Daily Words of the Buddha for February 22, 2023

Anupubbena medhāvī, thokaṃ thokaṃ, khaṇe khaṇe,
Kammāro rajatasseva,
niddhame malamattano.

One by one, little by little, moment by moment,
a wise one should remove one’s own impurities,
as a smith removes dross from silver.

Dhammapada 18.239
The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from Pāli by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Daily Reflections … 

May be an illustration

“I wanted to know Truth
So I stopped looking

I Opened my body
Until Truth found

I wanted to know Love
So I stopped missing it’s

I Savored every texture
In the wilderness of this
Until finally Love revealed

I wanted to know Power
So I stopped pushing my will
Onto reality

I Let Go from deep inside
Until the Power moved

I wanted to know Passion
So I stopped reaching for

I let my heart melt
Into the flame
Of Life’s longing
Until Passion became one with

I wanted to know Creation
So I merged with the pulse
At the core of Existence

I wanted to know Innocence
So I Drank my own

I wanted to know God
So I dropped the arrow of My body
And finally remembered to

They told me waking up
Was a complicated affair

They told me to cut myself

Who would have thought that
Flesh and blood contained
The Mystery of Existence

Would would have thought
That the Elixir was
Inside me

They wrote all the books
And gave all the talks

I never knew my own
The Teacher”

~ Maya Luna, “Becoming The Chalice”

Sound Healing | ULTIMATE SOLFEGGIO SOUNDBATH | The Complete Restoration | 9 Divine Frequencies

Immerse yourself in these mystical sound baths featuring 9 divine frequencies known for their healing and positive vibrations. Immerse yourself in these mystical sound baths featuring 9 divine frequencies known for their healing and positive vibrations.

♡ Find the frequency you resonate with

00:00 – 174Hz | Reduces Pain

09:09 – 285Hz | Tissue Regeneration

18:18 – 396Hz | Letting Go fear, anxiety

27:28 – 417Hz | Removing negative energy

36:37 – 528Hz | Brings positive transformation

45:46 – 639Hz | Attracts Love, Compassion

54:56 – 741Hz | Spiritual and Emotional Detox

01:04:05 – 852Hz | Third Eye & Intuition

01:13:15 – 963Hz | Pineal Gland Activation & Crown Chakra

Reiki Music, Emotional, Physical, Mental & Spiritual Healing, Natural Energy, Meditation Music

Let yourself go at the sound, turn your mind off and let the energy flow. Due to the delicacy of these sounds this music becomes very useful to re-harmonize our emotional part. It is very useful for stress management. This track is indicated for any Reiki treatment and for meditation. Namaste

2023 Leo Full Moon in Rabbit Year

Susan Levitt

Feb 5, 2023 at 10:28 am PT is a full Moon in Leo. Fire sign Leo rules the 5th house of romance, creativity, and children. This is the first full Moon in Rabbit year, with parades and celebrations all over the world for the lunar new year of the Rabbit. Thank you to everyone who attended my Rabbit year talk. Recordings are available here, and contact me for your astrology forecast featuring your Rabbit year highlights.

Rabbit year begins smoothly with no planets in retrograde until mid April.However, currently the Leonine full Moon and Sun in Aquarius both square Uranus in Taurus. There could be disruptions or sudden upsets because no one wants to follow a normal routine. It’s easy to chafe at restrictions placed on you by others. For many, it’s time to deliberately and carefully start to change routines and structures that are limiting.

Note that Venus…

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