Seeds for Meditation


This is a special moment in the time-wave continuum: that mysterious, potent space between lightning and thunder, between inhalation and exhalation. Your positive influence interpersonally and with your tribe, community, and associates, could not be more well placed than it is now. Charisma is now your companion and ally.

This is the time in your earthly cycle when you are set to receive abundance, and it is mandated for you to receive in great measure. Your previous struggles and sorrows have paved the way for this time of abundance in the time-wave continuum. For the completion of this cycle be fully awake, disassociate from any negativity no matter how large or how small and find stillness on a regular schedule. Stillness is as important to the being as water is to the body as you make the grand shift into the self that you will remember as your authentic self, the self that has been denied.

The great abounding that lies before you happens when after isolation in the darkness and confinement of the counting house, you emerge to give of your light, love, and spirit. This activates your inner knowledge and opens the portals to growth and contentment, which will make way for peace and of love, light and the strength to handle it. It is big and in that bigness you must be in the clarity of self to receive. At this point do not skip your practice in anyway. When you find yourself saying I don’t have time for this, it is then you must step forward and ready yourself for the grace of the God form which is what will be your sustenance during this new and glorious cycle.

Move forward on your own to accomplish and complete your most precious tasks and you will be positioned to receive the support, goods, and profits you have desired and toiled for. This is the time, the moment of receiving abundance, when you shine like the sun at midday, spreading your light and sharing the blessings that are coming your way.

I Ching ~ Week of August 18, 2014

DA YOU  #14 —  Da You  —  Possession in Great Measure


Above:     Li                    Radiance, Brightness, Fire
Below:     Quin/Gan    Heaven, Energy, Spirit Power 


Patterns of Meaning:

Radiance/Fire:  Brightness that brings clarity and passion.
Energy/Parch: The dynamic act of nourishment and creativity; letting go of the old to incorporate, create, and make use of spirit power.


The Wisdom:

Heavenly forces
Make way for great possessing.
Improvement comes
By yielding to fate.
Fire is strength, and heaven is clarity. This is a most auspicious combination. These elements together indicate that all is moving upward. This is a time of abundance, improvement, and success.Your efforts, along with your intent toward goodness—for yourself, for your associates, for your family and friends, for the Earth—have created the present auspicious state. You may feel that improvement and abundance have yet to manifest in your life; however, this is where you must give yourself permission to take the eagle’s-eye view in examining your current situation and your progress on the path. Magically, from this height, you will see that your pathway has been correct; the abundance you have earned is waiting for you.
Abundance in all things
Awaits you;
Simply look
And calmly lay claim.
You now possess great power to manifest what you desire. Not often do we get a gift of strength like this. You see your situation clearly, and it is good.
The obstacles that once caused you to stumble are removed, and overhead the clouds have parted. Do not overreact. Remain calm, and your vision will become clear and your passion will lead the way to gain whatever it is you put on your cosmic wish list. It may be money, but don’t stop there—that is but a small part of the equation. You can now have clarity of purpose, but only if you remain calm and refrain from getting giddy or greedy as you are moved beyond obstacles to go deeper into spirit and love.To make you aware that the time of abundance is indeed here, you are feeling certain inner stirrings—of passion, happiness, or perhaps just a certain lightness of being. Do not become confused about these stirrings, which seem to come from the center of the Earth or from the place we identify as Heaven. Know that these feelings are a message from Spirit: they are meant to get your attention and are given to you in recognition of good works and proper intent—and also to wake you up.Immediately look to your inner core, to your true self, the one operating outside of greed, pride, or judgment. That is the real you, and it is good. This understanding of your authentic self is now available to you as never before. You are in the radiance of your connection to Spirit, to Gaia, to the great Oneness.
You are given a light
That can shine on all that has decayed.
It is within your power
To restore what has been spoiled.

