I Ching ~ The Week of July 7, 2014


#50          Ding      The Sacred Vessel

Above:     Li           Radiance
Below :    Sun        The root, the base on which all things rest

The Wisdom:

The cauldron is on the fire
In the cauldron are all your ways and means
Tend this fire carefully
Lest you overcook the brew of transformation

The heat you are feeling is coming from deep in your consciousness. This heat is generated when true initiation is near. And as Ding is called, you are told in no uncertain terms that you have done well and you have a grand opportunity before you. You have the opportunity to make the alchemical mix of love, spirit, and fate into the elixir that, when used judiciously, will guide you to the gates of your solitude where, behind those gates, lies peace of mind, success and abundance in all things.

You have called for this sacred vessel to be placed at your feet. It is here for you to deposit your doubts, fears, and lack of surety to be transformed—cooked, if you will—and be seen for what they truly are, and what they mean in your life, and how their energy can be transformed and made useful.

This boiling brew of transformation is meant to purify your heart. From this place all is possible. You need only to take the risk you have chosen with the understanding that no matter what happens, it is the right action being delivered at precisely the right time. You, having chosen the initiatory path, will open your own vessel to receiving guidance from spirit. This spirit, that you wish to please, will open the crystal prism of your inner wisdom so you may match the frequencies and bring all into harmonious alignment with your authentic self.

All of the finite aspects of your being have been maturing and this maturation is the fuel feeding the fire that heats the Sacred Vessel that magically begets your transformation through initiation. This cycle is bringing an inner knowing and understanding of the vital place that this alchemical journey holds for us, our family, and our tribe.

The brainwashed Western mind gives no credence to the idea that being in harmony with the root and flow of cosmic energies and powers is necessary for advancement spiritually and emotionally. The concept of sacrifice and the acceptance of what is fated is difficult for the Western mind to wrap its head around. But nothing less than sacrifice is what is being called for at this time—you have called it forth from your very essence. Bring up to the front of the line your true warrior spirit and, with a peaceful mind and pure heart, you will be transformed and there will be the understanding of the human in advancement that will, though personal transformation, open the galactic door so all sentient beings can be transformed into the cosmic warriors that will open the doorway to the new golden age, the new earth. And fellow pilgrims in this game of cosmic tag… You’re it. In truth you always were it, but because of the mask you were cajoled by society into wearing, you didn’t know it. Now you do.

Ding, the sacred vessel, is bringing fate to the forefront of your consciousness. Societal programming caused its members to look at fate as a negative, as a limitation, as “less than.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Your fate—your path and purpose—is what is to be revealed to you through this act of ritual sacrifice. This initiation will lead to renewal, to a new way of being, and of being seen. Your life becomes your art, and you are appreciated in a new and very real way. It may well be through your creative, artistic expression that you are seen, or as a leader in your community, family or tribe.

Harmony with the cosmos, a big and important concept, is, in its essence, the simplest and least effortful way of all. Begin by making a change in your concept of the way you live and conceive each day. Go joyfully into harmony with nature, with Gaia, and be a blessed part in fulfilling the needs of the planet and society. Become aware of, and be fully present in, the flow of your tribe, family and personal relationships. Do not isolate at this time. You need to see and to be seen, to reflect and be a mirror for others in your tribe who are with you, knowingly or not, in this great transformative process on earth. You will surely have to sacrifice old patterns of limitation and control, patterns of insisting that you are right and others are wrong. You must dissolve your ties to relationships that have become burdens, which have kept you from your truth. Through these actions you will become inspired and become an inspiration to others. You will be a light of hope for others to see and to feel.

Ding is calling you to examine your thoughts, and the clever ways you unconsciously manipulate your own thinking process, and the thinking of those around you. To follow this call, explore where your ego has taken control. Investigate whether you have accepted certain harsh, dogmatic beliefs, or behavior as the norm, whether in your relationships, business, your craft, or in the world at large. Look carefully to see if you are harboring stale, hidebound ideas about how those in friendship or relationship with you should behave. You must then sacrifice to Ding, the cauldron of initiation, your critical, judgmental views, which you have defended in order to maintain the illusion of your superiority and control.

Thoughts are much more powerful
Than spoken words.
Diligently correct your thoughts;
The result is supreme success
And harmony with the cosmos.

Now is the time for you to prepare for personal transformation while the earth and our society is in evolution into a new Golden Age. The two must be in harmony if you are to survive these momentous times. The possibilities of a new cycle of growth and change are presenting themselves, and you have invited this change—WE have invited this change, collectively. Ding is the answer to our call. Your beautifully fated future and the joyous Now is in your hands, not in the voice of the critical ego that relishes in feeding off the status quo and keeping you in the narrow hallway where new thoughts, feelings, and ideas cannot find you.

As you travel your path of life, you will encounter real-life gatekeepers to keep you from your solace and inner truth—creatures like the mythological Cerberus, the three-headed hound of the underworld; or the sometimes rascally Pan, or the call of the siren of beauty or various and sundry ogres that can shape-shift in an instant to frighten you and stop you in your tracks. Be prepared, because when you make the commitment to clear the path to health, love, abundance, and a deepening of spirit, have no doubt these gatekeepers will show up and try every trick they know to scare you into submission. Don’t be fooled. Know that in your fate lie bravery and the heart of the heroine and of the hero… that is you. This is all part and parcel of the alchemy brewing in the caldron where you and Spirit are, in concert, cooking up the brew that will take you to the doorstep of your dreams and desires.These ogres and obstacles can come in the form of real, very real, people who have gained power over you and who do not, for their own survival or ego trip, want to let you go; or they may come in the form of a familiar old depression, or free-floating anxiety laced with doubt and fear. Ding tells you it is your job to recognize these things as gatekeepers; you must face them, and not run away from them. Use the tools of your inner truth that have been presented to you as you have walked your walk, to confront these obstacles to your serenity and inner truth. Look at your fears and hear your ego’s voice trying to fill you with doubts, then, by knowing your goal of peace and harmony, push on and leave those things in the dust.To move past the gatekeepers, you must find a balance within your body, mind, and spirit. Your power will come from moving with grace and integrity, compassion and kindness. Walk in nature, plant a garden, learn something new, and go deeper into your spiritual practice. Meditate, laugh, and play with the rainbow children who are all around us now as we make this Earth shift through our collective human will. Create fun and loving ceremony that honors the spirit, and come together with friends in celebration. These are the gifts that pave the way for initiation.You can, with courage and through your own personal process, move into new realms, where you release all personal limitations into the unlimited, vast oneness. Taking this journey with all the bravery you can muster will lead to true love, enhanced knowledge, abundance, and the sense that you can once again fall in love with your true, authentic self.

Your cosmic connection and initiation into a new way—a happier, more confident way of being—is at hand. Correcting your thought patterns is of utmost importance in making this transformation. Holding onto judgments, grudges, or anger will only give strength to the critic, the aspect of the ego that wants to take control and keep you on the stale, unsatisfying path of the past. By making your offerings and sacrifices, you will be directed, easily, to the road less traveled, where all is fresh and new. You will be lighter, stand taller, and feel the breath of life’s fresh air.

Be love, hold a light in your heart as you give, and most importantly, learn to receive the gifts that are around you every moment of every day…and…be love.

Many Blessings… In Lak’ech




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