Perfectionism Is A Curse


Life isn’t a bowl full of cherries … it’s a mixed bag of crabs and cherries.  Heh.

Flexibility and persistence allows you to move with more ease through the ebb and flow of Life.

Learn how to drive your body-conveyance-vehicle … that’s the purpose, the reason, for understanding “how” Yoga and Meditation fit into rebalancing your Spirit.

High tide, low tide … yin and yang … The Oceans of Life are not all smooth sailing, so you must learn to be the Master Navigator of your canoe.  Know when to sail through the storms, when to go around the obstacles and, most importantly, when to take the time to hold back to relax, rejuvenate and renew the mind, body and spirit.

Walking the Middle Path … focusing on balancing with ease … Life is a marathon, not a sprint:  your daily stride must be timed so that your persistence/endurance carries you to the finish line. This is the magic of manifesting success:  timing is everything.  If you’re cramming, obsessing and sweating the small stuff without slowing down, you burn out your stamina, your resources, early and have nothing left to fuel your resolve to the finish line … few if any dreams manifesting as a better quality of living.

So drop that false paradigm of perfectionism today.  Be real by living a more balanced day for yourself.  By doing so, you encourage others to live similarly by your example … and the world begins to take on a better shape for all.

Have a Good Friday, everyone!

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