Theosophy | KARMA AND CHOICE – I 


My friend, if the whole path and movement of heaven and all its contents are of like nature with the motion, revolution, and calculations of wisdom, and proceed after that kind, plainly we must say it is the supremely good soul that takes forethought for the universe and guides it along that path. — Athenian Stranger


 Anyone who wishes to make practical use of the universal principles of justice and compassion inherent in the doctrine of karma must first grasp the idea that what we call the karmic effect is actually inherent in the karmic cause. This could be seen in two ways: first of all, philosophically or metaphysically, and secondly, morally. If karma refers to the totality of interaction of all beings in a single, unified cosmos, then it must be the case that every single act, rooted in a thought or an idea, already contains within itself the whole series of manifestations which appear to exist as its distinct effects. That appearance is illusory. What we call the effect of an act is already contained in the origination of the first impulse of the first thought and feeling constituting the act. This is very difficult to comprehend metaphysically. But anyone could come closer to understanding it from the moral standpoint.

 Each one could look at any single act that he has done and link it up to the state of mind in which he acted and to the quality or colour of feeling that was present in that act. He could look behind ‘thought’ and ‘feeling,’ in the separative and specific sense in which the words are used here, and attempt to see the act in terms of the totality of his character, in relation to the whole of his life, at least since he became a responsible adult, whenever that was for the individual person. The whole of his life has led to this particular act. On this act we have the indelible stamp of the kind of person he is and has become in all the time since the moment of birth, but, more perceptibly, at least since he became a responsible adult. If the whole of his being is imprinted upon that act, in a universe of law he has already, in the very act, determined the consequences of that act to himself as a mind-being, as a unit-being. Therefore, any sound morality would be one that provides a self-validating, compelling and continually applicable basis for ethics, both on the plane of thought and on the plane of feeling, which together are represented in what we call external acts.

 A person who is wise and fortunate enough to include a method of relative and increasing self-scrutiny into his day is engaged in what might be called ‘doing one’s moral arithmetic.’ If he could do this, he would soon be able to work out a few simple sums. Then he would not have to wait, in an Epimethean way, for the sum totals of external effects, from which it is extremely difficult to trace back. Anyone who has studied a bit of elementary mathematics knows, if he is given the answer to a problem, that from the answer one cannot speedily work out the process that leads to the answer. In a very good teaching system, a person would be given more appreciation for grasping the process, even if the actual answer reached is only an approximation. Certainly, this would be preferable to rewarding a person who happened to hit the answer but did not have the proper sequence of steps that follow from the initial statement of the problem, using the relevant basic rules or equations or tables that are provided to him to work out this answer.

 In the moral realm this is extremely difficult, and points to the difference between ignorant human beings and Adepts. An Adept is one who has mastered the mathematics of the soul. Indeed, he embodies it every moment, twenty-four hours a day, and therefore he continually acts with a seeming casualness but out of a profound deliberation based on total detachment. With this perspective, we can understand the reason why the heavenly wisdom in relation to karma should be imparted, in this day and age, with the extraordinary care that has been taken by the Mahatmas. Those who have the good karma — even if not entirely deserved in this life — of coming into contact with Bodhi Dharma are given the opportunity to move from a position of muddle and irresponsibility to a gradual awakening to their responsibility as moral agents: as Manasaputras, as descendants from the divine ancestry of the great collective host that gave the fire of self-consciousness to human beings over eighteen million years ago. Those who do reasonably well render incalculable service. No one can do more than try, and even to try is to make a real choice. They are, in a sense, fortunate, because they are protected from attachment to results since they are not in a position to calculate what Adepts alone can work out precisely. They can render some benefit to the whole of the human race, to the karma of a nation, to the family in which they were born, and to their associates.

