Re-MASTERED : Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn



Time to CULL ideas, re-assess and come up with your most sturdy, water tight plan yet.
In Capricorn, Mercury (ruling the mind and particularly all forms of communications) likes to get serious, plan and make sure everyone is accommodated for.

*Sofia Coppola-Moon in Capricorn, Saturn Conjunct Sun in Taurus. 

Use the holidays to really let go of your day to day mundane logistics to gain a birds of view of what you really want to achieve for 2017 and beyond. Think enduring ideas and plans.  Stay open to a complete revision of what you thought you were going to do in 2017.
Work backwards and write up a step by step for how to, then stick to the plan. Capricorn is less flights of fancy and more cranking of gears and delegating.

Consider how you can get your ideas out and into the ring. Evaluate how…

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