Tarot Contemplation – 6 of Pentacles


Good news and a great day!  Walking the path of moderation is paying off.  Today brings a sign or event that you are about to be the giver or beneficiary of something of value.  Although Pentacles is mostly about financial matters, today’s beneficence isn’t only about money and the material.  It’s about sharing, in gratitude, with others, in Spirit and with Feeling … Gratitude.  Your hard work of yesterday is now paying off in better days on the job, and your diligence is garnering notice and support by influential coworkers. Smile, because you earned it. Feel the inspiration to seek out better paying opportunities now … the timing feels right to go for that raise or promotion.  Being fair and supportive of your partner is also paying off to pave the way for a great Easter weekend.  Giving and taking with ease has never felt better between you two.  If you’re searching for that special someone, today brings an opportunity to meet a potential partner who is kind, upbeat and generous of Spirit … so be forthright and reach out to receive this person into your life.  This is riding the crest of the Wave, which also includes meeting a healer or discovering a modality that improves your health.  If you need the help, reach out to these opportunities and ask for it.  Shine your Light and share your understanding about the Way It Is with others … it may not be the whole Truth, but realize today that you have been nurturing your Spirit and asking the right questions.  There are meaningful conversations with others to be enjoyed today.

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