Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2016: From Lost Cities to Ancient Tombs, Shrines, Maps and Unknown Species | Ancient Origins

This year has provided an array of exciting, and sometimes puzzling, discoveries for archaeologists and ancient history enthusiasts.

Source: Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2016: From Lost Cities to Ancient Tombs, Shrines, Maps and Unknown Species | Ancient Origins

Tarot Contemplation – Ace of Wands


Look for inspiration everywhere today!  Be ready to write down notes so you don’t forget the ideas that pop into your head.  Even if something seems “impossible” or “way too big,” write it down.  You never know!  Look for a new opportunity.  The Ace of Wands is a seed to be nurtured.  This is a new bright idea, a burst of creative energy, a source of inspiration.  Excitement, enthusiasm and energy for something new are available.  Now is your chance to be courageous.  This is also about creating a new life, conception or birth, metaphorically and literally.  Look for opportunities to be creative and express your enthusiasm … but for these energies to work, you must act by reaching and grasping for them in order for these new opportunities to come to fruition.

Get Ready for Chinese New Year 2017 – Year of the Rooster – January 28, 2017



JANUARY 28, 2017 – FEBRUARY 15, 2018

YEAR OF THE FIRE ROOSTER – It is a particularly special year as it has one month more (13 months in total) than the rest of the years. This month (闰月, rùnyuè) was added to the Chinese calendar to balance the lunar months with the annual solar calendar.

The rooster ranks tenth of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac. The rooster is a clever animal who is frequently compared to a smart person. Image is all important to the Fire Rooster; he spends a lot of time making himself look good, making him appear vain. He is flaunty and dramatic, yet he is a brilliant social organizer who loves to plan parties and gatherings.

Fire Roosters tend to be bossy and this, combined with their bluntness, can cause hurt feelings and bruised egos amongst colleagues. Still, these Roosters make great leaders, who are creative, diligent and motivated.

Likely Vocations for Rooster people: Roosters are more motivated than any other animal in the Chinese Zodiac. They are multi-talented. Good career choices are: trouble-shooter, detective, doctor, surgeon, psychiatrist, actor, dancer, musician, restaurateur, publicist, travel writer, journalist, soldier, athlete, teacher, police officer, book keeper, accountant.

The Rooster’s blunt manner and direct approach to life makes them poor diplomats. Rooster women are devoted to duty and seldom boast. They have exceptional vitality and patience and do well in jobs requiring carefulness and flexibility, like social work and teaching.

Rooster’s likes and aversions:

Colours: gold, brown, yellow, peach. Avoid: white, green.
Numbers: 5, 7, 8. Avoid: 3, 9, 1.
Flowers: gladioli, cockscomb, impatiens.
Gems: diamond, ruby, topaz.

Compatible with: Ox, Dragon, Snake. Avoid: Rabbit, Rat, and Dog. Hobbies: fishing, gardening, climbing, swimming, hiking.


Mozzarella and Arugula Meatball Sub | MIYOKO’S KITCHEN

Wow, I love this sandwich!  And, it’s Vegetarian!  What?!

This recipe was developed by the very talented professional baker, Jenny Bradley, to highlight the versatility of our Fresh VeganMozz! Quickly whip up one of these subs by using…

Source: Mozzarella and Arugula Meatball Sub | MIYOKO’S KITCHEN

Tarot Contemplation – Seven of Cups


Today is a day of dreaming of possibilities and choices.  Imagine if there were no limitations to stop you.  Dream big!  There’s no need to be realistic or practical.  Exercise your imagination.  Every amazing thing you’ve created began as a dream.  You have so many choices available to you that indecision will prevent you from choosing anything.  It could also mean that you have your head in the clouds.  Dreaming of all that could be is keeping you from focusing on the here and now and making any progress.  If you have a lot of structure and stagnation in your life, this sign indicates the need to shake things up in order to recognize alternative paths you could take.  This sign also represents altered states of consciousness, dreaming and visualization.  It is good to dream and experiment, but beware of your experiments and fantasies standing in the way of healthy development.

Capricious Capricorn New Moon 

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

New Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Mercury Retrograde and we are rethinking, resting, reflecting, resisting through what happened in 2016. ALot! News that actress and mother of Carrie Fisher who just died yesterday, has also passed on just now is very sad but also is a symbol of he strength of the mother child bond.

There’s that powerful cardinal T-square involving Jupiter in Libra, opposed to Uranus conjunct Ceres and Eris in Aries, although squaring Pluto in Capricorn, yes the fireworks have just begun.

Mars is conjunct Neptune andSouth Node in Pisces impacting our need to let go of old karmic contracts now.