 The time has come when no student of Theosophy can afford to ignore the practical moral implications of this aspect of karma, even if he is not immediately ready to grasp the profound philosophical and metaphysical basis of the idea. We have found already in this century, in the last twenty-five years, that the idea has partially come into contemporary thought. Inward responsibility is the focus of several exploratory efforts by contemporary philosophers who want to see its application to punishment. Wittgenstein raised the question whether there is any internal, rather than extrinsic, relation between an act and its reward or punishment. Philosophically, this is difficult to grasp, but deep down we must feel a profound pity and compassion for any person who is a murderer and who is now delighted, in one sense, that he does not have to be executed, but who, on the other hand, is nonetheless excruciatingly tortured by his own thoughts. In some cases, such persons may spend a whole lifetime adding to their karma by broodings that are even worse than the thoughts which led to the murder committed. In other cases, they may be able to look back upon what was done with a sense of relative bewilderment, which Simone Weil would have called a kind of “innocence through penitence.”

 No one could truly make a moral use of the teaching and become a real penitent without becoming ready, before the moment of death, to have deserved the priceless privilege of coming into contact with divine wisdom. To do this seriously requires spending time reflecting upon the idea of the interpenetration of cause and effect and how it applies to each and every one. As long as there is no understanding and proper study of karma, no one will be able to introduce any order into his life relative to the disorders of our time. Nor will he be able to generate a current of true repentance or appreciate the relationship of mercy to justice that is essential to a comprehension of concepts like reward and punishment. There is the statement in The Ocean of Theosophy that “Karma is a beneficent law, wholly merciful, relentlessly just, for true mercy is not favor but impartial justice.” Normally, we think of mercy as gratuitous or arbitrary and justice as relentless or ruthless. In terms of the universal law of karma, human appellations like ‘justice’ and ‘mercy’ are misleading. They are merely approximations arising through an inadequate understanding of connections between causes and effects applicable only over very short time spans and also modified by the gap, not merely between any legal system and the moral justice of the universe, but between the theory of that legal system and its working in practice.

 Suppose a very sincere man truly wanted to find out what is due from him to every other human being on earth — let us say because he has consulted ancient wisdom or merely because he has read Godwin, or even because he thought about it. If this person then asked what could it mean for him to do justice to every human being he ever met in this life, it would be very difficult for him to make a practical response. The mathematics are too complicated. The person hardly knows anyone else. It is forbidding enough to do justice to any human being on earth. But that is what is required on the path of understanding, of Jnana Yoga.

 Supposing, then, this person said, “To the extent to which I cannot know what is due from me to every single being, and yet that is where I want to go — though it take a very long time, even many lives — I have a firm faith that the very desire and determination to go in this direction is not only a holy one, because it is the noblest feeling I feel, but it is wholly compatible with the truth and totality of things.” This makes immensely joyous the prospect of having myriads of opportunities in future lives to be able to perfect the enterprise. Such a person might also say, “Meanwhile, to the extent to which I do not know what doing justice to every single human being means, I might as well err in one direction rather than in the other.” As long as one is caught up in attavada, the delusion of being separate from everyone else — the only conception of sin in the teachings of Buddha — then, if one is going to sin it is better to sin in the direction of exaggerated praise of others than in the opposite direction.

 If this generation is to make the enormously arduous move from being the most abnormal in soul-sickness to becoming human, it would be extraordinarily important to emphasize mercy and compassion. Beyond all else, to be human is to radiate benevolence. As long as one strives to be compassionate and merciful, it will be imperatively and inevitably the case that one will come to understand justice better. Through mercy one may come closer to an appreciation of divine justice, cosmic justice, and above all learn what it means to be just to every living being, every elemental, every constituent of the seven kingdoms of nature. Every single human being has also the prerogative of doing justice to his or her true self.

Raghavan Iyer
The Gupta Vidya II

Venus Square Chiron, inner child and female woundedness

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

VENUS in Cancer squares CHIRON in ARIES at 18 degrees at 4:39 pm PDT/7:39 pm EDT/ May 25 at 12:39 am GMT

Venus in Chiron is a deep heartaches now which stem from old childhood family issues coming up to be healed. You will be feeling doubly sensitive and sentimental with the Moon in CANCER. If you need to cry yourself a river, do so it’s very healing.This aspect happens regularly while Chiron is in Aries for 4.5 years per sign on average.

