The Ghetto Allegory


When thinking in terms of all things ‘weirdness’ and specifically where we each should all start when first we choose this Path, the best place is our ancient, native origins

I make it absolutely NO secret of what my origins are. I am Hawai’ian, of course, like almost ALL Hawai’ians, of mixed ancestry.

Yet, I am like all Hawai’ians who were raised by island born parents – to be Hawai’ian in everything that I do. This includes everything that I do with what it is that I am, who it is that I am, and what it is that I do in the sense that is the ‘weirdness.”

Lots of us have been raised as “one nation under” a big and scary God. We have all been told who we are in terms of what we are allowed to believe. Then, one day, ultimately, we all grow up and we…

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