Reiki: Celebrating Samhain/Halloween With Attunements!


Enhance your energyworking skill set with these advanced modalities … attunements will take place between October 30th through November 5. (Pre-requisite: Usui Reiki mastership; proof of rank required.)

Mahatma Ascension Series (108- or 29-attunements packages available) — the ultimate Kundalini Reiki series, you will become attuned to a minimum of 10 multi-level energyworking modalities all at once. ($300 for 108-attunement package … $200 for 29-attunement package)

Medicine Buddha Reiki (3 levels) – $150
Tachyon Reiki (9 levels) – $150
Ethereal Crystals Reiki (9 levels) – $150
Crystals Reiki (full basic + crystal gridwork) – $200
Hawaiian Shamanic Reiki (3 levels) – $150

Tuition payments via PayPal — just click on the appropriate link.  Use the contact form, below, to tell us where you are located, the proper spelling of your name for certificates.  You may need to email a picture of yourself, so be sure to include an email address through which you can be immediately contacted.


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