I Ching ~ Week of November 3, 2014

#49 ~ Ge ~ Skinning/Revolution

Above: Dui Open, responsive, free
Below: Li Radiant, articulate

The Wisdom:

Stripping away the old skin.
Making way for

One thing is a constant in our universe, that is change, and now as there is a great shifting of energies on planet earth, so it will reflect for sure in your personal life.

Necessity and opportunity are now combined, making this a rarified time where your power to make positive change is at its most dynamic. It is a time that can carry you to heights you have not before imagined. Don’t rush or panic, there will be time to do what must be done. And have no doubts the changes you have thought and dreamed are active as never before.

When you read or hear this message from the ancient oracle avoid the temptation to make changes purely for the sake of change. Be present. Seek wise council when necessary. Don’t let your ego keep you from asking for assistance from a wise person in your tribe when you feel you are missing something in the process. This will be of benefit to family, tribe and relationships as all moves toward the benefit of the greater good.

Carefully consider each move you deem necessary, consider all aspects and ramifications of your action; then make that move the focal point of your meditation. In stillness you will be shown the proper time to take action or to discard a particular action. Moving in this way, you can build a solid foundation from which to launch your revolution, your re-evolution, and the change that will allow you to achieve supreme success.

Prepare yourself for change. To be ready and confident that you will receive the bounty of change that is coming, you must be steady, healthy, and have a calm and quiet mind. To be a successful revolutionary you must be strategic and have a definite plan.

This time in your cycle is a time of abundance, but abundance without a strong vessel to contain it can slip away quickly and send you into a descent that could take many cycles from which to recover. Don’t risk it. Know that what has taken you to this point, no matter how beautiful and loving, or disappointing and frustrating, it has given you the ability to have a very clear vision of what needs to be done and how to behave. Trust this vision now and act accordingly.

Be fully in your body when you feel the pain of internal revolution, this is suffering, and suffering paves the way for you to live in freedom with dignity and compassion. As this destined change, this revolution, is happening, be and speak your truth.

Remember, you cannot hurt anyone with words or actions that are of truth; it is the choice of the other to take truth and attempt to subvert it by calling it hurt, hoping to be relieved of taking responsibility for their own contribution to the situation and their selfish efforts to be in control.

The world you once knew is no longer. The image of this hexagram is that of metal over fire. The metal is molten and represents the cycle that is in transformation, waiting to take a new form, to become a new, creative, beneficial force.

The symbolism of this hexagram, Ge, tells us in no uncertain terms that we have entered a new era—not by choice, but as a result of our destiny.

If your timing is off and you jump too soon or miss the time of action, you will not go gently into that good night—you will be metaphorically skinned. And that will be unpleasant, dramatic, time-consuming, and surely emotionally and psychologically painful. Now you are being given a choice: you can kick your addiction to pain, suffering, and drama with the understanding that you have set it up this way, in order to feed the bottomless pit of frozen needs of old patterns and knee-jerk responses. The choice you are given is one we don’t get very often. Either be conscious and attentive to details and with this awareness use your intuition and/or the advice of a sage, the wise person in your tribe of fellows, as to when you will take this action or jump in carelessly feigning bravery and sink back to old ways, behaviors and beliefs.

Timing is of the essence. You will know the right time to creatively make the necessary changes by trusting your inner voice of wisdom and awareness that arises in stillness. Trust that you will be guided well by intuition, which will illuminate the right time and place to shed your skin.

Place becomes as important as time in this case. Choose a sacred space for this dance of transformation. It may be an actual place where you can feel the trust to go into your depths. Invite the one, or ones, who are sacred to you to be present, as you do not have to do this alone, not anymore, because what you are going through is happening all around you. Speak up, speak your truth, speak of where you are in the inner dance, and take partners. You will be surprised at how many in your milieu are in the same dance, so join together and do the dance. It will be a new seriousness, and it will be joyful.

When a skin is shed or cut away, what is revealed are new ways of being. You are left raw, delicate, and vulnerable. You will enter one of the most vulnerable times in this personal cycle and of Earth herself. It is of great benefit to be the fierce warrior goddess or hero as you use truth to complete and support your process. As you are shedding, you will clearly see what has been disharmonious or dysfunctional in your life. As previously ignored or denied issues and attitudes reveal themselves—and they assuredly will—shed them along with the metaphorical skin that is being cast aside.

