I Ching ~ Week of October 13, 2014

Wei Ji ~ "Not Yet Crossing"
#64 ~ Wei Ji ~ “Not Yet Crossing”

Above:    Li      ~     Radiance, fire; brightness that brings clarity and passion

Below:    Kan   ~   Gorge, precipice, snare; taking risks; the danger of swift-flowing waters

The Wisdom:

As an old pattern is ending;
Grieve for what is lost and move forward,
No Pause; the next cycle has begun.

You are, after much work and toil, becoming realized. In a time such as this it may be confusing, feeling that everything is ending or falling apart. You have identified a major pattern that has been obstructing your path to happiness and satisfaction. It is an old pattern that you’ve often repeated, and now it must be left behind. It is showing itself and is in your face, like Cerberus, the three-headed monster guarding the gates of the Underworld to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping.

You now stand on the shore of the river, where love, abundance, and satisfaction await you on the other side. And it is here that this monster, your monster, is confronting you. It is here and now on this shore that you are to gather your strength and choose the appropriate time to make your crossing.

There is a warning in the original text that says not to proceed without careful consideration and a cohesive plan. By examining the Chinese pictograms for this hexagram we are reminded of the young fox that desperately want to cross the river, where her dreams of love and abundant hunting grounds await her on the other side. She sees there is ice on the river that can facilitate the crossing. But our young fox does not consider that the ice is not yet fully formed, and, throwing caution to the wind, she goes for it. Her exhilaration is momentary—the ice cracks, plunging her into the frozen water, and her crossing is thwarted. Now there is no way to recover, and she cannot try the crossing again.

The lesson is applicable here: pay close attention in order to recognize the proper timing, and make sure your plan is fully formed; then make your move.

After recently experiencing some beneficial advances. The temptation now, fostered by the ego’s impatience, is to embrace all your actions and continue to forge ahead. But this is not yet the correct time. Reflect and examine where you have been and what you have gone through to get to this point in your process; you will be sobered by this and will, as a result, want to proceed carefully.

Your passion to advance, which is a good thing, is triggering a kind of hormonal rush whereby all seems possible, and it is, but you are not quite fully prepared. Cool your jets. This is the time to embrace the changes that have occurred in your mind and in your heart. Allow what you have been processing to really be acknowledged on the emotional, feeling level as you move toward your destiny.

You are being given notice as you stand on the shore to take stock of your situation. You are at the gateway of great understanding. Be sure that what you have done in preparation for this change is in proper order. Look closely; you have tamed the inner chaos, and you have gathered the emotional, spiritual, and psychological food you need for the journey ahead. Well done! Now you must pay close attention to your timing, so that you will recognize the proper time to make your move. Look around you now. You may find a person, process, or situation of substance to appoint as your guardian at the gate while you make this transition and safely cross the river.

It is most important that you release the situations and people that have held you—and that you have held—in the bondage of old programs and patterns. This will leave you feeling free, light of spirit; you will have released the weight that has kept you from what your heart desires and what you are here in this life, at this time, to complete. This will allow you to be loved without bonds or conditions; this is free love.

In this moment in time you are the microcosm of the macro-changes that society and Gaia are experiencing, and you are given a powerful energetic wave to ride. It is this wave that fuels your intuition, that powerful mechanism that taps into the universal source of wisdom. Didn’t you notice how the universe sent you in the right direction, to the right place at the right time, almost as if you had no choice? Trust that this was your intuition operating at its finest vibration and highest frequency. This is an important part of the equation—trusting your intuition, which allows you to love without condition, and let yourself be loved in that same light, with no confusion, angst, or pain. Believe this: love without pain is possible!

Walk your path with dignity, compassion, kindness, and integrity. In this way you are greasing the wheels of the inner vehicle that will take you smoothly toward a new birth, a new and creative beginning.

At this time you will need no translator, shrink, shaman, or priest to tell you what is being said; rather, you will know it from your intuitive voice of inner wisdom, the voice that got you here, to stand at this place at this time, fully exposed and with no fear.

This is a rebirth and a new beginning. Close the old chapters and cut off the dead weight with a sharp, swift sword. Your releasing of the old will free yourself from the bondage of control of that person or pattern.

There will be great rewards as you make the commitment to leaving these old, worn patterns behind. You will find new people, new endeavors, and will birth new ideas that have been in formation all the time you were in bondage.

Laugh, sing, and be joyous, and let yourself be found. Love is the answer.

In Lak’ech




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