Saturn the ruling planet of this Capricorn New Moon is conjunct Juno in Sagittarius indicating a feminine genius is being brought into this Dark Moon phase with the tribe/ tribe of Uranus Ceres Eris conjunction. Saturn sextiles Venus in Aquarius and sextiles Uranus + Ceres + Eris…

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Daily Words of the Buddha for December 29, 2016

Pāli Word a Day for December 29, 2016 – pāvaka — pure, bright, clear, shining

Ayasāva malaṃ samuṭṭhitaṃ
tatuṭṭhāya tameva khādati,
evaṃ atidhonacārinaṃ
sāni kammāni nayanti duggatiṃ.

Just as rust arising from iron
eats away the base from which it arises,
even so, their own deeds
lead transgressors to states of woe.

Dhammapada 18.240
 The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from the Pali by Acharya Buddharakkhita

Reflections on New Ways for the New Year


As the year comes to a close, it’s a good time to look back on the year and see what we can change going into the coming year. Whatever wasn’t working for us this year, we can close the door on, and open the door to the new year with a clean slate.

What do you want to change in the coming year?

Tarot Contemplation – Two of Swords



You are putting off making a decision for now.  You may be feeling ambivalence or uncertainty.  You may not want to offend or hurt someone involved.  You may need to withdraw in order to contemplate your options.  So, do think before you communicate today.  It’s likely that you’ll decide to say nothing at all, or hold off on making a decision until another day.  That’s actually a good thing.  Give yourself the space and time you need to think things through clearly.  Perhaps more research on the subject matter is required before you can make an informed decision.  You may be denying the truth, or compartmentalizing some aspect of your life in order to not have to deal with it.  While it may be true that ignorance is bliss, ignorance or denial can also cause you to remain stuck in circular thinking and emotional patterns.  If so, then researching your options at this juncture works out all the better as it carries you further towards making a rational decision.

Tarot Contemplation – Queen of Cups


Today is a day to nourish and nurture your Self.  Spending time in or near water will be especially soothing, so go to the beach or have a long bath … solitude is required to restore your self.  By caring for yourself now, you will build the strength to be there for others when they need you.  Don’t underestimate the importance of self-care.  Be that loving mother to yourself.

Serrapeptase: The Miracle Enzyme That No One Seems To Know About – Collective Evolution

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic (protein destroying) enzyme found in silkworms. Serrapeptase digests inflammations, scars (non-living tissue), blood clots, cysts, arterial plaque, and inflammation in all forms. Doctors in Asia and Europe have been prescribing serrapeptase to treat various forms of inflammation for the past 30 years, yet in North America, where it is considered a supplement, […]

Source: Serrapeptase: The Miracle Enzyme That No One Seems To Know About – Collective Evolution

Dragonfruit Lime Sparkling Parfait – Green Smoothie Gourmet

Dragonfruit Lime Sparkling Parfait! At least some holiday meals need to be healthy, right? This healthy parfait refreshes your morning with a frosty citrus taste, and loads of nutrients. Dragonfruit, or pitaya, is rich in vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3, and minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorus. Buckwheat groats add more nutrients, and […]

Source: Dragonfruit Lime Sparkling Parfait – Green Smoothie Gourmet

Re-MASTERED : Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn



Time to CULL ideas, re-assess and come up with your most sturdy, water tight plan yet.
In Capricorn, Mercury (ruling the mind and particularly all forms of communications) likes to get serious, plan and make sure everyone is accommodated for.

*Sofia Coppola-Moon in Capricorn, Saturn Conjunct Sun in Taurus. 

Use the holidays to really let go of your day to day mundane logistics to gain a birds of view of what you really want to achieve for 2017 and beyond. Think enduring ideas and plans.  Stay open to a complete revision of what you thought you were going to do in 2017.
Work backwards and write up a step by step for how to, then stick to the plan. Capricorn is less flights of fancy and more cranking of gears and delegating.

Consider how you can get your ideas out and into the ring. Evaluate how…

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Tarot Contemplation – Three of Cups



Celebrate today with dear friends.  Whether the blessings in your life are big or small, when you take time to show your appreciation, the joy in your community multiplies and keeps on flowing.  Rejoice in your friendships!  You have friends who truly care about and support you.  This could be a sign that a new relationship will grow into a real friendship.  You may be invited to a party that you will definitely enjoy.  You are also advised to call up that dear friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while and set up a coffee date or a night out.  It could be that it’s time for some sort of celebratory accomplishment.  You deserve to have more fun!  And speaking of relationships, you just might be the recipient of a bit of mutual attraction and affection … and for some, this sign could even indicate an engagement or wedding.  Bottom line:  positive growth sprouts forth from the emotional union of two or more people.