With Mars in LEO right now. Its influence on any planets in ARIES makes us feel things more dramatically. It’s a good time to do psychodrama and safely feel and act out your childhood rage, unprocessed anger and hurt in a harmless way to yourself and others. Think of it as acting out roles.

Heartbreaks that need to be revisited and mended also need your attention…

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Daily Words of the Buddha for May 24, 2023

Dhamme ca ye ariyapavedite ratā
anuttarā te vacasā, manasā kammunā ca.
Te santisoraccasamādhisaṇṭhitā,
sutassa paññāya ca sāramajjhagū.

Those who are devoted to the Dhamma made known by the Noble Ones
are unsurpassed in speech, thought and action.
They are established in peace, gentleness and concentration,
and have reached the essence of learning and wisdom.

Sutta Nipāta 3.332
The Discourse Collection: Selected Texts from the Sutta Nipāta, translated by John D. Ireland

May 21 Gemini Season, double trouble, words have power

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

May 21, Sun enters Gemini @ 12:09 am PDT/ 3:09 am EDT/ 7:09 pm GMT. You love to hate Gemini’s these days but love their Music. So many famous Gemini musicians. Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Prince, Kanye West and more.

Sidney Hall / Public domain

Sidney Hall / Public domain

Public Domain Mark

Ruled by the fancy fleet-footed, hatted and sandaled messenger of the Gods – MERCURY, known asHERMES to the Greeks and THOTH to the Egyptians.

Things get Mercurial while the Sun is in Gemini. Mercury, its’ ruling planet enters Gemini on June 11 until June 28. With the Sun and Mercury overlapping until the Summer Solstice on June 21, it’s an excellent time to do big promotions, advertise, pitch new ideas, flirt,be sociable and connect with partnerships.

May 21 Gemini Sun-Pluto Rx Trine today brings new insights into undercover dealings-money, power, secrets. New communication in revolutionary ways- ChatGPT. Meeting mysterious, sexy people or…

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Supe Rare Taurus New Moon, won’t happen again for 24,000 years!

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

May 19 New Moon is super rare for so many reasons. This is the last time Moon will meet Sun at the Pleiades for 19 years and the last time a Pleiades New Moon will align in the Sign of Tropical Taurus for nearly 24,000 years -according to Astrologer Gemini Brett and the plethora of planets in Taurus and water signs including 9 out of 10 planets hasnt happened in 2,500 years which I researched.

Alcyone the major star of the famous Pleiades and considered to be the Central Sun of our Solar System is at 0 degrees Gemini now. It is not a beneficial star in old star lore.

All feminine energies on theTaurus stellium New Moon May 19 conjunct Fixed star Algo,Medusa’s head,the most feared star in the sky, traditionally leading up to the big Grand Fixed Cross May 20 between Mars in Leo at 0 degrees opposite…

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Divine Feminine Oracle | Mother Mary’s message for May 21, 2023


You have to be a shining example for others, constantly improve yourself, and work for a higher purpose if you want to fully live. It is imperative that you pay attention to my advice, even if it looks that something you hold dear is starting to lose its lustre or that someone in which you have placed your confidence is letting you down.


I ask that you continue to make yourself open to me even if you are now experiencing feelings of having been betrayed or broken. The same divine fire that is raging inside of of me is now starting to blaze inside of you. Therefore, please have faith that you will overcome all that you need to!

What you need to know

It is easy to be persuaded by less rewarding choices when our spiritual fire is weak. Possibly, we wish for a relationship that never totally transpires, or perhaps occurs for a little while before revealing itself to be considerably less significant than we first anticipated. Perhaps you are one of the many people who dream of making millions of dollars, only to learn that even if you do, you still won’t be totally satisfied.


