Chocolate Dobash Cake

Recipe – Hawai’ian Chocolate Dobash Cake


I’ve been looking for the best moist chocolate cake recipe for the longest time – similar to our country’s famous Lana cake – and I chanced upon this recipe. It looked fairly simple and I was really keen to try it out.

I think the cake turned out great and it’s definitely going to be a keeper for me. But what really caught my attention was the frosting. L has decided that it’s his favourite chocolate cake so I guess I’ll be baking more of this.

Some personal notes on the recipe below:

– I didn’t have any vegetable oil so I used light olive oil and it turned out fine.

– I reduced the sugar for the frosting from 1 cup to 1/2 cup. Do take note that for the frosting, instead of adding the cocoa powder, cornflour and water together in the mixture (doing that causes lumps in…

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