Christian Traditions that Have Pagan Roots

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It may surprise you to discover that many Christian traditions were originally (and still are) pagan traditions. When I first started my path, I was amazed at all of the holidays, traditions, and customs that have roots in pagan history. In fact, everything from holidays like Christmas and Easter to the Devil can, technically, be related back to pagan myths, traditions, archetypes, and rituals, but I digress. Instead of overwhelming you with too much history, I thought I would share just a few.

Christian Traditions that Have Pagan Roots

The Christmas Tree

In pagan tradition, namely the Germanic paths which celebrate Jul or Jol (pronounced like Yule or Yole), trees were seen as being inhabited by the gods. Because of this, they often brought a tree into their home during the winter season to keep their god(s) warm and protected. This tradition spread with immigration throughout time. It actually wasn’t until…

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Tarot Contemplation – Three of Swords


Something in your life is harmful and you know it.  Today it is time to let it go.  It’s going to hurt, but this release is also going to create beautiful space for something better.  The sooner you can let go, the sooner you’ll be able to heal.  This is a difficult loss.  Whether it is an end to a relationship, the loss of trust due to betrayal, rejection, losing your job, the end of some sort of ailment through surgery, or letting go of some sort of way of thinking that has ceased to be useful, the loss will not be easy.  However, this release will make room for further growth and maturity.  It is difficult to be optimistic when we are in pain, but pain is a strong motivator to change.  When you feel pain and do something to fix it, you grow.

Tarot Contemplation – Five of Cups


As you can see by the image on this card, the figure is depicting sadness, mourning, disappointment, regret, and perhaps suffering and emotional adjustment …. and so, these feelings might be working on you today.  If you’re feeling sad or down today, honor those feelings.  Don’t try to push them away.  Whatever loss or disappointment you’ve experienced lately deserves to be felt.  When you take the time to really feel your feelings, you can process them, learn from them, and then move forward with greater self-awareness and wisdom.  The loss suffered is of something dear to the heart, whether a relationship, a loved possession, or a cherished dream.  It may be a loss voluntarily taken, but that doesn’t make it any less painful.  The lesson to be learned here is that with loss also comes change … and with change, opportunity.  We can avoid loss if we avoid pursuing our heart’s desire.  But, if we have the courage to risk loss, we may also gain true fulfillment.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Weekly horoscope for 30 January 2017

Sara, Psychic and Astrology Readings

dynamicglasselementsRead on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to

Aries Things are going to work out much better than you anticipate this week. An unexpected twist of fate could be the turning point you have been looking for – especially if you had given up hope. A chance meeting with a gorgeous someone could easily turn your world upside down if you are single, although perhaps not in the way you expect.

Taurus The focus this week is all about getting ahead in the world. Luck is definitely on your side, giving you an opportunity to rise above your work crowd and be noticed in a very positive way.  Trust issues could cause some friction romantically on Wednesday, but will soon be sorted out when you realize it was…

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An Elite Class That Ruled Over the 99%. Sound Familiar? It All Began with the Patricians of Rome | Ancient Origins

In ancient Rome, the patricians (from the Latin word patres, meaning ‘fathers’) were one of the main classes of Roman society. They were the ruling class, and enjoyed great prestige as well as special privileges, which they gladly lorded over the other inhabitants of Rome – for as long as they could.

Source: An Elite Class That Ruled Over the 99%. Sound Familiar? It All Began with the Patricians of Rome | Ancient Origins

Do You Think Breastfeeding a 3-Year-Old is Strange? In the Ancient World, It Saved Lives | Ancient Origins

There was a time in humanity’s history that later weaning of children, up to 3 years, was considered perfectly normal. In fact, late weaning may have actually saved lives by giving kids the nutrition and immunity they needed to survive a harsh world.

Source: Do You Think Breastfeeding a 3-Year-Old is Strange? In the Ancient World, It Saved Lives | Ancient Origins

Revolutionary Ideas for Imbolc, by Renee Lehnen

Naturalistic Paganism

It is winter in the Great Lakes region.  The mall parking lot is filled with cars while a few people skate on the neighbourhood rink. As I swish around, I wonder why people spend money on plastic stuff when they could be playing crack the whip.  I imagine announcing over the mall’s PA system, “Attention shoppers!  Your consumerism reinforces economic systems that plunder the earth, exploit workers, and enrich robber barons.  How about skating instead?”

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January 29, 2017 Is A 22 MasteWhy is 22 Master Number Day!  Why is 22 a Master Number? – Numerology4YourSoul

This Sunday is our first 22 Master Day for 2017 (2+9+0+1+2+0+1+7=22).

Why is 22 a master number? Double 2’s create a powerful impact in relationships of all kinds, especially when we are living in our true authentic selves.