You see, in order to feel really connected to our divine destiny, we must allow our desires to ignite for something greater than our own selfish wants. We need to burn with holy fire to make the world better and to help others as well as ourselves. We need to truly live a divine life putting Mother Mary at the centre.

Prayer for healing

“Dear Mother Mary, I humbly ask that you help me find my true calling in life. My spiritual embers need to blaze hotter than ever. As I continue to glorify your divine name, I forgive myself for previous mistakes and situations that were not in my best interests.


Please, Our Lady of Holy Fire, enable me to engage you so that you can assist me to make wise decisions as I plan for the future. Rather than relying exclusively on my own poor understanding of the universe, allow me to place my faith in you. Please, Mother, guide me on the right direction in my life.”

Daily Words of the Buddha for May 21, 2023

Sukarāni asādhūni,
attano ahitāni ca.
Yaṃ ve hitañca sādhuñca,
taṃ ve paramadukkaraṃ.

Easy to do are things
that are bad and harmful to oneself.
But exceedingly difficult to do
are things that are good and beneficial.

Dhammapada 12.163
The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from Pāli by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Daily Words of the Buddha for May 20, 2023

Attā hi attano nātho;
ko hi nātho paro siyā?
Attanā hi sudantena,
nāthaṃ labhati dullabhaṃ.

One truly is the protector of oneself;
who else could the protector be?
With oneself fully controlled,
one gains a mastery that is hard to gain.

Dhammapada 12.160
The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from Pāli by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Jupiter in Taurus, luxury, sensual, beauty, lucky

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

OK all you lucky Taureans this is the time you’ve been waiting for. The Once in 12-year transit starts May 16, 2023, and goes to May 24,2024. The last time Jupiter was in Taurus was in 2011; think back on what was going on in your life thenand for all signs.

Jupiter, the biggest planet, the Great Benefactor, is optimistic, trusting, and represents expansion, growth, abundance, and opportunities. JUPITER rules the signs of SAGITTARIUS and PISCES and is exalted in CANCER.

JUPITER is the WHEEL of FORTUNE in the TAROT #10

TAURUS is of course the BULL MARKET but the current alignment of planets is very tough. In fact this weekend, MARs at O Leo opposing Pluto Rx at 0 Aquarius and Square JUPITER and Nodes is a very tough FIXED GRAND CROSS and this was the set up when the Market Crashed in 1987 Black Monday and…

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Daily Words of the Buddha for May 17, 2023

Kalyāṇamitto yo bhikkhu, sappatisso sagāravo;
Karaṃ mittānaṃ vacanaṃ, sampajāno patissato;
Pāpuṇe anupubbena, sabbasaṃyojanakkhayaṃ.

When a bhikkhu has good friends, and is reverential and respectful;
Doing what one’s friends advise, clearly comprehending and mindful;
One may progressively attain the destruction of all fetters.

Itivuttaka 1.17
The Udāna and the Itivuttaka, trans. John D. Ireland

Daily Words of the Buddha for May 12, 2023

Khīṇaṃ purāṇaṃ nava
natthi sambhavaṃ,
virattacittāyatike bhavasmiṃ.
Te khīṇabījā, avirūḷhichandā.
Nibbanti dhīrā yathāyaṃ padīpo.

When past conditioning is released
and no fresh one produced,
the mind no longer seeks for future birth.
The seed consumed, cravings no more arise.
Such-minded wise ones cease like [the flame of] this lamp.

