feeling the shifts as it is true that as above, so below, as without as within. We follow the cycles of nature even in these modern days and we can still connect to the magic of nature. If you can, be in nature, pick from the ground the pine cones, chestnuts and the leaves. Pick some apples or pears and bring it all in to your home and give thanks for all that nature has given us. Today we honor the bounty of nature and we are grateful for all that she provides us with. Happy Equinox!

Energy Update | September 19, 2019

What you’re looking for is looking for you. Your intended vision is already yours. The second you thought of it and believed in it, it has already been claimed by you. It’s making its way to you know. Our mind operates on a mental plane where we visualize, imagine, and create our next experience. This mental plane is as real as the physical one but it can’t be initially seen but within your inner world. This is all taking place when you speak, think, and feel something into existence. This is your power. We give the external experience more credit because it is tangible. Sometimes we might even believe in it too much that we forget that the mental plane exists where we see what’s possible and our true potential that we bring into the physical world. Your experience shouldn’t be limited what your physical senses are showing you. You have the power now to reimagine, recreate, and redesign your life. The only thing is you can’t worry how or when. You should just be busy designing, celebrating, and having fun because you know what you want is already yours. There’s nothing else to it. Fear and doubt has gotten in the way for too long because we only trust what we see not what we believe. Not anymore. It’s time to claim your power that what you want is already yours. This brings automatic ease without needing, forcing, pushing, and trying so hard. Be calm about it because your faith is stronger than what you see. Things can instantly change for you. Don’t ever doubt that. Live in a space of sudden surprises and blessings. Be open to what can happen for you.

Energy Update | September 16, 2019, with Matt Kahn

Over the past 10 years, many light workers have gone through a rapid trajectory of clearings and activations to prepare each of us as anchors of light supporting Earth’s ascension. For most, this period has been filled with reoccurring patterns of loss, chronic illness, emotional upheavals—and also moments of bliss, elation, and profound clarity. While many will say that such ‘relief’ hasn’t lasted long, there is no doubt we, as the leaders of a new spiritual paradigm, are being ushered across a huge threshold in preparation for something incredible.

The question is —
what are we being prepared for
and more importantly, how can we align with
this trajectory so we can begin feeling better
than we’ve felt in the past 10 years —
right here, right now?

This is exactly why I was guided to offer the upcoming “From Clarity to Embodiment” call. It is a broadcast free to all who are called to awaken their deepest purpose, embody their highest potential, and most importantly, learn how to begin feeling good now. In this free call, I will overview the themes of the next 10 year cycle while exploring what we’ve accomplished over the past 10 years, where we are headed, and best of all, where to place your focus for maximum relief and benefit.

Please do everything you can to join us for this incredible call. There are free replays for those who can’t listen live, so please invite your friends and family to join us for this most clarifying, relieving, and inspired broadcast!

Now is the time to step to the forefront of conscious evolution, ridding ourselves of the tendencies of taking on other people’s energies, so to anchor the light of unity consciousness for the benefit and expansion of all.

If you are ready to say goodbye to stress, worry, fear, doubt, and shame, then please join me in two days—this Tuesday—as we take a quantum leap from clarity to the embodiment of our soul’s highest destiny.

Please mark your calendars and reserve your space for free here.

Cymatics | Binaural Beats Meditation to enhance Quantum Creativity

This video contains theta frequencies which will greatly assist in creativity, brainstorming, recalling memories, dream recall, intuitive imagination, and the writing / creation process associated with planning.


The following frequencies are contained in this video:

4.5 Hz Binaural Beats

Increased Creativity Carrier Frequency: 120 Hz (Hyper-Gamma)

Blessings of the Harvest Full Moon

HAPPY FULL MOON!!!  I am now choosing to cleanse myself and release any and all thought forms, beings, situations and energies that are no longer of service to my highest and greatest good… across all planes of my existence, across all universes, and across all lifetimes. I ask that all energies that are less than love be transmuted for the highest good of all. And so it is. 

Energy Update | September 12, 2019

You’ve entered a vortex of consecutive wins. It’s time. You had enough lessons. You did the work. You overcame so much. You believed even when it was hard to. You never gave up. You pushed through it all.

You’ve been patient long enough. You’ve remained strong through many trails and challenges. Nothing broke you. You still here standing strong. It’s your turn. It’s your time. Something you’ve been working on is finally about to pay off. Never worry, stress, or overthink how everything you’re trying to manifest or waiting to receive will happen for you. Just believe that it will. Believe in it.

Now it’s your turn to start receiving blessings and it is about to happen for you. Things are getting more clear. The answers you need are arriving. The universe is getting ready to make a delivery in your life. In the meantime, celebrate and smile like you’ve already received everything you have been asking for.

There’s great power in believing what you can envision in your mind, not really in what’s happening in front of you. Everything that can happen for you, starts with a single thought. You have to believe in it till it shows up. The more you believe in that thought, the more you will feel it. The more you feel it, the quicker it will manifest it into your reality. You should trust in the greater power that’s constantly aligning everything for you through your visions and inner state of being.

Choose to connect with your higher power to guide you through this process of change and receiving.

You will grow stronger everyday, because you trust the energy that sustains you. How can you not trust the source that powers all of life so precisely without a single error? Don’t let fear, negativity, and lower vibrational energy steal your shine. Noticing blessings is just a matter of perspective. See the light in every situation. See what’s moving everything and what’s giving it so much life. Connect with it. Connect with your spirit during this time of great transformations. You’re about to receive in a major way!