Tarot Contemplation – 5 of Wands


If you must believe in anything, it’s gotta be Numero Uno:  YOU. After all, self-confidence is the key to success at work, in relationships and in broadening your spiritual self-awareness. You might find that others are competing with you, but isn’t that a daily norm to one degree or another on the daily?  It’s just that today, you’re more aware of this aspect.  So, hold your head up high and place your faith and trust in knowing that all is unfolding for your highest good.  That is, if you’re thinking of switching jobs, tune-up that resume, be positive and TRY.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  And, if you notice others cutting corners to cut in front of you, just know that type of behavior yields short-term gains and with your persistence, you will pass them by.  This also applies to that special someone that has caught your eye.  Again, don’t mind the competition, be competitive by being your natural best.  If you are a match, s/he will notice the real you apart from all others. Bottom line:  don’t give up … persist.  Sometimes, the best way to deal with obstacles is to go around them, rather than plowing through them.  And, always give your Self a break by giving yourself a rest to catch your breath.  Life is about walking and enjoying the Journey, not sprinting (and burning out!) to the end.

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