Auspicious Week!!

Such an auspicious week, eh, folks? People all over our world are focused in prayer to bring themselves closer to their Higher Selves … and in so doing, bringing us all together in Peace … and what could be more Divinely Perfect than everyone acting in conjunction with the Equinox. The Jews observing their Day of Atonement in Silence … the Muslims trekking to Mecca … the Wiccans celebrating the end of the autumn harvest (Mabon) … and everyone observing the energetic changes that come with the Autumnal Equinox. And on top of it all … Mercury Retrograde with the 4th and final Blood/Full Moon for 2015 and an Eclipse this weekend.  It is, magnificently, the Ultimate (Re-)Balancing Act. Here’s to our World … may the next 6 months bring about the changes we intend for our Highest Good.  A-LO-HA ‘AINA!!aloha_shaka3

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