Sutta Nipāta 2.238
The Discourse Summaries by S.N. Goenka

PLUTO in AQUARIUS – 2023-2044

Cristina Laird's Astrology

Finally, Pluto, (the planet disqualified as such by astronomers, for Astrology it retains its full name and power), changes signs after traveling through Capricorn since 2008. It will be strolling between 1 degree of Aquarius and 29 degrees of Capricorn, more or less until November 2024. This will be its transition process to the last Air sign:

It enters Aquarius on March 23, 2023

Retrogrades back to Capricorn on June 11, 2023

Re-enters Aquarius on January 21, 2024

Retrogrades back to Capricorn on September 1, 2024

Re-enters Aquarius, this time to stay, on November 19, 2024

Briefly enters Pisces on March 9, 2043

Retrogrades back to Aquarius on August 31, 2043

Finally enters Pisces to stay in this sign on January 19, 2044

Due to its intensely oval orbit (about 248 years) around the Sun, like many of the planets or dwarf planets beyond Neptune, the duration of Pluto in…

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Daily Words of the Buddha for May 10, 2023

Idha tappati, pecca tappati,
pāpakārī ubhayattha tappati.
“Pāpaṃ me katan”ti tappati,
bhiyyo tappati, duggatiṃ gato.

Idha nandati, pecca nandati,
katapuñño ubhayattha nandati.
“Puññaṃ me katan”ti nandati,
bhiyyo nandati, suggatiṃ gato.

Agony now, agony hereafter,
the wrong-doer suffers agony in both worlds.
Agonized now by the knowledge that one has done wrong,
one suffers more agony, gone to a state of woe.
Rejoicing now, rejoicing hereafter,
the doer of wholesome actions rejoices in both worlds.
Rejoicing now in the knowledge that one has acted rightly,
one rejoices more, gone to a state of bliss.

Dhammapada 1.17, 1.18
The Discourse Summaries by S.N. Goenka

Weekly Astrology May 8-14 Uranus shocks, Mercury stations Direct

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

All content is copyright of Tara Greene

Where’s the Moon? ALL TIMES IN EDT

Week starts with fiery optimistic honest SAGITTARIUS MOON

May 8 Moon enters earthy practical all business CAPRICORN at 7:33 pm EDT

May 10 MOON enters airy detached freedom loving AQUARIUS at 10:05 pm

May 12 MOON enters introverted psychic sensitive addictive PISCES at 9:39 pm PDT

May 13 Moon enters PISCES at 12:39 am EDT


This is an annual URANUS CAZIMI, it can bringSHOCKING REVELATIONS, EARTHQUAKES URANUS CAZIMI. It’s WILDenergy for crypto, stock markets, and freedom fighters, rebellion innovation, hi-tech,


expect to hear from past loves, as predicted, a good time to meditate, dream and channeling. Creative revisiting of projects, and serious commitments to family.


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Daily Words of the Buddha for May 09, 2023

Manopubbaṅgamā dhammā,
manoseṭṭhā manomayā.
Manasā ce paduṭṭhena
bhāsati vā karoti vā,
tato naṃ dukkhamanveti
cakkaṃva vahato padaṃ.

Manopubbaṅgamā dhammā,
manoseṭṭhā manomayā.
Manasā ce pasannena
bhāsati vā karoti vā,
tato naṃ sukhamanveti
chāyāva anapāyinī.

Mind precedes all phenomena,
mind matters most, everything is mind-made.
If with an impure mind
one performs any action of speech or body,
then suffering will follow that person
as the cartwheel follows the foot of the draught animal.
Mind precedes all phenomena,
mind matters most, everything is mind-made.
If with a pure mind
one performs any action of speech or body,
then happiness will follow that person
as a shadow that never departs.

Dhammapada 1.1, 1.2
The Discourse Summaries by S.N. Goenka

Theosophy | THE EYE OF WISDOM – I

The idea of Eternal Non-Being, which is the One Being, will appear a paradox to anyone who does not remember that we limit our ideas of being to our present consciousness of existence; making it a specific instead of a generic term. An unborn infant, could it think in our acceptation of the term, would necessarily limit its conception of being, in a similar manner, to the intrauterine life which alone it knows; and were it to endeavour to express to its consciousness the idea of life after birth (death to it), it would, in the absence of data to go upon, and of faculties to comprehend such data, probably express that life as “Non-Being which is Real Being.” In our case the One Being is the noumenon of all noumena which we know must underlie phenomena, and give them whatever shadow of reality they possess, but which we have not the senses or the intellect to cognize at present. . . . Alone the Initiate, rich with the lore acquired by numberless generations of his predecessors, directs the “Eye of Dangma” toward the essence of things in which no Maya can have any influence.

