Usui Teate Reiki  ||  Kotodama – Cho Ku Rei  ||  MORNING SOUND HEALING MEDITATION || REIKI || CHO KU REI (Reiki Power Symbol/Level 2 Basic)

Please download from this link:
Practice intoning the CKR kotodama, using slow natural diaphragmatic breathing. Make your sound resonate within you as if you are a Tibetan singing bowl that creates your personal tone.

Meditation Cycle: 15 minutes

Try saving and playing this MP3 on a loop for an hour (1 hr.) total today. (That’s 4 rounds on a loop.) Be sure to journal, take note, of the impressions that visit your Mind’s Eye. And then, PRACTICE empowering people, places and things through this kotodama, feeling renewed with your enlivened Reiki abilities!

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