On The Eve of the Autumnal Equinox



OK, here comes the day we have been building up to since Solstice back in June. Day and night are of near equal length and the seasons officially shift. We welcome in Spring in the southern hemisphere and Autumn/Fall in the northern. Equinox brings us into balance. Have you noticed you have an intense need to relax and enjoy yourself as well as get on with your work each day?

– Equinox opens the door on this week’s huge cosmic events. Notably the Super Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse.
– It’s also the FINAL 22 MASTER DAY for 2015. We are being asked to be authentically enthusiastic about our life!
– On Equinox we go still and come to centre. Therefore, ensure you meditate over the next 24 hours and be out of doors.
– Take a break, take some time off and just … BE


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Astrology ~ June 2015: A Turning Point

EPeru_June 2015

JUNE 2015…MAJOR ENERGY BREAK “Well here we go into a new month and already we are halfway through 2015. Back in January I said it would be, ‘The Year of Action’ and hasn’t it been a ride so far? The New Human you are becoming is well underway. Have you looked in the mirror? You literally are different.

During the last week of May we went through a major vibrational upswing on Earth. Many of you had intense dreams, headaches, astral travel experiences, wake-up calls, relationship breakdowns, sore bodies, sluggishness and a deep need to slow down and sleep. Yes? See my earlier posts.

In just on three weeks it will be Solstice. We are preparing now. My major message to you is this, “Do not be afraid. Get uncomfortable if it helps you to live. What may seem like a risk in June is your potential calling to you. Will you rise to your own challenge?”… Elizabeth x

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