Tarot Contemplation – 8 of Pentacles


Today will be a busy day to round out your work week, but dedication to the task(s) at hand is sure to pay off tomorrow.  A new job will be a test of how well you focus on honing new skills.  If you are already gainfully employed, you will be blessed with more responsibilities today, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you are feeling overburdened.  It’s better to ask for help, than to maintain a false impression of handling “it”.  No shame in being realistic.  If your days are appearing easier than your partner’s, be supportive and don’t throw a snit-fit because you feel neglected.  Partnership is about mutual support come what may, and besides, the weekend is here and there will be opportunities for both of you to relax and enjoy one another again.  If you are busy at work and looking for love, give yourself a break.  How can you look for love when your mind is on other things?  In money matters, you might receive a welcome financial boon, but caution:  don’t be so quick to squander your windfall. You earned this cushion; this wasn’t just blind luck.  And lastly, if you are finding that work feels like it has taken over your life, allow yourself a moment to step back to look at the big picture.  Ask yourself honestly … what are you seeking to achieve in allowing this trend to run point on your perspective? Make it a point to seek out books and/or conversation to help you clarify this aspect of your spiritual self.

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