REIKI BOX ~ Healing Petitions and Requests


Giving Back With Aloha

Modern/American Reiki (also known as Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki) is now taught in American medical schools and nursing schools on the East Coast as a positive alternative healing modality support to allopathic medicine. The Art of Reiki is not new to the science of healing. Reiki is ancient esoteric knowledge forgotten by many practitioners and enjoying a revival of interest today. One of the amazing rewards of performing Reiki — energywork — is the ability to work inter-dimensionally, where time, place and distance are minimalized variables.

Our Usui Reiki/Level 2 practitioners and above train to master the ability to send healing energies long-distance, i.e., at least within a 100-mile radius from their physical location. With practice, Practitioners enlarge that transmission distance globally. Our Reiki Master-Teachers/Levels 3-4 are able to transmit healing energies in the form of Chi Balls and Waves across continents. Our Grandmasters reach farther still to heal for the highest good of all, as they focus on the greater societal issues and electromagnetic fluctuations affecting the Planet.

We distribute a current PDF list of people, pets and places identified by Halau members, family and their friends that would immediately benefit from receiving our collective healing energies.

To all Halau Reiki practitioners — please include The Halau’s petitioners in your Reiki Boxes.  The Halau will be sending energies regularly to persons whose names appear on this list.

2 thoughts on “REIKI BOX ~ Healing Petitions and Requests

  1. We invite you to avail yourself of our HEALING REQUESTS page, accessible under the REIKI tab, above, if you would wish The Halau to focus our healing Mana on yourself or your loved ones. Healing with Aloha Spirit is one of the primary reasons we are in service to our communities at large. Aloha Ke Akua.


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