Health ~ Four Simple Ways To Change How You Eat

You’ve taken the first step by setting a goal. Now it’s time to start achieving it. Fitness is a vital part of life. And a vital part of being fit is eating right. If you want to be and feel your best in the body, then follow some of these ways to change your daily diet without going on a diet.
It may seem backward, but if you can eat five small meals a day, it will rev up your metabolism, keeping you from feeling tired and unmotivated to exercise.
Avoid extra calories by opting for healthier sides. Exchange french fries for a side salad or fresh fruit. Or even better, just cut out sides altogether.
Fill your plate with colorful foods such as fresh veggies and fruits. And because you know you’re eating healthy, you’ll feel better physically and mentally.
Drinking water is one of the easiest things you can do to help you lose weight. Water jump-starts your metabolism and gives you energy.

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