Tarot Contemplation – The High Priestess


Today is a day where Bruce Lee’s advice kicks in:  “Don’t think:  Feel.”  When the High Priestess shows up, it’s time to pay attention to your Intuition and your voice of inner guidance.  It’s a great day ahead.  You’re feeling inspired about life and feeling good about yourself … and this positive outlook makes you physically attractive to others.  For the men out there, you may come across an attractive, but somewhat distant, woman whom you sense has her game on, and she appeals to you … but she also might be entirely unreachable to you.  If that’s so for you today, just kick back and enjoy the view, then act on what she inspires within you.  For the women, you might encounter a better day simply because people around you feel more receptive to you in how you appear and what you have to say to them.  It’s a great edge you can use to your advantage, but take care and act wisely because you’re wielding potent energies today.  In money matters, someone might not be acting entirely honest with you, so don’t be afraid to investigate this gut feeling further.  Use your guile and play it close to the vest by only disclosing information on a need-to-know basis.  With regard to your health … you know those doctors and metaphysicians you’ve been consulting?  Perhaps you may need a second opinion, so trust your gut and look after yourself.  Have you been dreaming lately?  Today is a great day to venture forth and investigate your dreams by broadening your horizons in conversation with others to gain more valuable insight about yourself.

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