The Secret Doctrine, i 45

 Beyond the range of all maya, and beyond all but the most exalted conceptions of the divine dialectic, lies the highest possible state of supreme noetic vision, the state of the opened Eye of Dangma, spoken of so beautifully in magnificent metaphors in the Stanzas of Dzyan. Beneath this level of pristine consciousness, all ideas of being reflect an inevitable limitation, owing to one’s sense of present existence and awareness of specific circumstances. For us, to be a being is to be a being at a particular time and a particular place, or for a certain period of time in a certain place in this world. The all-enveloping nature of this mayavic limitation of consciousness is brought home by the metaphor of the unborn infant in the womb. Each of us is like this to a greater or lesser degree, and, like the infant in the womb, were it to express its conception of being, we are not directly able to formulate the true nature or causal ground of our being, especially with reference to the larger life of beings outside the self-limiting context of our narrow consciousness. Further, if we contemplate the possibility of being born into a larger and richer world, we can only see the process of that birth itself as equivalent to death — the end of life as we seemingly know it. For typical human beings, then, who think that they have been born once into this world of illusion, the prospect of becoming dwijas, or twice-born, can only be described as a passage into non-being. Nevertheless, the veil of maya is not so impenetrable to the human will and spirit that we cannot cultivate a deepening intuition that this birth — which seems death to the lower nature — is the solemn path of initiation into real Being.

 In our case, and depending upon our degrees of philosophic detachment, we may be vaguely or acutely aware that all the beings we seem to know, including ourselves, are merely shadowy phenomenal representations of noumenal realities, and even of a single supreme Noumenon. Through devotion and tapaswe may learn to sift through the dross of phenomenal experience, thereby quickening the dormant powers of Buddhi-Manas which alone can bring us to the threshold of birth into true life in spirit. Having inverted what we did and knew, what we felt and were as babies, we can learn as fallen adults, like the miner looking for gold.

The impalpable atoms of gold scattered through the substance of a ton of auriferous quartz may be imperceptible to the naked eye of the miner, yet he knows that they are not only present there, but that they alone give his quartz any appreciable value; and this relation of the gold to the quartz may faintly shadow forth that of the noumenon to the phenomenon. The miner knows what the gold will look like when extracted from quartz, whereas the common mortal can form no conception of the reality of things separated from the Maya which veils them, and in which they are hidden.

Ibid., i 45

 In other words, there is not only gold in the hills, but there is gold in every grain of dust, in every atom, in every moment of time if only we would know it. The fact that more human beings do not know this at this point of human evolution is not primarily because of universal ignorance, but more because of avoidable perversity. Where human beings grow up turning their eyes away from what is golden in other human beings — in their acts, in their words and in their lives — it is scarcely surprising that they should develop a peculiar and fatal fascination with dross.

 Hence the vital importance of directing one’s thought, aspiration and devotion towards the ideal of the perfected Sage, who carries with him the inheritance of countless generations of distilled wisdom and directs the faultless Eye of Dangma towards the essence of things where maya casts no shadows. If human beings mired in illusion and a false sense of their own being are to gain what The Voice of the Silence calls ‘the right perception of existing things’ and ‘the knowledge of the non-existent’, then they must seek for Him who will give them birth in the Hall of Wisdom. It is there that the teachings of Gupta Vidya in relation to the twelvefold chain of the nidanas, the chain of dependent origination governing birth and death, and also the four Noble Truths of Buddha have their greatest but most secret meaning. There are secret truths contained within all uttered truths, within the doctrine of the nidanas, and within the four truths. There are secrets within secrets, worlds within worlds. If seekers of wisdom are like miners of gold, they must have some idea what they are looking for, but at the same time they must freely and openly admit their ignorance, recognizing that the true teachings and their accredited custodians are their sole saving grace.

