Melchizedek | Elementals Evocation

As we cycle through the elements of

Earth Air Fire Water and Aether …

Spirit, the place where all elements come together …

Where our connection to Divinity

Flows through our connection with Breath …

To Wisdom,

To Inspiration:

Take a breath with me and

Let’s celebrate the Elements

Today, and every day …

We welcome you

Air, that’s in our Breath;

Fire, that sparks our synapses;

Water, and all the fluids of our body;

Earth, that is our skeleton and muscle,

And Spirit, that inspires us to Create

And to be in relationship with the whole Universe:

Holy Mother in whom we live, move and have our Being,

From you all things emerge,

And unto you all things return.

Open our hearts this blessed Day.

Touch our bodies and our minds.

Walk with us through the Gates of

Power, Shadow and Starlight …

Of Fire meeting Earth;

The Wind on the Ocean

And the sweet kiss of Life.

Blessed be our Journey.

May the blessings of all the World be upon you

The inspiration of all the Elements

May they flow through you

With each and every breath …

Blessings of the Divine Mother!


(c) Victoria Generao

Recitation on MP3 here:

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