Paradigm Shift — Create The Space For Faster Integration of 5D Consciousness


However we have come together, thank you for being here just as you are. Perhaps you’re feeling excited and peaceful in knowing you are in the good company of so many other soul family members who see, feel, and experience the same things you do (the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual “symptoms” of awakening). Or, maybe through these heart-centered teachings, you have a familiar feeling of being “home,” or a deep recognition that has awoken something that was once slumbering in you. However you are moving through these times, we share excitement with you for the flowering of consciousness that is taking place like no other time in human history.

As we encounter the various people, places, and things in our day-to-day reality:

May what moves us energetically-sensitive ones emotionally, serve to further awaken consciousness in action so we can contribute to the peaceful, loving planet we wish to live on.

May the appearance of opposing forces, and “light and dark” duality serve to only unify humanity and wake us up to new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness for the well-being of all.

May we love our own hearts and our own innocence deeper and more intimately than ever before, in this breath, and the next.

Integrating into the 5th dimension is where all the shifts, clearings, and inner work you’ve been doing over the past many years (and lifetimes) can synthesize higher frequencies of light into your cells, which brings to life a greater spiritual reality on an emotional and physical level. While so many of you have been frustrated by the amount of personal growth you’ve done, and wonder why it doesn’t seem to make a difference in your reactions and responses to the world around you, it is because the true freedom and relief you seek occurs throughout the integration process.

When integration occurs, you will transition from being exhausted by life, to then be inspired and energized by your new reality of heart-centered consciousness. During this stage of integration, a wellspring of passion and intuitive direction divinely guides you forward into the opportunities, environments, and relationships of a new spiritual paradigm. As you integrate, the physical body is able to maintain your expanded vibration to uplift others, instead of feeling pulled down by the unresolved energies of those around you.

Integration also moves you beyond many self-defeating and compulsive patterns you may have been surprised to revisit over the past few years, ushering in a renewed sense of health, harmony, balance, fulfillment, and vitality throughout your life. As you integrate, your point of attraction begins shifting in your favor to reveal the resources, synchronicities and abundance that you no longer have to work so hard to discover.

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