Source: Why is 22 a Master Number? – Numerology4YourSoul

Reality-Surfing the ‘Net: How to Survive the Conspiracy Theory Rabbit Hole (Without Lowering Your Vibration) | Wake Up World

If you’re obsessed with finding the truth, you risk becoming a vibrational match to the truth you find and allowing that energy to steer the course of your life

Source: Reality-Surfing the ‘Net: How to Survive the Conspiracy Theory Rabbit Hole (Without Lowering Your Vibration) | Wake Up World

Happy New Year – Fire Rooster/Phoenix

Otway Journal - coming back to earth

The Way of the Phoenix

Phoenix is a brilliant, inspirational, and fearless visionary. The element Fire is perfect for Phoenix because Fire brings strength, passion, bravery, and leadership. So now is the year to break free, claim your destiny, and overcome obstacles. You can heal past actions, even past lives, with your new awareness.

Success in Phoenix Year

Three tips for success are:

First, pay attention to your health. This is the year to exercise, get in shape, and eat well. If you are exhausted after Fire Monkey 2016, then 2017 is especially your year to focus on health, healing, and restoration.

Bad back for years, not seen a dentist, want to change your weight, or any type of delay in dealing with your health? This is the year to finally address health issues, and not let health challenges drag on. Same with your home. Time to clean out the old…

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Daily Words of the Buddha for January 28, 2017


Pāli Word a Day for January 28, 2017 --  akutobhaya — that which has nothing to fear from anywhere
Pāli Word a Day for January 28, 2017 — akutobhaya — that which has nothing to fear from anywhere

Attānañce piyaṃ jaññā
na naṃ pāpena saṃyuje,
na hi taṃ sulabhaṃ hoti
sukhaṃ dukkaṭakārinā.

If you hold yourself dear
then don’t fetter yourself with evil,
for happiness isn’t easily gained
by one who commits a wrong-doing.

Saṃyutta Nikāya 1.115
Translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Tarot Contemplation – The Empress


She’s back, and just in time to enjoy the weekend and Chinese New Year under a New Moon.  Talk about pregnant with creative possibilities … just like The Empress!  Nourish your body with good, whole foods.  Indulge your senses by going to the Chinese New Year Parade, for example.  Or, simply enjoy the weekend at home tending to your garden and relishing in the fragrances of flowers and trees.  Or, create a no-occasion gathering of creative, empowered people who will enhance your creative spirit.  Whatever you choose to do today, indulge your senses.

2017 New Moon Energies—Grounding

one eternal flame

We are currently coming into the first New Moon of 2017 on January 27, and with it, intensely felt energies. For Twin Souls this is especially true. 2016 was a number 9 year—a year of endings, and 2017 is a number 1 year—new beginnings. A new cycle is beginning with this New moon. Keep in mind that even when we strive for positive change, it can be overwhelming when that change actually starts happening in our reality. Transitions take a strong will, and an even stronger blind faith. You can do it.
With the new energies coming in, we are likely to feel high one minute and low the next. This is normal. Know that these influxes are happening for the highest good of all. We are on a major transition now with Mother Earth. It is impossible for her to heal and change for the better and her people…

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Daily Words of the Buddha for January 27, 2017

Pāli Word a Day for January 27, 2017 — anāvattin — one who does not return

Jayaṃ veraṃ pasavati.
Dukkhaṃ seti parājito.
Upasanto sukhaṃ seti,
hitvā jayaparājayaṃ.

Winning gives birth to hostility.
Losing, one lies down in pain.
The calmed lie down with ease,
having set winning and losing aside.

Dhammapada 15.201
Translated from the Pali by Thanissaro Bhikkhu

The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest – Graham Hancock Official Website

In his book The Orion Zone researcher Gary David shows that the constellation of Orion provides the template by which the Anasazi (the ancestral Hopi) determined the locations of their villages during a migration period across the southwest of the United States that lasted centuries. Spiritually mandated by a god […]

Source: The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest – Graham Hancock Official Website

2017 ~ THE POWER OF 10



2017 is a 10/1 Year in a 10/1 Decade. There are only 9 basic numbers. Every number beyond 9 is a variation of the original 9. Therefore, the natural function of 10 is to bring us to the ‘NEXT LEVEL’, where we start again, but with the advantage of what we learned along the way. (2+0+1+7=10=1).

1 is the starting point. 1 is the ‘seed’, the individual, the SELF. It teaches that we must love ourselves in order to know the depth at which we can love others. Self love is self respect. This year, we are learning about the power of our own uniqueness, individuality, and honest feelings. This is true of any 1 Year, but the DOUBLE-10 energy of 2017 cannot help but have profound evolutionary effects. Self acceptance is the inner peace that brings peace to the outer world.

Learning from previous experience is a central part of the 10…

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