Tarot Contemplation – King of Swords


Consider the feelings of others before you act, or react. Don’t overextend your reach; rather, consider how you are behaving towards others. Are you being too forceful, or too sensitive, especially to criticism?  If on the job, remember that “other” is simply doing their job.  If you’re pursuing a job, then know that you might appear to be an ideal candidate at first glance, but the person doing the hiring is looking for substance and commitment from you. If your partner is the forceful or opinionated type, then you ought to decide whether to accept and work it out with this person by applying the concepts of yin to yang. However, if your partner’s behavior is abusive, don’t put up with mistreatment:  move away and move on.  In money matters, the King advises you to get serious with your financial situation.  Procrastination solves nothing.  And, if an opportunity crosses your path to act generously, do so and view it as paying it forward.  As for your health, if you suspect something amiss (and don’t be a hypochondriac), do a bit of research on the symptoms before rushing to your doctor. Speaking of research, more self-discovery about spiritual matters yields insight for you today, so consider a visit to a Reiki Master or other metaphysical resource.  Self-awareness means self-responsibility and you owe it to your Self to be smart about your body, mind and spirit.

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