 All true wisdom comes from using the teachings given in the best way one can, and it is virtually fruitless instead to attempt to distill wisdom from the world of empirical unrealities. Certainly if every time divine wisdom is available, it avails little or nothing to so many human beings, even those who come into direct contact with it, it is because they have somehow convinced themselves otherwise without evidence or reason. They falsely suppose that a mere accumulation of worldly experience for its own sake, randomly gathered in the passage of events and from the opinions of others, will somehow add up to wisdom. In the totality of things that happen to a human being gripped by avidya — who is mostly an automaton, acting like a robot most of the time, a creature of habit at best, and moved by drives which produce guilt and repression — there is nothing remotely comparable to what may be found in consciously chosen experience as a means of testing and applying, apprehending, discovering and rediscovering one single sacred spiritual truth intimated by the authentic teachings of the Brotherhood of Sages.

 The wise are those who, when they receive such teaching, become almost from the beginning deaf and blind to everything else, and see all else only in relation to that which is sacred. They make the very best experiments they can as early as possible, therefore garnering the lessons of life and become unacknowledged but self-dependent sources of inner wisdom. Tested by experience and enriched by human pain and suffering, they become endowed with the light and the lustre, the beneficence and the benediction, of true compassion in their conscious ideation in meditation, let alone in their outward utterances and external deeds. As dauntless and detached learners, they make the fields of their experience the basis of Gandhian experiments in truth. Whilst understanding that the Absolute is the ultimate basis of all life and experience, but is wholly untouched by it, they shun the false and cowardly notion all human difficulties arise merely through maya. Illusion is not really the problem, because the whole world is caught up in a transcendental divine process of which is maya is a necessary part. Maya is inseparable from Ishvara in the sum total of everything that exists in the realm of conditioned existence, and to miss this is to fall prey to a sense of pseudo-detachment that has nothing to do with true spirituality.

Raghavan Iyer
The Gupta Vidya II

May 5 Scorpio Lunar Eclipse climax, karmic soul detox

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic


The eclipse is only totally visible in Africa Asia and Australia and lasts 258.3 minutes.We won’t see it in North or South America but we will defintiely feel the effects. This is a very deep and long eclipse. The eclipse will NOT be visible in LONDON in the UK but it defintely affects King Charles Coronation. I’m wriitng about that now

Scorpio Lunar Eclipse May 5,2023 Astrology by Tara Greene

It is part of SAROS cycle 141 which lasts thousands of years. until October 11, 2888. The Last one in this series was on April 24, 2005. The cycle began on August  25, 1608 On 24th August 1608, the first representative of the East India landed in Surat for purposes of trade.

The Lunar Eclipse occurs May…

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Daily Words of the Buddha for May 05, 2023

Gahakāraka, diṭṭhosi!
Puna gehaṃ na kāhasi.
Sabbā te phāsukā bhaggā gahakūṭaṃ visaṅkhataṃ.
Visaṅkhāragataṃ cittaṃ;
taṇhānaṃ khayamajjhagā.

O house-builder, you are seen!
You will not build this house again.
For your rafters are broken and your ridgepole shattered.
My mind has reached the Unconditioned;
I have attained the destruction of craving.

Dhammapada 11.154
The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from Pāli by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Daily Words of the Buddha for May 03, 2023

Mātā yathā niyaṃ
puttamāyusā ekaputtamanurakkhe,
evampi sabbabhūtesu
mānasaṃ bhāvaye aparimāṇaṃ.

As a mother would risk her life
to protect her child, her only child,
even so should one cultivate a limitless heart
with regard to all beings.

Sutta Nipāta 1.149
Translated from Pāli by Thanissaro Bhikkhu