Be strategic now. Look to your old habits. See the ones generated by , shame, fear and doubt, and with intent do process to let them go. Literally change your thought process. Words and language are codes that reach the sanctum sanctorum of your heart and soul and manifest as realities.
Hear the inner words that are negative or are of no use, and literally correct your self-talk.

Prepare yourself for change. To be ready and confident that you will receive the bounty of change that is coming. You must be steady, healthy, and have a calm and quiet mind.

Just knowing that the time of radical revolution is here is not enough. For a revolution to be successful, it must start within. To be believed you must first believe in yourself. The human condition is a mystery. It often brings us to ask the unanswerable question: Why me? So the first action is to get that weak plea out of the way; then the road to revolution, radical change, will become clear—you will manifest it. In fact, you have already manifested it, but as you walk through this gauntlet of fear, shame and doubt you will find you have been wearing blinders, seeing only the old ways. You will not make it through if you are worried about what others in your tribe, family, company, or relationship think. It doesn’t matter. This journey is yours, not theirs.

Abundance referred to in this text has many parts. It may be money, love, place, happiness, recognition, health, or any combination of these things. Prepare yourself to receive by making the conscious decision to be conscious of change and to ignite revolution. In this way you make ready the vessel to receive. This is, in part, the alchemical formula that begets revolution—learning to receive, with humility and dignity. The other components are trust and confidence in your inner knowing; clear your mind and trust the messages from within.

There is a grand opportunity now to change your old ways of thinking and being. By doing so, you can and will change your world and our world. This is our responsibility as we awaken as aware and conscious beings.

Don’t give up your ideals and don’t compromise. Be firm, compassionate, and kind as you grow a new and beautiful, luminescent skin to take the place of that which you shed on your journey.

As you are losing that old skin of stale and useless modes of thinking and behavior, it will benefit you to move with the rhythm of the earth…..dance, sing and be joyous. This is the signal to spirit that you are present and willing to receive what you have worked so hard to achieve and acquire.

With feet planted firmly on the ground say again, and again, and loudly…I AM HERE…

In lak’ech



I Ching ~ Week of October 13, 2014

Wei Ji ~ "Not Yet Crossing"
#64 ~ Wei Ji ~ “Not Yet Crossing”

Above:    Li      ~     Radiance, fire; brightness that brings clarity and passion

Below:    Kan   ~   Gorge, precipice, snare; taking risks; the danger of swift-flowing waters

The Wisdom:

As an old pattern is ending;
Grieve for what is lost and move forward,
No Pause; the next cycle has begun.

You are, after much work and toil, becoming realized. In a time such as this it may be confusing, feeling that everything is ending or falling apart. You have identified a major pattern that has been obstructing your path to happiness and satisfaction. It is an old pattern that you’ve often repeated, and now it must be left behind. It is showing itself and is in your face, like Cerberus, the three-headed monster guarding the gates of the Underworld to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping.

You now stand on the shore of the river, where love, abundance, and satisfaction await you on the other side. And it is here that this monster, your monster, is confronting you. It is here and now on this shore that you are to gather your strength and choose the appropriate time to make your crossing.

There is a warning in the original text that says not to proceed without careful consideration and a cohesive plan. By examining the Chinese pictograms for this hexagram we are reminded of the young fox that desperately want to cross the river, where her dreams of love and abundant hunting grounds await her on the other side. She sees there is ice on the river that can facilitate the crossing. But our young fox does not consider that the ice is not yet fully formed, and, throwing caution to the wind, she goes for it. Her exhilaration is momentary—the ice cracks, plunging her into the frozen water, and her crossing is thwarted. Now there is no way to recover, and she cannot try the crossing again.

The lesson is applicable here: pay close attention in order to recognize the proper timing, and make sure your plan is fully formed; then make your move.

After recently experiencing some beneficial advances. The temptation now, fostered by the ego’s impatience, is to embrace all your actions and continue to forge ahead. But this is not yet the correct time. Reflect and examine where you have been and what you have gone through to get to this point in your process; you will be sobered by this and will, as a result, want to proceed carefully.

Your passion to advance, which is a good thing, is triggering a kind of hormonal rush whereby all seems possible, and it is, but you are not quite fully prepared. Cool your jets. This is the time to embrace the changes that have occurred in your mind and in your heart. Allow what you have been processing to really be acknowledged on the emotional, feeling level as you move toward your destiny.

