I Ching ~ Week of August 25, 2014

SHENG#46         Sheng        Ascending


Above:     Kun           center of the Earth; the yin element supporting all things; responsiveness.

Below:      Sun           root, foundation; subtle penetration, like the wind; small, steady effort.

The Wisdom:

You are in a time of ascension
What you have been working for is on the way
Now simply be present
Be mindful of where you stand

This is your season of harvesting. Your harvest, in this case, consists of the ripe fruits of small and steady efforts. You have been paying attention to all the details, remaining steadfast to the principles of working for the greater good, and until now it seemed as if the fruits of your efforts have been elusive. Try as you know you must, to not have expectations, it is difficult not to have them. You have had expectations, which you have tried your best to quiet, of how your diligence would bring about a desired outcome. In your present situation your expectations are about to be humbled by the good fortune that is coming your way.

This is an excellent time to make the moves you have been holding in check, feeling that either the timing was not right or that those with influence and authority would not be receptive. Leave all worries behind.

It has seemed that in so many ways all the work and waiting have been interminable. But that was only your analytical mind interfering with the universal law of right timing. Patience and quiet nurturing are all that is needed now, whether in your relationship to your own inner self or in your projects, external relationships, and your connection with the Earth herself.

It is happening; no need to push it. What you have desired is coming your way. Don’t ask when—just take a look . . . it is now. Trust and faith is the powerful engine that will propel you forward in your quest for what is right and in harmony with the natural way of being.

.Quiet your heart and mind.
Allow the natural way to unfold.
 Be steady and don’t miss a step;
Progress and prosperity are assured.

All things that you have worked and wished for in life are moving forward, toward yours and the greater good. It is as if you are exactly synchronized with the calendar of your life path. The energies of the Earth and the universe are moving in harmony with you, with your actions and desires. Your intuition is at an extremely high level. Trust it and make your well-considered moves, whether in love, business, or in the care of our planet and all her beings. Bring all together and be the giver of love and life to your tribe, your family and your relationships.

Note well that while you may harvest the bounty that is available to you now, the benefit will be to return this energy in equal measure to the living organism of Gaia to which you are deeply rooted. This is your “family,” which has silently and elegantly supported and nurtured you so that you could get to this point of beneficial harvest. Keep feeding the whole, the oneness of which we are each a part.

Have confidence that you have done your work, that you have correctly nurtured yourself, your relationships, your tribe, or your project to this point. Have faith that your growth is assured if you allow everything to unfold without the judgment or interference of the critical, analytical mind. Refrain from picking things apart and just let the mind relax in its own vast, natural spaciousness.

This hexagram signals that your personal magic could not be at a higher and more powerful point. Your ideas will be well received by those around you. Externally, you will advance in your relationships and your career, and your words will be heard. You are part of a network that is connecting all good things for the benefit of yourself, your tribe, and the world.

Stay steady and remain humble. Meditate and take part in activities that keep you centered and grounded. By adhering to the higher laws, those of compassion, kindness, and integrity, what you will gain will remain, and any doubts about yourself will wash away like dust after a longed-for spring rain.

This week speak to the elements. Listen to the wind as it speaks to you, hear the waters as they nurture and teach you, celebrate fire as it burns away the dross. Taste of the Earth herself as she nurtures all sentient beings, and wear the air on your skin like a royal robe of ritual and celebration.




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