Health ~ Four Simple Ways To Change How You Eat

You’ve taken the first step by setting a goal. Now it’s time to start achieving it. Fitness is a vital part of life. And a vital part of being fit is eating right. If you want to be and feel your best in the body, then follow some of these ways to change your daily diet without going on a diet.
It may seem backward, but if you can eat five small meals a day, it will rev up your metabolism, keeping you from feeling tired and unmotivated to exercise.
Avoid extra calories by opting for healthier sides. Exchange french fries for a side salad or fresh fruit. Or even better, just cut out sides altogether.
Fill your plate with colorful foods such as fresh veggies and fruits. And because you know you’re eating healthy, you’ll feel better physically and mentally.
Drinking water is one of the easiest things you can do to help you lose weight. Water jump-starts your metabolism and gives you energy.

Setting Daily Intentions

prayer pyramidTo bring about personal change, you need to first begin with an intention. Without one, you’re on a journey with no map, and no destination. You can start with this simple practice:

Before you get out of bed each morning, take five minutes to set your intention for the day. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and envision the day you want to have. If you have an important meeting, see yourself presenting with confidence. If you have a date, anticipate and welcome the romance of the evening. You may choose to see yourself sending out and receiving positive energy from all the people with whom you interact. Or simply see yourself moving through your day calmly, without worry or anxiety. Setting a clear intention in this way can have powerful effects on the outcome of your daily activity.

Aloha Ke Akua



lanai“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”  ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is the thirst of people for an easier life. But there is a trade-off between peace and convenience.

Experiment with such trade-offs between peace and convenience in your own life. What could be changed and what left alone to flower in its own way?


I Ching For The Week of June 18, 2014

Gu#18 — Gu — decay/corruption/repair

Above: Gen quiet mountain; unshakable, steady, firm, and still

Below : Sun root; standing on a firm platform to achieve a slow and nourishing penetration into the heart of the matter.

The Wisdom:

There is one thing you can count on: all things change.
The root of the situation is breaking down.
This is in the natural order;
No blame, no fear, don’t try to stop it or slow it down.

In the past, when you have been confronted with situations that are falling apart and not working, you have called on tried and true methods to make repairs and clear the way. The old ways are no longer working, as times, energy, and world intent have drastically changed—and this is just the beginning

Dangerous times such as these bring opportunity for creative transformation. Take a look at the foundation of your creations. Examine your health, business, relationships, and state of mind to see if there is some hidden decay beginning to eat away at what you have built and worked so hard for. You are bound to find corruption at the foundation of your ways of thinking that must be repaired and renewed. If you do not see it or find it, you are either not looking hard enough or looking in the wrong places.

As you enter into the internal archeology of the heart and soul, you are getting the feeling of being thwarted in your movement forward and this is causing angst and fear to arise. The churning in the belly, or what you smell and feel burning like acid at the back of your throat is fear. This overpowering sense that is waking you in the night, or distracting you in your daily toil is a signal that you must call on all your resources to access those hidden recesses where there is decay or weakness in your matrix, so you can make a plan of reconstruction, change your ways of thinking and interacting with others, and embrace your fears until they turn into light. You are a light being, a spiritual warrior, now act like one.

Having a plan is vital now. In the original text of the oracle, the Yi Jing, the ideograms for this hexagram indicate to “wait three days” before you make any move to repair the decaying components. The reference to “three days” means a period of contemplation, meditation, and concentration. This is good advice as the weirdness of what is going on is not like any other time. Normally when we spot something that is out of order, our first thought is to move immediately to fix it. In this situation, however, that would not be of benefit as things are not normal. They are, in fact, strange, very strange. If you move too quickly, you will glide over the fine points that need attention, or you may, in your hurry to get out of the discomfort of disrepair, totally miss seeing the actual, true root of the corruption, as it may be masked by pain and suffering. It may be an idea has been corrupted, or it may be that a person involved in your plan has been corrupted by greed or infatuation, or it may be you. Whatever the case, you are called upon to move without fear as the spiritual warrior into the heart of the matter and thoroughly look to your own actions to see that you are not being spurred on by fear, avarice, or greed.

Note well that three days is a brilliant metaphor for slowing down, going into contemplation, and being mindful. In actuality you can do this in just one session of stillness. The important thing is to not jump in too fast. Take your time and open your heart. When you find an aspect of your situation that brings up fear or shame, then you’ve hit on it—this is exactly where you need to address the present breakdown of your very foundation and beliefs. Now go into it heart first. It may mean a change of approach or way of thinking. It may mean rooting out people or situations that are not in harmony with the true you at this time. This is the action that brings change for the better, which places you right where you need to be to work for your own clarity, and for progress in your relationships with tribe and associates.

Everything that manifests as reality begins as a thought form—everything. And we are suffering and living under a very screwed-up view of what reality really is. So in a very real sense you are what you think: Change your way of thinking. This is a time of great opportunity. If you miss this train it will not serve you well; it could, in fact, destroy what you hold close as your wisdom and truth. Do not fear admitting that you totally bought into the global lie; this isn’t about beating yourself up. To the contrary, you have only to admit this to yourself, and then take action to correct your habitual, programmed thinking. No worries about timing; you are right on time.

Be unrelentingly honest with yourself about your recent behavior and ways of thinking. Look at the problems of the past and how your patterned thoughts (and those of the collective tortured reality), stale and childish bad habits, and fear of being your authentic self have held you back and have placed a burden on others and made them miserable. No blame, you can change it up now. You have a window of opportunity now to recognize these negative attitudes, actions, and beliefs and replace them with the truth you are channeling and believe it. Timing and consideration are of utmost importance, as this cycle will soon end and a new one will begin. So, start now.

Look into the past
And examine what has
Led to this period of dissolution.
Liberate negative emotions by acknowledging them.
The words you think are much more powerful then the words you say.

A great and joyous transformation awaits you on your path. Do not let what lies ahead daunt you or cause you to stop because of fear of failure or fear of success. Look evil in the face and raise a swift metaphoric or real kick to the groin.

To make your foundation strong and steady at this important juncture, look to what led you here. From this vantage point you can see clearly where you diverted from the path of authenticity and truth. Then, apply the antidote. And yes, you have it. The greatest curative is an open heart, where your thoughts have no judgment or blame, of either self or others. And when those little devils appear and appear, as they must at a time like this, recognize them, take a deep breath, and then do a ritual to let them go, using focused intent and the power of creative ceremony. Will them away. Your will and intent for the greater good will roll over any negative person, thought form, organized urban terrorists or the obstacles that society places in front of you to suck the fight out of you with its promise for greatness without work, riches that come easy or love that is too good to be true. And when you take the risk to do this, you will be free to give and receive love in grand measures as you proceed on your path toward bliss, accomplishment, and abundance in all things.

And know this: You do not have to come to a full stop in your life to accomplish the tasks before you. Proceed with your work and take time to have fun. Make time for finding yourself in joy. Dance with life and dance with love, as the full galactic universe is playing the tune, and all you have to do is shut up and listen and act on what you hear, see, and feel. Fellow pilgrims, we spiritual warriors are coming home. We are the Warrior Generation. Breathe it, feel it and be it…and the “it” of which I speak and write is Love.