You are being given notice as you stand on the shore to take stock of your situation. You are at the gateway of great understanding. Be sure that what you have done in preparation for this change is in proper order. Look closely; you have tamed the inner chaos, and you have gathered the emotional, spiritual, and psychological food you need for the journey ahead. Well done! Now you must pay close attention to your timing, so that you will recognize the proper time to make your move. Look around you now. You may find a person, process, or situation of substance to appoint as your guardian at the gate while you make this transition and safely cross the river.

It is most important that you release the situations and people that have held you—and that you have held—in the bondage of old programs and patterns. This will leave you feeling free, light of spirit; you will have released the weight that has kept you from what your heart desires and what you are here in this life, at this time, to complete. This will allow you to be loved without bonds or conditions; this is free love.

In this moment in time you are the microcosm of the macro-changes that society and Gaia are experiencing, and you are given a powerful energetic wave to ride. It is this wave that fuels your intuition, that powerful mechanism that taps into the universal source of wisdom. Didn’t you notice how the universe sent you in the right direction, to the right place at the right time, almost as if you had no choice? Trust that this was your intuition operating at its finest vibration and highest frequency. This is an important part of the equation—trusting your intuition, which allows you to love without condition, and let yourself be loved in that same light, with no confusion, angst, or pain. Believe this: love without pain is possible!

Walk your path with dignity, compassion, kindness, and integrity. In this way you are greasing the wheels of the inner vehicle that will take you smoothly toward a new birth, a new and creative beginning.

At this time you will need no translator, shrink, shaman, or priest to tell you what is being said; rather, you will know it from your intuitive voice of inner wisdom, the voice that got you here, to stand at this place at this time, fully exposed and with no fear.

This is a rebirth and a new beginning. Close the old chapters and cut off the dead weight with a sharp, swift sword. Your releasing of the old will free yourself from the bondage of control of that person or pattern.

There will be great rewards as you make the commitment to leaving these old, worn patterns behind. You will find new people, new endeavors, and will birth new ideas that have been in formation all the time you were in bondage.

Laugh, sing, and be joyous, and let yourself be found. Love is the answer.

In Lak’ech




I Ching ~ Week of September 7, 2014

MENG#4 Meng ~ Without Experience

Above: Ken Mountain Firm rooted, nothing to lose
Below: K’an Water Flowing fast, possible danger
The Wisdom:

The tree is bearing fruit
What has been nurtured has taken root
The fruit is not yet ripe
Take of the fruit now, you will fall ill

In stillness you will hear the voice of spirit calling you to greatness. By listening with trust you can be led to a grand situation that will need time to mellow and mature. You will feel the power in your veins. The ego will likely say: Take it; go for it before it fades. If you move too quickly into the core of the situation, you will find that you do not have the information and the capacity to deal with energy such as this.

What is stirring in you has the depth of many layers, most are hidden To decipher the messages in stillness you will hear the truth that is telling you to hide and conceal your lust and desire for an outcome that will serve you. You need to know more about the essence of the situation before you commit to entering into the flow. The benefit now is to come to the stillness of the mountain.

Do not try to make it appear that you know what you do not. This would be folly and would create obstacles that will be difficult to overcome

The stillness of the mountain is not still at all;
Water flows from the mountain.
This is the symbolic spring of youthful beginnings and experiences;
A youthful attitude now brings success without bounds.

Within your reach, or perhaps just grasped, is the new. Newness is coming or has just come to your work and studies, whether these are inner or outer. In your present relationships and associations or that are on their way to you, your attitude about love, companionship, friendship and commerce requires renewal.

There is some danger here: Moving without the understanding that you are in a situation where you do not yet have the knowledge to undertake would have you move too fast. At this point accept that you do not yet have sufficient knowledge. Therefore, start slowly so that you can absorb the new, hidden, information being shown to you about yourself and your situation.

You are in a great position. But you must accept that in this situation you know very little about how to proceed. Revel in the fact that you are a beginner. Seek the information, teacher or guide who can mentor you into this next stage of abundance and love; take their advice and then go into the quiet of your heart. You are again the student. Accept and embrace that place.

The spring emerges through the rock on the mountain.
This is the new showing itself.
Be steady and clear.
Observe and open your mind and heart.
Be without fear or judgment.

