Tarot Contemplation – King of Swords


Consider the feelings of others before you act, or react. Don’t overextend your reach; rather, consider how you are behaving towards others. Are you being too forceful, or too sensitive, especially to criticism?  If on the job, remember that “other” is simply doing their job.  If you’re pursuing a job, then know that you might appear to be an ideal candidate at first glance, but the person doing the hiring is looking for substance and commitment from you. If your partner is the forceful or opinionated type, then you ought to decide whether to accept and work it out with this person by applying the concepts of yin to yang. However, if your partner’s behavior is abusive, don’t put up with mistreatment:  move away and move on.  In money matters, the King advises you to get serious with your financial situation.  Procrastination solves nothing.  And, if an opportunity crosses your path to act generously, do so and view it as paying it forward.  As for your health, if you suspect something amiss (and don’t be a hypochondriac), do a bit of research on the symptoms before rushing to your doctor. Speaking of research, more self-discovery about spiritual matters yields insight for you today, so consider a visit to a Reiki Master or other metaphysical resource.  Self-awareness means self-responsibility and you owe it to your Self to be smart about your body, mind and spirit.

Tarot Contemplation – 6 of Pentacles


Good news and a great day!  Walking the path of moderation is paying off.  Today brings a sign or event that you are about to be the giver or beneficiary of something of value.  Although Pentacles is mostly about financial matters, today’s beneficence isn’t only about money and the material.  It’s about sharing, in gratitude, with others, in Spirit and with Feeling … Gratitude.  Your hard work of yesterday is now paying off in better days on the job, and your diligence is garnering notice and support by influential coworkers. Smile, because you earned it. Feel the inspiration to seek out better paying opportunities now … the timing feels right to go for that raise or promotion.  Being fair and supportive of your partner is also paying off to pave the way for a great Easter weekend.  Giving and taking with ease has never felt better between you two.  If you’re searching for that special someone, today brings an opportunity to meet a potential partner who is kind, upbeat and generous of Spirit … so be forthright and reach out to receive this person into your life.  This is riding the crest of the Wave, which also includes meeting a healer or discovering a modality that improves your health.  If you need the help, reach out to these opportunities and ask for it.  Shine your Light and share your understanding about the Way It Is with others … it may not be the whole Truth, but realize today that you have been nurturing your Spirit and asking the right questions.  There are meaningful conversations with others to be enjoyed today.

A Teaspoon of this Magical Potion can Help you Lose Even Up to 15 kg in Only Three Months – Health Questions Answered

The key thing for losing weight is by burning the calories during working out. Yes, indeed it is, but there is something else that can contribute to this weight losing process to appear faster and last longer, and that is… Continue Reading →

Source: A Teaspoon of this Magical Potion can Help you Lose Even Up to 15 kg in Only Three Months – Health Questions Answered

Perfectionism Is A Curse


Life isn’t a bowl full of cherries … it’s a mixed bag of crabs and cherries.  Heh.

Flexibility and persistence allows you to move with more ease through the ebb and flow of Life.

Learn how to drive your body-conveyance-vehicle … that’s the purpose, the reason, for understanding “how” Yoga and Meditation fit into rebalancing your Spirit.

High tide, low tide … yin and yang … The Oceans of Life are not all smooth sailing, so you must learn to be the Master Navigator of your canoe.  Know when to sail through the storms, when to go around the obstacles and, most importantly, when to take the time to hold back to relax, rejuvenate and renew the mind, body and spirit.

Walking the Middle Path … focusing on balancing with ease … Life is a marathon, not a sprint:  your daily stride must be timed so that your persistence/endurance carries you to the finish line. This is the magic of manifesting success:  timing is everything.  If you’re cramming, obsessing and sweating the small stuff without slowing down, you burn out your stamina, your resources, early and have nothing left to fuel your resolve to the finish line … few if any dreams manifesting as a better quality of living.

So drop that false paradigm of perfectionism today.  Be real by living a more balanced day for yourself.  By doing so, you encourage others to live similarly by your example … and the world begins to take on a better shape for all.

Have a Good Friday, everyone!

Lessons in Ayurvedic Herbalism – with K.P. Khalsa






Tarot Contemplation – 8 of Pentacles


Today will be a busy day to round out your work week, but dedication to the task(s) at hand is sure to pay off tomorrow.  A new job will be a test of how well you focus on honing new skills.  If you are already gainfully employed, you will be blessed with more responsibilities today, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you are feeling overburdened.  It’s better to ask for help, than to maintain a false impression of handling “it”.  No shame in being realistic.  If your days are appearing easier than your partner’s, be supportive and don’t throw a snit-fit because you feel neglected.  Partnership is about mutual support come what may, and besides, the weekend is here and there will be opportunities for both of you to relax and enjoy one another again.  If you are busy at work and looking for love, give yourself a break.  How can you look for love when your mind is on other things?  In money matters, you might receive a welcome financial boon, but caution:  don’t be so quick to squander your windfall. You earned this cushion; this wasn’t just blind luck.  And lastly, if you are finding that work feels like it has taken over your life, allow yourself a moment to step back to look at the big picture.  Ask yourself honestly … what are you seeking to achieve in allowing this trend to run point on your perspective? Make it a point to seek out books and/or conversation to help you clarify this aspect of your spiritual self.

