Energy Update | January 27, 2020

You WILL experience your dreams as a reality for you. It is a must. It’s already done.

You now must begin to own your manifestation as yours! Doesn’t that feel good? Act on it. Be consistent. Make that choice. Move into it. You are being supported by the universe in every way.

All your thoughts matter. All your ideas and visions will thrive. You will start to be more conscious of noticing what you think and speak happening.

Sometimes, it might be seeing something you were thinking about everywhere or even noticing what you talk about happen. You recognizing this pattern is already helping you shift.

You’re having many realizations. You’re starting to see not only know but to actually see how powerful your thoughts are. It’s not about reading about it, but experiencing it for yourself so nobody can ever tell you what’s possible for you.

You truly are magical and now more than ever it’s time for you to own it. It’s time to shine your light and make it happen. Whatever that’s been calling you in your soul, follow through with it.

This is also a time to take that leap of faith. Don’t even think about how and what’s next. Follow your gut/intuition. You have all the answers within you and I believe this is a great year for you. Keep your mindset on your vision. Keep believing in yourself. Remember why you even wanted all of this. Remember why you even started.

It’s time for you see how powerful you are.

The conditions and challenges in front of you are from the past. You have a chance to think new thoughts so you can reshape it all. Spend time imagining the possibilities and make changes in your habits. Celebrate your blessings now and be happy with yourself today.

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