Shoshin is a term in Zen meaning “beginner’s mind.” It refers to cultivating an attitude of openness, eagerness and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, just as a beginner in that subject would—even if one is already at an advanced level.

Move too fast now you will fall impotent, unable to perform. This will leave you frustrated and the ego will have its way with you telling you are not enough, and that will stop you in your motion toward completion and greatness.

Being of the mind of the young student, the attitude of the beginner, will serve you well. In fact it is the only way in which you can proceed and be free of danger. Be as still and calm as the mountain now and allow the coming flow of knowledge that you will find only in humility. The knowledge you need will be like a spring, that with care soon can become the river. In this way, you will fill the gaps in your knowledge, and this will allow you to be carried to a peaceful and joyous success where you will find abundance, love and peace of mind. Go to the teacher you trust and offer alms of respect and gratitude. This may be a person or it may be the inner voice of wisdom reached in the silence of your quiet mind in meditation.

Each of us has unseen teachers who are wise, patient and kind. You are now at the place where you will be able to hear their voices and feel their compassion and love. So the question comes: “What do I do to connect?” The answers are easy: Be patient, compassionate and kind, and each day, be in wonder as the sun rises and sets. When you see the beauty of nature, when you hear the night bird sing, be as a child whose innocence is in awe of all that is new.

When children first hear an airplane flying overhead they stop in amazement. It seems to linger in the sky above. They look up and listen and watch as it makes its way slowly across their field of vision until it is out of sight. As we became accustomed to the sight, we become complacent as other airplanes make their way across our sky, and we hardly notice them. But then a helicopter would fly our way and we were in wonderment again. The pattern would repeat, and complacency would once again take the place of wonder.

Remember all those many years ago when you would watch bees and ants and be fully engaged with no sense of time? Go into that place and shed the cloak of complacency and see the wonder around you now. Share your vision and feelings with those around you, with no fear of embarrassment, shame or judgment.

In our youth it would seem that summer would never come and a year was such a long time. As we become older a year seemed like just a moment, and our youth seemed to have slipped away. It has not: All that has happened is we have become “sophisticated” and complacent, thinking we know sooo much.

Now the benefit is to teach what you know and listen; make way for the new. This is a path to freedom of thought, consciousness and spirituality. This hexagram comes to help us return to that state of the child in wonderment of the new. Be still and learn. Be still and listen, as you then become the mentor and teacher.

Dignity, integrity, compassion and kindness are your allies in the adventure before you. You are coming to know the unknowable, the hidden truth that is deep within you. You are both student and teacher. In accepting this with a child’s enthusiasm and vision, you will remove obstacles that have been blocking your way toward the waiting abundance, love and spirit. You become the innocent.

Come to know the voice of your heart. As you trust the voice of your heart, your inner knowing, your flow will be like the water that flows from the mountain made full by the spring rains.

In complacency you become dulled to the love around you. This causes loneliness and frustration. In your relationship, friendships, projects, career, or in your own inner journey of spiritual evolution, it will be of great benefit to refresh your knowledge and attitudes. You must learn new ways and think in a new way about how things are showing in your life and how things work. Quiet the ego and move into your inner knowing, your intuitive force that never disappoints. Then when you come to the realization that you do not have enough knowledge to proceed, something wonderful will happen: You will become the student again, the beginner who is filled with wondering and wonderment.

Recall what brought you joy and what you did for fun as a child and do it now. Skip down the lane, play with clay, steal a kiss, do finger painting. Whatever it is, reignite your innocence and sense of wonder. If you had trauma as a child around trust or love, accept that it happened, write about it, process it, and let it go. Move into a different pool of conscious activity that is joyous and filled with gratitude.

Discard the old and open to new ways of being and doing. In the process, be patient, kind, and compassionate with yourself and others as you begin learning new patterns. Observe the actions of happy children and bring that back into your life. By following the advice and vision of this hexagram, your frustrations will dissipate and you will feel the exhilaration of youth, no matter what your age.

Love is the result, process and lubricant to keep you in the knowing of your heart, while you let the mind run where it will…listen, let it go and return to the heart.

We are in revolutionary times where the revolution is in spirit and spirit is the companion of love. Feel love, be love and you will return to the knowing of the bubbling well of youthful enthusiasm tempered by a clear and meditative mind.

You are the one you have been waiting for.

Many blessings