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Nā Hālau is a Seminary for the Magdalenae Ordinis Venetae Rosae (Magdalene Order of the Blue Rose), a sub-Order of the cosmic Alpha et Omega Order of Melchizedek.  We are not affiliated with any organized religious community or group. Here, we teach about the enlightenment of human consciousness and Sophian Gnosis.  We celebrate your commitment to expanding your ascending consciousness as expressed through your desire of Service to others. This is key.

Magdalenae Ordinis Venetae Rosae

Despite what people may perceive about Melchizedeks, we are pre-Christian in spirituality. Like Gnostics, Melchizedeks seek a life of knowledge, wisdom and service, which leads to spiritual enlightenment or liberation. When you can see the big picture, you can see the connections to all things. You realise that all spiritual paths lead to the same place. There were Gnostics out and about before the age of Pisces (the fisher King & Queen – Christianity), before the age of Aries (the ram – Jewish religion), before the age of Taurus (Holy bull or cow worship – Minoan, Hindu, Egypt), before the age of Gemini (Twins – Sumer twins Enki and Enlil). They are the holders of the secrets from the underground stream.

Because we are now entering the Age of Aquarius, the age of enlightenment, many more hidden (occult) truths are being revealed to the general population than ever before. Aquarius is represented by a man or woman with a pitcher, pouring out water on to the world from the heavens. That water represents enlightenment.

For every age something new is worshipped by the general population. Religions are built up around these things because humans generally have always needed to be guided to live life happily, because we know about death. Animals don’t know they are going to die, so they don’t worry about it. But because humans became conscious of this, as the neo-cortex expanded, it led to them spending their whole life worrying about it. To make people get on with their life in peace they were told stories and myths, things that would reassure them that if they led a good and noble life, they would go to somewhere wonderful when they left this place. Or that if they behaved like animals, they would be reincarnated as an animal. This worked on many levels. It kept people happy, it kept them from fearing death and it made them be good people through fear that if they did bad things they would be punished for it in the afterlife, or come back as a slug or something.

At the end of every astrological age there is the time of upheaval and upset. Many are starting to reject the old ways that they have always been taught, and are looking for something new. This is when the new age comes in and the old deity is symbolically killed, so the new deity can take over. This is why Moses told the people to slaughter the golden calf, as bull and cow worship was to end, and the new age of Aries was to be brought in. At the end of each age of course, there will always be those who try to cling on to the past and are scared to move forward. This is why all the old religions are still about for us all to see, those religions are stuck in the old ages and the people never learnt how to evolve from those old teachings and move on.

The same will happen at the end of this age. Those still following Christianity will refuse to let go of the old ways and move forwards towards Aquarius and the new ways of enlightenment. In the new age those who accept it will be able to see all of this above as truth, they will realise that all the religions were created for each age, and they will accept responsibility for themselves and their own actions, without the need of an authority figure or deity to tell them what to do. They will become their own Priest or Priestess. They will connect to their own Higher Self in the new coming age. They will gladly seek out Gnosis and Sophia (wisdom) and will enjoy learning and helping others.

In the past all through ancient times, only a selected few were given this Gnosis and these teachings. Everyone else was expected to follow the teachings of that age, and never become enlightened themselves. Sometimes this was because they didn’t have the Will or intelligence to know any different, or because the Mystery School was taken over by people who wanted to use Gnosis to control others and gain power for themselves. For having a little of this knowledge can lead to problems … For instance, if someone was to join a Mystery School, learn a few things, then decide they don’t want to learn anymore, all they want to do is take what they do know and control others with it … then, they go along and create a cult, give people a bit of knowledge, but because they haven’t connected to their own Higher Self. All they do is create more confused people in the world, and more power hungry control freaks, who will twist the truth to get what they want. The Roman Catholic Church illustrates this point:  while retaining much of the Knowledge about the Gnosis of all things, it chose to use the Knowledge for pecuniary gain, instead of sharing it with all the people who have not connected to their High Selves. The Church chose instead to demonise any ideas or teachings that could enlighten people.

The Sanctuarium is bringing the esoteric truth to the mainstream, as holders of the secret knowledge of the ages, we celebrate each age and each Aeon. We also do something special that helps bring in the new age and celebrate that the new age will be about enlightenment for all, which will, in turn, create balance, equality and, finally, illumine the truth to all.

Q:  Is what you teach the same as the new age movement?

A:  Yes and no. A lot of people have a few pieces of the puzzle, they have taken bits and pieces from all over the place, but not many have found the full truth. Some believe they are teaching the full truth while others know they are selling lies. Many like to make money out of spirituality and they know that the truth doesn’t sell, so they make up stories. The only thing you have to remember on your journey as you seek out the truth is that it can only truly be found within.  Anyone who guides you by any other understanding is guiding you the wrong way.

We facilitate your communion, with Mother Gaia and all sentient beings by training you to enhance your harmonic Resonance through focused work on your personal Alchemy, initiation into the Halls of Amenti, and introduction to the esoteric teachings.

We can assist you in remembering areas of knowledge, such as self-healing, Merkaba mechanics and multidimensional travel. BE  beyond the Fifth Dimension!  Exciting prospects abound, if you dare to Free Your Mind, Be Bold and Expand the horizons of Your Consciousness.

Each initiation level includes:

  • A PDF manual (60-100 pp.) for each level of training you undertake
  • Full descriptions of each level, including transcript of initiation ritual and homework assignments
  • The MP3 audio file of the initiation you undertake
  • Three (3) two-hour video Q&A study sessions with your Instructor
  • All for an energy exchange of $597.00 USD

Contact us today to arrange for your Initiation and entry into the Gates of Amenti!

Please submit your enrollment request using the form, below.  In exchange and upon receipt of your ho’okupu, The Halau will transmit via email confirmation of enrollment, learning materials and your online study sessions schedule to you.  We are always grateful for your faith and trust in the services we provide.

We do appreciate your Ho’okupu (energy exchange) remittance.

Study materials and MP3s will be transmitted upon receipt of tuition.

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Melchizedek Priesthood Training – 7 levels + Ordination

Our seven-level Seminary Program is for serious Practitioners of the Light dedicated to Service To Others viz., self-responsibility for expansion of one’s spirituality, as propagated through the guiding teachings of Lord Machiventa Melchizedek.  Correspondence students actively participate in weekly One-on-One mentorship meetings via audio/visual platform.  Local member-students meet weekly at our physical location.


4 thoughts on “Melchizedek Studies ~ Enrollment

  1. I am interested in becoming a student but am poor and retired on disability.At the rate of saving $100 per month it will likely take at least 8 months to be able to send you the funds to admit.Are there writings or courses in Kabbalah or Alchemy you can suggest that will be helpful?

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  2. Greetings, my name is Linda, and I am the coordinator for Sacramento Pagan Pride. This is our 20th year of the festival. I was wondering if anyone from your teachings would like to present a workshop or class? This is completely a voluntary presentation, we do provide lunch, and a very large audience for your sharing. Please let me know if you would enjoy being a part of this years festival. Many Blessings to you and yours, Linda M. Hayes

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