I CHING ~ The Week of July 14, 2014

Dun#33 ~ Dun ~ Retiring


Above: Qian/Gan ~ Dynamic forward motion
Below : Gen ~ Stop, still, quiet

The Wisdom:

Go to the mountain;
Honor and hold stillness;
In stillness, without effort
You will be made strong for your return.
It is time to bring the strategy of the great into play.

You have garnered attention by your recent personal and public advancement, this is clear. Normally it would seem that it is time to use this notice as fuel to make an advance. It looks that way… but it is not such a time. Do not fall prey to the temptation of ego to take the good vibes, notice, and acclaim given you by your tribe and community to move further toward your goal of love and abundance. It seems energetically more than possible; it seems to be a no-brainer. But it is not. It is much more complex than that.

It is fine to let it appear that you are holding place and will use the acclaim and notice to advance. Let it look that way, but in reality hold still, at full stop. You need a break, a moment to consider where you have been and how far you have come. It will be a delicate balance to have the appearance that you are moving gracefully forward, all the while you are moving toward retreat.

Leave the stage without a farewell. Don’t be rude, be clever; smile, nod, and be gracious. You have created quite a stir with your actions, growth, and your diligence in keeping an open heart and an open mind. You have in your actions been working on yourself for sure; the key has been that whether you know it or not, this diligence has added to the progress for all, for the greater good.

Here is where strategy is important. There are conflicts just beginning to show themselves. Do not engage; you cannot win those battles right now. You are to go into retreat. Move without your audience, tribe, and associates noticing that you have gone into a quiet stillness and are, in your stillness, gathering your powers and strength. You will come back with such a force and with such great light that all who in the past might have tried to control, obstruct, or manipulate you will be in awe and wonderment as to where this energy blast came from. This will please the spirits and set you in the place necessary to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that appeared just before this necessary retreat. The benefit now is to move into recovery from your great exertions in solitude, into a time of meditative contemplation of what lies ahead. Move to a place known only to you, to your inner self—a peaceful place where the resounding echoes of the divine inner voice of wisdom, fate, and clarity reside.

Covert retreat, on its face, may look feel like it is deception, and you have worked hard not to be deceptive, not to hide your worth and to be seen as the truthful partner and leader. You have done well, but now you must be strategic. Strategy is not deceptive or dishonest; it is a necessary aspect of progress and process. To move forward you will benefit by first moving inward.

Ambition, vanity, ego, and desire would say
You should push forward now,
That you need to make “it” work.
An action such as this will only lead to humiliation and loss.
Quiet the yapping ego and make a dignified, gracious, and unseen retreat.

Just as skill and strength are involved in moving forward toward your goal, there is great strength and subtle skill to be mastered in this called-for retreat. The ego will tell you that with your influence you can “make things right” by engaging and setting the record straight, by meeting conflict head-on. Don’t go there now, it won’t work. You are in a situation in which if you were to do so, your words would not be heard, valued, or respected. See clearly the others involved in your career, business, family, and tribe who are operating from a place of control, doubt, or greed. To attempt to defend against this would-be folly, look to your short-term memory; the attempts to think or maneuver your way around the situation have not, so far, and will not in the future, be effective. Therefore, it is time to retreat.

The mountain shows that it is time to stand still.
Do not engage in battle; let go of desire.
Do not let pride keep you from this vital and proper action.
Calmly retreat and build strength for your reentry.

You will not benefit through confrontation, compromise, or trying to power through the obstacles that were so overtly placed in the road. Instead, take the attitude of the sacred mountain and hold still. This does not mean to do nothing and wait. What the hexagram Dun is teaching is that by making a well-timed and covert retreat you will be able to gather your strength and create a vision that will allow you to formulate a brilliant and well-thought-out plan that you will activate upon your return. Above all, refrain from making the announcement that you are going into retreat.
Keep in mind that in your retreat you will formulate a plan. To all but your trusted confidants of the heart, it will seem like you never went anywhere.

Note well and do not be naïve: there is brewing before you a battle between the dark and the light. Let it play out and do not engage. If you do engage, the dark forces will swallow you and leave you confused, disempowered, weakened, depressed, and angry. Instead, let the drama play out; allow the dragon to eat its own tail.

Don’t wait.
You are on time.
This is the correct time to retreat.
Have a beach day, if not in reality, in spirit.

In retreat you will find purification. You will be able to think more clearly, love more freely, and regain the mantle of confidence and the longed-for feelings of inner peace. Any feelings of impotence will disappear.

Make this retreat joyous. Find new experiences and explore new ideas. Let your eyes and ears find new feasts of delight. Have compassion for yourself and others as you retreat and still your heart. It is here that clarity resides. And when you reemerge, you will be dazzling in your clarity and confidence—a brilliant, shining star.

While you are in your awake state in retreat and stillness, spirit will find you here and bring valued teachings from the masters who have sent their spirit envoys to the Earth plane to assist in the return of the light to our planet. They will come with compassion and great kindness, nurturing the emerging and oh-so-delicate formation of the coming golden age. Harmonize with this alchemical formula of love, kindness, and compassion for your fellow pilgrims. Continue to have this vision for yourself and for all as you contemplate, in retreat, the New Earth that will emerge with the love of Gaia at its forefront.

By joining intentions, all beings become the New Earth tribe. Together we will stand, without fear, in the light to welcome the coming age of simplicity, kindness, compassion, and a firm hand and an open heart.

Hold close and dear the ones you love and who love you. The energetic shift that is in progress is laced with love and compassion.

Consider the numbers of this week, the 14th day of the 7th month of the year 2014… It is a magical time with the numbers of alchemical magic… this magic is at your disposal, if used with grace and dignity.

Sending you big hugs from here on the 20th parallel.

Peace out,



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