Usui Teate Reiki  ||  Kotodama – Cho Ku Rei  ||  MORNING SOUND HEALING MEDITATION || REIKI || CHO KU REI (Reiki Power Symbol/Level 2 Basic)

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Practice intoning the CKR kotodama, using slow natural diaphragmatic breathing. Make your sound resonate within you as if you are a Tibetan singing bowl that creates your personal tone.

Meditation Cycle: 15 minutes

Try saving and playing this MP3 on a loop for an hour (1 hr.) total today. (That’s 4 rounds on a loop.) Be sure to journal, take note, of the impressions that visit your Mind’s Eye. And then, PRACTICE empowering people, places and things through this kotodama, feeling renewed with your enlivened Reiki abilities!

Usui Teate Reiki  ||  MIDDAY SOUND HEALING MEDITATION || DAI KO MYO (Master Symbol/Level 3 Basic)

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Practice intoning the DKM kotodama, using slow, natural diaphragmatic breathing.  Make your sound resonate within you as if you are a Tibetan singing bowl that creates your personal tone.

Meditation Cycle: 60 minutes

Try saving and playing this MP3 on a loop for longer than an hour (1 hr.) today. Be sure to journal, take note, of the impressions that visit your Mind’s Eye. And then, go make jazz, feeling renewed with your enlivened Reiki abilities!

Health ~ A Million Ways That Lemons Can Save Your Life

Read the entire article here.
Read the entire article here.

America has known about lemons since at least the 16th century, when Christopher Columbus brought them to what is now Florida. Lemons (and limes) were very valuable at the time for the protection they offered against scurvy. During the Gold Rush in California, lemons were so popular and in such unbelievably high demand that people were willing to pay the unheard price of $1 each. This would be expensive even for today, but imagine that in the 1800’s!

Although high levels of vitamin C and alkalizing effects on the body are no doubt among the great reasons to always keep lemons around (or to plant your own tree) these sour fruits have a type of antioxidant known as flavonoids that can fight inflammation, heart disease, and cancer, according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The Ancient Egyptians thought that drinking the juice or eating lemons would protect you from poison. Although there are many health benefits to lemons and their juice, protection from poison might not be one of them, but they will certainly help to protect you from disease and infection, which can save your life. They are also powerful cleaning and beauty agents, which are almost as important, right?!

Well, although we might not have quite a million things listed here, it might seem like it. This list contains valuable information about how you can use lemons for your health, for cleaning, for beauty treatments, and more!

Keep reading to find out just how valuable lemons actually are and why people would pay a buck a piece for one!

Meditation ~ Kundalini Yoga/Reiki Relaxation Session


“Every human action, whether it has become positive or negative, must depend on motivation.”  –The Dalai Lama

Fortify your spirit with a daily “dose” of healthy affirmation, and you can learn to release negative emotions. By replacing them with positive ones, you can help strengthen your emotional reserves, and become more resilient and less susceptible to the effects of stress, anger and resentment.

Spending just a few minutes a day acknowledging the positive forces at work in your life can help weaken the grip of your fears or insecurities and help you sustain your greater plans and intentions for the day and in your larger life goals.

Please take a few minutes now to reflect on showing yourself some loving attention and relax to the beautiful visuals you can experience with this Relaxation Meditation.



1. Ong Namo by Mirabai Ceiba
2. Ra Ma Da Sa by Mirabai Ceiba
3. Ajai Alai by Mata Mandir Singh
4. Chattr Chakkr Vartee by Nirinjan Kaur
5. Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam by Snatam Kaur
6. Sat Siri, Siri Akal by Mirabai Ceiba
7. Guru Ram Das by Amrit Kirtan Kaur
8. Guru Ram Das Raakho Saranaee by Snatam Kaur
9. Mul Mantra by Amrit Kirtan
10. Waah Yantee, Kar Yantee by Mirabai Ceiba
11. Ra Ma Da Sa
12. Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru by Guru Amrit Kaur
13. Narayan Shabd by Ajeet Kaur
14. Ganpati Mantra by Siri Sadhana Kaur
15. Mera Baid by Nirinjan Kaur
16. Mere Raam by Snatam Kaur
17. Long Time Sun (children’s version) by Snatam Kaur
18. Sat Narayan by Ajeet Kaur
19. Earth Prayer by Snatam Kaur
20. Guru Ram Das Chant by Mirabai Ceiba
21. Tithai Too Samarath by Snatam Kaur
22. Ra Ma Da Sa by GuruGanesha Singh
23. Aad Guray Nameh by Nirinjan Kaur
24. Long Time Sun by Mata Mandir Singh


REIKI BOX ~ Healing Petitions and Requests


Giving Back With Aloha

Modern/American Reiki (also known as Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki) is now taught in American medical schools and nursing schools on the East Coast as a positive alternative healing modality support to allopathic medicine. The Art of Reiki is not new to the science of healing. Reiki is ancient esoteric knowledge forgotten by many practitioners and enjoying a revival of interest today. One of the amazing rewards of performing Reiki — energywork — is the ability to work inter-dimensionally, where time, place and distance are minimalized variables.

Our Usui Reiki/Level 2 practitioners and above train to master the ability to send healing energies long-distance, i.e., at least within a 100-mile radius from their physical location. With practice, Practitioners enlarge that transmission distance globally. Our Reiki Master-Teachers/Levels 3-4 are able to transmit healing energies in the form of Chi Balls and Waves across continents. Our Grandmasters reach farther still to heal for the highest good of all, as they focus on the greater societal issues and electromagnetic fluctuations affecting the Planet.

We distribute a current PDF list of people, pets and places identified by Halau members, family and their friends that would immediately benefit from receiving our collective healing energies.

To all Halau Reiki practitioners — please include The Halau’s petitioners in your Reiki Boxes.  The Halau will be sending energies regularly to persons whose names appear on this list.