Christian Traditions that Have Pagan Roots

The Witch Way


It may surprise you to discover that many Christian traditions were originally (and still are) pagan traditions. When I first started my path, I was amazed at all of the holidays, traditions, and customs that have roots in pagan history. In fact, everything from holidays like Christmas and Easter to the Devil can, technically, be related back to pagan myths, traditions, archetypes, and rituals, but I digress. Instead of overwhelming you with too much history, I thought I would share just a few.

Christian Traditions that Have Pagan Roots

The Christmas Tree

In pagan tradition, namely the Germanic paths which celebrate Jul or Jol (pronounced like Yule or Yole), trees were seen as being inhabited by the gods. Because of this, they often brought a tree into their home during the winter season to keep their god(s) warm and protected. This tradition spread with immigration throughout time. It actually wasn’t until…

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