Tarot Contemplation – The Lovers


When most people see this card, they automatically think “love relationship”. This can be true, but only in part. Esoterically, this card is about your inner balance between the masculine and feminine, yin and yang, and overcoming the desires of the material to free yourself to ascend spiritually.  The focus is on what dictates “you” … mind or heart?  Your happiness with your love partnership is noticeable by others, and your bliss makes you feel like celebrating … just don’t lose sight of material concerns, you know:  the things you’re tending to procrastinate on tackling and completing that really deserve your attention now (remember the Two of Swords yesterday?).  Continue to seek support and guidance in health matters; you might find the right doctor or other healthcare professional to assist you best today.  Bottom line:  listen to your gut (because the body houses your parent-Spirit) and follow your heart (because it discerns more clearly than your head).

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