How One Simple Breathing Technique Can Induce Better Health | Wake Up World

Believe it or not, there are different ways to breathe which have different effects on the body and our health. By simply working on our breathing technique we can induce good health, both physiologically and mentally. In this article I will explain how our breathing effects the human body. I will then off you a simple breathing technique you can practice yourself. By Guest Writer Lorraine Ereira

Source: How One Simple Breathing Technique Can Induce Better Health | Wake Up World

Tarot Contemplation – 5 of Wands


If you must believe in anything, it’s gotta be Numero Uno:  YOU. After all, self-confidence is the key to success at work, in relationships and in broadening your spiritual self-awareness. You might find that others are competing with you, but isn’t that a daily norm to one degree or another on the daily?  It’s just that today, you’re more aware of this aspect.  So, hold your head up high and place your faith and trust in knowing that all is unfolding for your highest good.  That is, if you’re thinking of switching jobs, tune-up that resume, be positive and TRY.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  And, if you notice others cutting corners to cut in front of you, just know that type of behavior yields short-term gains and with your persistence, you will pass them by.  This also applies to that special someone that has caught your eye.  Again, don’t mind the competition, be competitive by being your natural best.  If you are a match, s/he will notice the real you apart from all others. Bottom line:  don’t give up … persist.  Sometimes, the best way to deal with obstacles is to go around them, rather than plowing through them.  And, always give your Self a break by giving yourself a rest to catch your breath.  Life is about walking and enjoying the Journey, not sprinting (and burning out!) to the end.

Natural Wellness Guide: Meditation During Pregnancy

Meditation is an integral part of yoga. It aims to help you achieve a harmonious balance between your body and mind.Meditation relaxes your mind and eliminates feelings of restlessness. Meditation improves your concentration and creates an awareness about the power of your body.

Source: Natural Wellness Guide: Meditation During Pregnancy

Tarot Contemplation – Two of Swords


Today is a day to reflect on your one-on-one partnerships and how well you are “keeping the peace” with another through peaceful compromise.  Are you treating the other person on fairly equal terms?  Are you being treated equally well?  The simple remedy for a partnership out of balance is open communication.  If you are in a situation where you are waiting on others, be patient and refrain from being pushy to force others to act when they might not yet be ready to act with regard to you.  If you’ve been keeping pace at work, for example, then no sweat; things will eventually work out in your favor.  However, if not, then figure out how to make it right today to avoid being called to account for any shortcomings tomorrow.  Just don’t panic; things work out when you remain present and self-responsible.  This is also the key to your romantic partnerships:  today is a great day to enjoy an air of openness and connection with your Number One person in your life.  If you’re looking for love, again, be self-aware and self-assess whether you have emotional quirks that need to be ironed out.  Why are you feeling desperately lonely, or needy?  Remember that a prospective partner wants someone who compliments, not detracts from, life as s/he lives it.  The preferred partner is able to stand alone without being co-dependent on the other.

Chocolate Dobash Cake

Recipe – Hawai’ian Chocolate Dobash Cake


I’ve been looking for the best moist chocolate cake recipe for the longest time – similar to our country’s famous Lana cake – and I chanced upon this recipe. It looked fairly simple and I was really keen to try it out.

I think the cake turned out great and it’s definitely going to be a keeper for me. But what really caught my attention was the frosting. L has decided that it’s his favourite chocolate cake so I guess I’ll be baking more of this.

Some personal notes on the recipe below:

– I didn’t have any vegetable oil so I used light olive oil and it turned out fine.

– I reduced the sugar for the frosting from 1 cup to 1/2 cup. Do take note that for the frosting, instead of adding the cocoa powder, cornflour and water together in the mixture (doing that causes lumps in…

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The Ghetto Allegory


When thinking in terms of all things ‘weirdness’ and specifically where we each should all start when first we choose this Path, the best place is our ancient, native origins

I make it absolutely NO secret of what my origins are. I am Hawai’ian, of course, like almost ALL Hawai’ians, of mixed ancestry.

Yet, I am like all Hawai’ians who were raised by island born parents – to be Hawai’ian in everything that I do. This includes everything that I do with what it is that I am, who it is that I am, and what it is that I do in the sense that is the ‘weirdness.”

Lots of us have been raised as “one nation under” a big and scary God. We have all been told who we are in terms of what we are allowed to believe. Then, one day, ultimately, we all grow up and we…

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