You have passed through a time of doubt and darkness. Some might call it depression. It wasn’t that; it was you, warming up to get ready for the big breakthrough.During this last period we have passed through, the light of love, abundance, and success has at times seemed like a fleeting memory. You may have felt like you were being teased by the light—just at the very moment you thought you would grasp it, it slipped away—now you see it, now you don’t.Never doubt that the universe has a wicked sense of humor. It is to keep you on your toes and make sure you have the ability to laugh at yourself, the self you often take so bloody seriously.Through your perseverance and good intention, Possession in Great Measure is here and here to stay, if you allow it. Be aware that Da You, while sounding the bell of abundance, also carries a formula for abundance attached to a warning: that to maintain this joyous and abundant pathway you must refrain from arrogance, judgment, and self-delusion.

Recall your what brought you here on your pathway; pretty magical, if you look at it from the right end of the telescope. Appreciate what you have done and who has helped you achieve the necessary clarity to reach for and maintain what is yours. Honor yourself and them—especially those who have sorely tested you. Opportunity abounds now, whether in business, love, your health, or your spiritual development. Be generous in all things, and this time of abundance will continue to circulate through your life.

At this time, the pieces of the puzzle of life have come together to make a beautiful image of the future and your place in it. Obstacles are removed, and darkness and the dark ones are vanquished. This is a time when you have been readied to receive great blessings—in love, business, health, family, and friendships.

Sometimes the ego tells us that what we see is false, an illusory trick of the mind. Do not let fear or doubt allow you to conclude that what is being presented to you is yet another manipulation from the ego to hold you in the bondage of feeling separate. Do not let the ego have its way with you, as that would only prevent you from claiming the abundance and joy that is placed squarely before you. These presentations will not be subtle, either; the light of the universe is shining on them.

Trust and remember to share the wealth that now comes to you, in whatever form it takes, like a warm, fragrant breeze floating on an early summer night. In case you may have forgotten, that breeze is called love, and it is a flow.

Use love to illuminate your path and the path of those who walk with you. In this way, the way of sharing, your love, inner strength, and spirit will increase, and the harmonious circumstances that set things in their present course will be recognized and honored. To keep the current of love flowing through your life, use humility, grace, good manners, and generosity.

When we are positioned well in times such as these we must recognize that we have a responsibility to our family, associates, and tribe of friends. As you feel more secure in your seat of abundance, give of your time and loving energy: to children, to the beneficial ecology of Mother Earth, and to all the living beings that surround us. There is transformative magic in these actions, and you are now the magician. Recognize your role and act on it. In this way, this blessed cycle will repeat again and again in your life.

Shine like the sun at midday. Bring laughter and happiness to those around you. The true message of this hexagram is held in your heart. It is the key to gaining the confidence to magically transform your own life and the lives of those around you. If there is love or a new opportunity on the horizon, it is time to let it in. You are safe and strong and have a clarity that you very likely have never known before. At this time love will grow as never before. Abundance will increase in proportion to your love, and your heart will soar.

Oftentimes we hear the warning to not take things personally. This is not such a time. Take this time, and the joy and abundance that go with it, very personally. It is yours. Sing, laugh, be joyful, and allow yourself to love and be loved, and love yourself. Now is the time to be a cosmic love generator.

Many blessings   



Astrology-Numerology Watch for July 16-25, 2014

A humbling scene -Photograph by Anton Jankovoy
I bet you didn’t know that this week (July 16th – July 25th, 2014) is the most powerful week of the year for manifesting your deepest soul desires due to an incredibly rare astro-numero combination at play.

What does this mean for you?

Our largest and most energetically powerful planet, Jupiter, is transitioning into Leo (an exuberant sign of joy, manifestation, and self-expression) AND it’s all happening between two 7-7-7 days.

July 16th (1+6 = 7) and July 25th (2+5 = 7), and 2014 is a 7 Universal Year.

Any time a number is in triplicate it is a reminder that you can create anything you want in your life. It’s no wonder that 7-7-7 is the number of the jackpot!

Right NOW is the perfect time to state your intention for what you want in your life.

With Jupiter’s juju and lucky 7’s on your side, there’s no doubt you’ll manifest it …

And so it is.